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[Activity] Rewards for Suggestions

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  • plundering others city would be pointless then


    • I have three suggestions:

      1. Costumes - it may be plus stats or just fashion... either is fine with me.
      2. Pets - we can use that helps us in dungeons like picking the drops or add stats too.
      3. Lastly, Vending system - your get to sell the old items to another player in a store. (that if it is possible)

      For now that would be all... I am looking forward that you would consider even one of my suggestions... thanks and more power to R2games...
      Maymay S13 :rolleyes:


      • I have a suggestion, since you are not going to implement trading. Can you put an option in Synthesize to exchange VIOLET items to another specific VIOLET item per class?

        Ex. Lv30 VIOLET Sword Synthesize to Lv30 VIOLET Staff.

        That would be great


        • give me balen pls ??


          • I have a suggestion, since you are not going to implement trading. Can you put an option in Synthesize to exchange VIOLET items to another specific VIOLET item per class?

            Ex. Lv30 VIOLET Sword Synthesize to Lv30 VIOLET Staff.

            That would be great

            Off Topic:

            Can my name here in the forums be changed? I can't seem to find it


            • Make socket rod possible to get by non-cash player through voucher - for balen socket rod at least lessen its price too expensive

              Unused Pvp gear should be sold by 1/4 insignia of its original price - a perma medallion would be good too

              Free pvp room player can battle each other of their choice .. with no reward or anything just pvp

              In World Boss player should get exp too equivalent to same earn for gold and daru

              Refund daru on unused troop can be sold by gold or voucher

              Make BG Level 30-39 - 40-49 - 50- 59 and so on.. just imagine you're fighting lvl.60 and your lvl.40 lol

              Allow players to upload there own avatar or at least put more avatar pic.

              Custome cause to make our char look different from others - it should be seen in battle too not just morph card lol

              Some possible ways to get crypt key other than balen >.<

              More animated atk for Angel troop and Smart healing.. like a crazy angel healing full hp o.o

              and lastly lessen the balen price items in shop everything is way too expensive.. so more people can afford it..


              • Everything mention by Xspada

                A mentor system to help new player with dungeons, give advice etc.


                • Exchange system:

                  - vouchers to cash
                  - kyanite to cash
                  - cash to kyanite
                  - gold to cash etc

                  Dungeon control:

                  - Team with the best scorring in dungeon have control of this dungeon, n every week get rewards for this control

                  Arena and BG:

                  - Unlimited arena n BG with another rewards in noevent time
                  - Random group on arena (lvl and BR filter)
                  - More Matchmaking group BG 30-39, 40-49,50-59


                  - Neutral (NPC) Towns
                  - Events like NPC heroes attack another ppl, or time for attacking NPCs town

                  Classes skills:

                  - more skill tree
                  - upgraded skills when using them

                  Classes selection:

                  - Classes tree when reached lvl 30, for example: Knight -> Berserker or Paladin, Mage -> Priest or Archmage, Archer -> Scout or Ranger

                  Arena Shop and Crypt Shot:

                  - Socketing Rod from arena shop by insignia
                  - Socketing Rod from Crypt shop by tokens
                  - Defence pots from Arena/Crypt shop by insignia/tokens
                  - Skins from Crypt/Arena shop by tokens/insignia

                  Mystery Shop n Item mall:

                  - x2 Honor Scroll
                  - Skins for each classes n gender
                  - Scrolls for reset dungeon/crypt attempts (use only once at day)


                  - more differents of time seeds (5min, 15 min, 2h )

                  Battle ground chest:

                  + Chance to get Socketing rod
                  + Chance to get PVP equipment
                  + Chance to get PVE equipment
                  + Chance to get Gem Pack

                  Ofc not 100% to get but its be good if even 0,00001% been here
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                  class balance ****
                  cash - noncah balance ****

                  so game ****? - ye

                  dont choose mage, bcs mage sux class!


                  • How about a level 40 battle grounds, as there is a level 30 one, Because doing bg and getting owned by lvl high 50's isn't to much fun
                    SERVER:S1 THE BEST :cool:
                    GUILD: MythGrove AGAIN THE BEST in my opinion,and havoc the second best, but all you traitors stink, you know who you are :D
                    If you have a problem, come get some.

                    also always blame Princearthas


                    • I think a dye system would be nice. Would allow players to personalize their characters even more and would also make a solid addition to the cash shop.


                      • fully agree with thi s one


                        • Get a mail to each other and have a trade system


                          • Originally posted by R2CS_Stormaggedon View Post
                            Duration: Now to 11/14/2012

                            Description: A number of the suggestions we'd previously received from players were already planned for 1.45. Since we have, and will continue to release teasers for 1.45, we're now looking towards the player base to get an idea as to what direction the game should take, based on the information we've released so far. If we get a suggestion that we're able to use, we will gift the player who made the suggestion the reward package below:

                            Rewards: If a player's suggestion is selected, they will be contacted in PMs so we can send the reward package to the character of their choice in game. The rewards are:
                            • 100K Gold
                            • 50k Daru
                            • 2 Major Stamina Potion
                            • 30k Kyanite
                            • 2 100% Exp Scroll
                            my suggestion is
                            1.give a reward they should get for Player Moderator thats being working more than 6hours each day (time consuming+handle own acc time consuming too)
                            2.fix the bug faster esp the warrior still alive after 0hp and BG bug
                            3.implemented thing a little quicker
                            4.please do the suggestion 1,2,3 if u guys could
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                            U can submit a here
                            My guide


                            • transferable item bonuses from a lower gear to higher for vouchers/gold
                              transferable sockets from a lower gear to higher for vouchers/gold (maybe 2 mil gold per socket smth like that)


                              • i suggest to have a stock level...if they want to up there level they simply click the button level up...then the arena,put level bracket not it will be fair to the low level...thanks