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  • I suggest a whole new strategy for this game on how to handle the free players and the cashers.
    - 2 separated categories regarding the benefits and "penalties" for wanting to be stronger or not to fix once and forever the game balance about crypt keys, socketing rods.

    Lets suppose that you start playing this game and you decided to pay cash for getting items/keys/sockets for faster/better advantage above then other players. However if you decided to do this you wont have access to the free players quests (quests that give some keys, socketing rods, gems when reaching some important lvls in the game, like 35, 45 etc)

    2.Free players
    Lets suppose that you start playing this game as a non-casher (for various resons, cant afford, dont want etc). So as long as you dont charge your account with balens, you are considered a freebie, and have normal access to the quests that rewards you some keys, socketing rods, gems when reaching some important lvls in the game, like 35, 45.

    In this way, I suppose there will still be the same cashers who are greedy or lazy or just power hungry ppls who wont be satisfied with just the non-cashers rewards and will still go and charge their balens so it wont affect the game income, but with the huge difference that the free players gets stimulated to continue playing in this pay to win game, and more than that it could even increase the game income , since if the free players get a little more stronger, the cashers will buy even more than before.


    • *A shortcut to abandon Gold Mine when you are in the Wilds.

      *Option to change the look of your character . (atleast 3 or 5 choices).

      *Additional Effect to a character w/c has maxed upgrade item or like an element choices for Aura.
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      • 1. There must be a trading hall or market manager, to sell items sold by voucher, ballens or gold.
        2. Free battle arena for test damage with friends.
        3. Additional skills tree for all job and
        4. 2nd job with quest change job hehehe
        5. Guild war is ok but there must be limit player to avoid BULLY and LAG.
        6. In group arena must seperate level like 20-29, 30-39 and 40-49 and 1v1 everytime for test damage.
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        • what ur bussines pals,
          make ur own if u want.

          dont interrupt other people


          • add worth item for 1 balen at shop
            i have 4 balens at my bag and i dont know wat is for


            • either give more insignia's during a arena group or lower the number needed to get the armor and weapons in the shop.


              • Hi my suggestion is to make our characters more unique and less like clones of one another, especially because when you play with other players around your level with the same equips everyone (of the same class) looks exactly the same!

                It doesn't have to be too difficult, here are some simple suggestions:

                Make equips fusable to the wearing image of other equips for some kind of price. That way we can take some of those noob equips we got once upon a time, some of which actually look decent, and are never seen again past some low level. We go through like 3 or something sets of equips between lvl 0 and lvl 24 or so which takes a couple of days at most. The work the artist did on them is sorta wasted too when we never see them again. You can make more fancy equips available in the cash shop so cash players are happy, and normal players can have a averagely decent unique avatar. In general we go through the low level equips way too fast and spend days/weeks/months wearing the same high level equips (clothes smell after that long!).

                Allow us to change our hair colour, hair styles would be nice, but just colour would be hugely awesome. Heck make the colour changes earnable/cost something/event only or whatever, so being unique is a challenge or something, but whatever it is, it would be nice to have. Currently the 1h morphs are kind of sad, they don't even change your battle appearance, which would actually be way cool.

                People pay to be unique and to establish their identity! I think making a few simple changes would benefit everyone!

                and that's my suggestions R2 thank you for the hard work!


                • hi GM, when me got 500k?


                  • The events are to spread out. We need more events in-between the longer ones like the three hour WB.
                    More things to do in the wild would also keep me and probably more people more entertained.
                    Increased window for chat to increase the amount you can type.
                    Balance classes. Some people say X class is overpowered. Look into it and try to balance it. Having two Pdef classes against one Mdef is a start to look into.
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                    • Suggestions:
                      1. Improve chat filter (ex: only see party and guild chat, no info/world/current chat)
                      2. Something to do during cultivating stamina (ex: check out farms, do mini-games, watch someone fighting in bg/arena)
                      3. Improved battleground (ex: additional battleground mode like protect the leader)
                      4. Improved arena (ex: tournament mode to decide the top 3 like in WB, from 2v2 up to 5v5 arena, record and watch arena battle)
                      5. Improved duel (ex: set your character strategy when attacked by enemy, practise against your AI clone)
                      6. Improved MP dungeon (ex: 8 players mode or 3 players mode with their own troops)
                      7. Improved harvest (ex: wood/chopper/amethyst can be used for crafting or be traded with something)
                      8. Improved daily attempts (ex: from 5 attempts we can do 2 attempts for MP dungeon, 3 attempts for pvp related things)
                      9. Auto-queue (ex: join world boss 2 hours before the time and when the time is up a pop-up to enter will come up and you can choose to enter now or later)
                      10. Improved world boss (ex: like in battleground the player will be divided automatically and only certain number of players can attack the same world boss
                      but reduce the lucky last hit reward, so if there are 800 players it will be 2 WB with 400 players each at the same time)
                      11. Customizations:
                      a. Character appearances (ex: hair colors, skin colors, different hairstyles)
                      b. Troops customizations (ex: like in MP dungeon you can assign your troops location in 9 area, troops diversity: 1 mage, 1 angel, 1 knight rather than
                      always 1 mage 2 knights/angels)
                      12. City defending system against plunder (ex: hire troops to help you, guild ability to help reduce the loss)
                      13. Class balances (ex: different effects in pvp and pve, equality of classes in WB/arena/cata not archer for WB and mage for cata)
                      14. Advantage for new players (ex: different rewards than the player who start first so new player will not feel forced to enter a brand new server)
                      15. Monthly event (ex: world boss that can not be killed and give nice reward depends on the damage you have dealt to the boss)
                      16. Change class for cash


