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  • Well didn't read through all of them, but if it's not already mentioned, VIPs should not be at the mercy of bullhorns for world chat. I understand the reason for them is to prevent spam, but I can think of many people that will pay to spam. A lot of VIPs are actually helpful (myself included), and I don't have 8 million bullhorns to answer everyone's questions.

    Just a thought.


    • making new room for trading items and stall(to give a high value in some epic loot items) players can trade their goods for gold, balen or voucher..
      collecting gems by quarrying(ex.1000pc.=lvl.1 gem^^)


      • Hi

        In addition to:

        Server : S4

        Character: Ginrah

        Idea : Bots to help with the MPDungeons
        ( im sure this has been mentioned, but i'll give it a try )

        All to often, we players find it rather difficult to finish badlands without a mage. Garden of death will be impossible !!( forthe majority )

        My Suggestion is to create bots that are specifically designed to assist player with the compeletion of the specified MPD. 3 bots (based on choice character) for each MPD lvl. Each Player gets 5 bots a day and can use up to 3 at a time if he so chooses to, but more bots cost balens.

        .....thats all for now



        • We need people tu read forum post before posting the same idea over and over my suggestion..more forum moderators and people who gives warning and explain forum rules before ban or wait time before repost and as of in-game well make a warning that your about to plunder a guilmate but make it possible....having a plunder body is good and makes the thing faster..since we do it mostly for kryanite


          • 1 more character customization (appearance) it adds variety for us and a new money maker for you (dnt forget free players though)
            2) capture and hold the flag pvp battleground
            3)chat filter for system announcements or just cut out the useless ones (and i mean alot)
            4) more reasons to be on the area map like guild territory/forts, more mobs, randomly spawning secret dungeons, generally places to explore etc etc
            5) a wider selection of troops to make things more varied or the ability to lvl those monster card troops.
            6) make the farm more interesting...buildings to unlock tht help harvest times or amount harvested etc that kinda thing.
            7) ability to trade with other players...even if it is only other guild members.
            8) increase MP dungeon attempts by 3-5 per day so we can help each other more.
            9) more varied fight/dungeon scenery/ bored of seeing that big crab thing now...
            many more that i cant think of now but plz feel free for a gm to contact me im full of extra reward necessary it makes the game better which benefits us anyway


            • Farm is Ready Message:

              It should appear in the Altar, Catacombs and in the Wilds

              because the message does not show when players are in these areas of the game and can miss out on collecting max harvest from plants which is very annoying to find you didn't get to your farm in time and it was looted heavily

              Mystery Shop Runes:

              Ok, if you are going to sell Runes which cost vouchers for balens then you need to offer a better deal than X balens for 1x Rune.

              So sell runes in packs which for a balen cost should make them worth purchasing if they are sold in packs of 3x, 5x or 10x for 50/55 balens for each pack, now they would be worth buying and slightly better offer than spending all your vouchers on them; for those that can afford to.

              Mystery Shop, Buy 1 item up to 3 times per refresh:

              Allow each item to be bought up to 3 times, still uses up your daily 20 buys a day.

              if i need 3 or more of one item and use balens to refresh the MShop 10 times and still dont find the item/s i am looking for then what is the point in wasting those balens.

              Wilds Map Scan: free use per day x3, 5 balens per use after

              shows a list of all players & their co-ordinates currently in the wild map you are in.

              Searching the whole map takes so much time.

              More BG Map's

              different layout/crystal location/s

              Battle Grounds MVP award:

              +50 (or 40) Honor & Insignia for MVP player of the match

              What is the point of this award if their is no bonus given to the single player that scored the most kills in a bg match.

              Or maybe the player with the highest star points score gets +40 Insignia & the player with the highest kills gets +40 extra honor


              • Training grounds: players battle level appropriate dungeon type bosses at a cost of gold for a random reward also level appropriate.


                • Solo arena changes to stop it being the person who attacks last wins give ai 10% buff so its harder to beat remove rune and potion usage and let us pick priority of the spells it uses.

                  then it might be stronger ppl who win not the people who stay awake longest


                  • group arena change make the matching based on solo arena rank of last pay day for each player in team so matching is more fair


                    • check in calender add drop down on day for events that active on that day and add the sollo arena pay day to it


                      • the quests for getting level 42 and so on and warehouse and alike quests make rewards better and worth it


                        • when buying seeds that cost balens add are you sure to it to stop miss clicks from farm
                          and add are you ssure to all balens items


                          • reduce skill reset cost for vip and cost of other items as well ie 10% discount or so


                            • Maybe you should be able to trade among other servers and characters. Or the farm shop the seeds that cost balens if you are a certain vip level you can unlock it with game money instead of balens. Make certain equipment only available to VIP members.
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                              • Leave guild duration must be shorter, 5-10 hrs duration so that one can join again bfore events. Coz Guild Skills are very important