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  • 1.There should be a MASS MAIL JUST FOR THE GUILD!
    We shouldn't have to spend balens just to stay in contact with our guild. We may not have the time to write out 120 letters when our only other mean of communication is t-he limited room on our announcement billboard.

    2.there should be a recruitment hall only for guild seeking members!
    The only way to find them is either keeping a watchful eye on the world chat or hoping Solomon will find us. the only other way to find new friends is to use sugessted friend-s in witch are already high lvl and usually aren't searching.

    3.We should be able to disable that the SYSTEM INFO!
    Lastly one thing that has always bugged me... when in in a conversation or multiple people are: Suddenly SYSTEM INFO starts spamming the small chat screen limiting my al-ready lacking reading ability -We should be able to disable that.

    Thanks, BlackReaper s24 (p.s. I've also been pondering other guild options)


    • i like this maybe double the vouchers to make it fair for customers.
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      • Originally posted by R23982433 View Post
        i like this maybe double the vouchers to make it fair for customers.
        that was meant for the vouchers for sockets and gem thread*


        • Sounds Good


          • G M my Guild was lvl 3 but we dont get the reward


            • it would be good if you could make more diverse events or some tweak to pvp challenges, on the server where i play the same ppl kill the world boss, the same ppl rank 1st in the rankings, the same ppl win the battlegrounds, no matter if you are a good player you either start with the server or you cant get in the top20 not to mention if you picked knight as your class your as good as dead in pvp
              my idea would be basically to make class specific leaderboards, or a turnament where only members of a specific class can enter one for kinghts one for mages and one for archers.
              this way more ppl could get statisfaction from the game and poor knights will have a chanche to be first somewhere
              also you could do this to the arena both 1v1 and 3v3, 3 leagues: novice league (only level 10-30 can enter) warriors league (for level 31-45) and champions league (for 45+ players)

              ps: sorry for the kinght players i really apriciate that some of you always stand in front of my mage, but honestly knights are weak in 1v1
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              • Originally posted by desmond888 View Post
                1. more defensive building would be nice, such as arrow that attack someone that try to plunder your city or enchantment bonus to help you if u get plundered. Or magic hall which to activate it u need kyanite and give effect such as double gold income or 10% defense bonus.
                2. More neutral troop would be nice, we have lizard slasher and huntera for lvl 20, neutral troop for lvl 50+ would be nice, such as bear or those bat from the crypt.
                3. Wartune provide changing our avatar picture, how about changing avatar body, i would like to switch between male or female, or changing my avatar into lizard.
                4. building to make our rune or our potion would be nice, put it in synthesize tab. Or to get the ingredient we get new mini game.
                5. new bounty quest that give quest to collect item such as bear pelt or bat wing.
                6. player can put bounty or other player head, player plunder you and you too low level to kill them, put bounty or their head and let other player take care of it.
                7. new guild building, such as guild barrack that allow us to recruit exceptional troop.
                8. Guild quarry ? whats that can anyone tell me ?

                s2 edena village, suwuncok from guild indonesia.
                i really like the seperate mini game for gems and potions idea like a lab and quarry


                • Originally posted by delcric View Post
                  Soles must be changed to Souls. Morp must be changed Morph. Spelling must be corrected. What about adding a world map boss which could spawn at random times at a random location which has a level limit so that only players of certain level can fight like level 31-40, 41-50, 51-60.
                  or difrent lvled bosses on the world map


                  • We definately need an auction hall for trade in between players
                    Secondly, a shop to buy crypt keys and sort of things from insignia.


                    • make the last 3 plots for scarecrows to protect harvest.


                      • the arena match making algorithm also needs to be upgraded, we faced a team wich was way stronger then us, ok no prob there there are higher level ppl, ok
                        BUT in 30 mins we had to go against this team like 10 times frustrating


                        • Stormaggedon,

                          Split the battle ground event so all players have a chance to earn honor i would recomend it be the first Battle grou, give players a 30 min rest after 7 pm arena. Its a complaint of players on allot of forums, even Kongregates.

                          I like the idea of a Auction Hall better than a trade system

                          Contests for teams who submit best player guides for Multi player dungeons or best level up guides - things of value to other players and a clear location setup for players to access the R2 Approved Best guides I see stuff out there and sometimes th epeop ewho wrote it, really didnt have a clue what they are saying and it hurts, rather than helps players

                          Free players need some oppertunities to get crypt keys and sockett rods in the game
                          Taste the bitter sweet flavor of my blade, your cries of agony are music to me ~ GarterGirl - Battle Commander to the Legions of Havoc - Server S1 Temple of Ibalize


                          • Can We Have Wedding System Too ? U Can Put More Item Shop For Wedding & Extra Skill After Marriage . When Our Partner Online N Joining Party We Get Extra Boost EXP . Lazy & Tired Doing Same Quest Everyday . U Also Can Put Couple Quest & Need Complete Together With Partner For The Best Exp Or Reward ..