                      • Originally posted by mocchi09 View Post
                        trading system between players would be good
                        and what's dungeon guide?
                        I tried to figure it out and found nothing
                        it would be helpful for the 1st timer, especially in campaign
                        since player runs campaign alone, ain't like MPD
                        in MPD players can help each other
                        Dungeon guides are usually for level 45 and above since only have level 45 thats badlands u will need specific class and coordination and the power and needs to complete
                        if u don't have the requirement there is a chance of failing in the MPD

                        here is an example

                        Learn the search function and use the search function help r2 by reducing the threads which might have already been posted

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                        • Make trading system and just Use ballens to buy


                          • 1#Trade system, first i think there shoud be auction for full server public and second enable players to mail items to each other thro mail system(like server mails reward items for events and such)
                            2#Enchance Guild fortune wheel, some if items there are totaly useless , remove tokens or add high lvl troops what would be equal or beter to knights and angels, increase amount of daru and gold rewards, eather remove exp option or make scrolls give decent amount of xp cose now its totaly useless whyte bounty quest gives several times more then purple book(best would be to make a formula for book to give xp acording to character level using it if posible)
                            3#Enchance guild fortune wheel that its rewards chance would depend on altars lvl(the higher the lvl the higher chance to get beter items for example : lvl 1 = 70% lvl 1 white items 20% lvl 2 green/blue 10% lvl 3 blue/purple lvl 2 = 65% lvl 1 23% lvl 2 13% lvl 3 and so on(% is just a random example)
                            4#Enchance the werehouse after lvl 30+ amount of gold it can hold is prety low compared to gold income it would be nice to store more gold.
                            5#Balance battlegrounds after lvl 40 its almost imposible to get reputation cose of lvl 50+ players , it would be nice for battleground to be every 10lvl not 40-80 (30-39 ; 40-49 ; 50-59 and so on)
                            6#make some of seed after farm lvl 35+ posible to buy with gold cose otherwise its poinless to non paying players to level farm higher then that and thats realy unfair.
                            7#add some new events like weekly pvp , world boss or just fun event as well as monthly it would be real nice(as an example weekly world boss event linked thro all the server, with reward for top 3 in every server amd higher ones for top 3 in the entire game and for example a title for a week to the one who hits last hit or does most damage until next weeks event)
                            8#fix team duel matching system becose i dont know how it works but its messed up to hell, maybe make it match bassed on averange or overall team battle power or arena ranking.
                            9#balance game to make it atleast posible to compete with paying players, eather make it posible for regular players to get functions and items (that are now only for balens) for very high prices(gold/crypt tokens/insignia/vouchers etc) or make it posible to somehow earn balens(buy from other players for daru/gold/isignia/tokens/vouchers) or something cose now theres no way to get crypt keys/socketers/rare seeds etc.
                            10#similarly to 9# suggestion it would be nice to have atleast 1 server completly free were everything would be acheved even if much harder but by hard work in game not by cash.
                            11#To much new server to rapidly is killing old ones population its imposible to create new guilds or recruit new players , and population is slowly dying out, i would suggest keeping like 5~ main servers for every zone and merging new servers into them after 1-3months since opening when opening events ends and server population stabilized , that way instead of 50 servers with 100 players there could be like 20 with 300-400 and it would make game much more fun while keeping game developers with same income of cash from new servers.
                            12#upgrade daily quests that arent auto self upgrading bassed on character level cose now some of the quest barely give any xp/gold at all it would be nice that they would upgrade once u reached certain level like some of other daily quest do.
                            13#Add hard and reward new weekly/montly quests.
                            14#Update friend tab so you could check when was the last time friends played like in guild tab.
                            15#upgrade farm tab su u could not only enter friends farm but directly open player option(info,block,delete,add friend, guild invite etc, maybe add there check farm)
                            16#make it so u could change orange astrals to another kind of orange astral.
                            17#it would be nice for more troops , chests in Wilds or respawn more often also it would be cool that beside them there would spawn rare solo or multi dungeons that can be found only in wilds.
                            18#make the gathering point(wood/coper/amethyst) have some point beside few quests , like u can go there and set to gather (gold/daru/voucher or something) depending on witch material that would continue even then u logged off.
                            19#enchance devotion rewards.
                            20#make it posible to gather more devotion for things u do in game(200 for example) (for example for , completing all 5 multi dungeons, all 20 duels, 10 single dungeons, gathering 10 20 30 seed , completing crypt 30 50 70 90 lvl, battling 5 towns in the wilds, defeating 100 300 500 monsters same lvl, doing all daily quests and so on) acordingly add new rewards for it .
                            21#add epic daily quests and bounty quests that apear only then u done all of quests posible that day as a reward.

                            well there might be more things i could think of but they evade my mind right now so thats it for today.


                            • Hi. Getting friendlines when we make more MP dungeons as 5. For supporting our low poplation and help other,can be fine have something of it.


                              • trade