                            • Can we have a group party dungeon card draw trade, where at the end u can choose a player to trade items with or if u wish to keep your item simply click confirm. Also can we have an event that has something to do with temple of ennoblement, where you can complete a quest and get like 10 stamina instead of waiting 20 mins for 10 stamina.


                              • Post updated on 13.11 for additional improvements

                                Post containing 7 different suggestions that are of a different category. Post updated as soon as more ideas come in mind.

                                Players are contributing into the guild growth as a team with one goal, so I was thinking of another implemention regarding the guild system. Would also fit perfectly with the guild wars system being implemented.

                                1. Allow guild leader to summon Guild City to his desired location, which would then be a space and home for multiple members' cities.

                                - The guildcity/town would be surrounded by a wall, guarded by Mutual guild troops (either every members' troops summed up altogether in attack-waves or troops that could be bought for guild wealth to then protect that city)
                                - There would be only room for a certain amount of members' cities in that establishment (So players would still have cities to plunder which are not under guild's protection for daily quests), according to qualification, contribution to the league, rank, etc.
                                - This establishment would prevent solo players bullying players' cities too much and players belonging to a guilds' family would then have a slight of an advantage.
                                - The establishment could be attacked by other organized guilds' groups. Say once a week or so. Gaining a piece from current guilds' wealth for being victorious (The total amount should be quite high in numbers, allowing some lucky guilds to catch up or dominate the game for a period of time untill they're being attacked. Yet the amount should be percentage based of the target guild current amount of wealth, so the weaker/new guilds wouldn't be demolished in first few attacks)
                                - Players exiting the city, would all gather in front of their own guild establishment.

                                Either this or more of a minor version of the idea - Allowing guild members to summon their cities near other guild members' cities without needing villages' to be near-by. Therefor granting them a higher protection from players' plundering the cities somehow.


                                2. - There should be statistics tables in the end of Multiplayer Dungeon runs / Group Arenas that would display everyone's damage dished out, healing output, damage taken etc. Showing how effective everyone is according to their roles. Table per run and/or one ongoing table for repetitive instance that would show the same statistics all summed together.


                                3. - Allow players to "Stay" in the instance (Multiplayer dungeon / campaign) after the final boss is killed to kill the remaining enemy troops aswell collect the extra loot objectives. Aswell allow players to go back in portals and phases. I've had it occurring to me several times - someone rush through the instance while you miss out on picking up some of the chests / tombs, etc. Sometimes I wish I could stay inside the instance after it is finished, to clear it up to the fullest.


                                4. Battlephase - Benefit players with perhaps extra rage upon normal attack (if they decide to skip queueing up their skill/spellshot) or a percentage of extra dmg upon next skillattack if the player has skipped a turn previously. This would make the battles slightly more tactical and players could manipulate the strategies a bit more rather than just spamming their skills randomly and hoping they hit the right target. Conserving your turn for extra rage and additional damage for your next turn would compensates slightly for the random targeting system. (I do support the random targeting system tho, it would mess Battlegrounds and Group Arenas up if players could select their targets manually)


                                5. Allow players to disable friend notifications in the settings. Sometimes when the game is laggy and a lot of players refresh the game at the same time, therefor "logging in" at the same time The Chat window gets destroyed, brutally, by all the Online friends notifications.


                                6. Premade teams should be allowed to be formed before the actual event start (for example Group Arena) due to so much time being lost while players attempt to form the team which they cannot physically see and therefor causes lots of confusion.


                                7. Allow players to Filter AND View players that they'd like to invite to Group Arena or Multiplayer Dungeon group. For now, before preparing for Group Arena event, I've been always checking out my guild statistics to find players with the appropriate Battlerating to me. Then I enter the invitation window and have already forgotten who were those appropriate selections. Seeings stats and allowing to filter through them in the Invitation window, would be a great additional help.
                                Same with the Friend list inside the farm area. The opportunity to delete inactive members from your Farming friendlist would be an awesome addition aswell without having to remember the nickname, go back to your regular friendlist, search for the name.


                                Feel free to chop this info and take any piece of an idea as you please.

                                - Let there be more awesome updates !

                                S-55 Tortmain Abbey
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                                Not quite sane.

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