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  • one thing I want to add is that on the WB knights can never reach top 3 spot ever because it's damage dealt not tanked which is what our class does. I think to remedy that and not nerf the idea behind knights you should make a separate chart for knights to compete against each other so it's fair for us.


    • Originally posted by PokemaniaX View Post
      Players are contributing into the guild growth as a team with one goal, so I was thinking of another implemention regarding the guild system. Would also fit perfectly with the guild wars system being implemented.

      Allow guild leader to summon Guild City to his desired location, which would then be a space and home for multiple members' cities.

      - The guildcity/town would be surrounded by a wall, guarded by Mutual guild troops (either every members' troops summed up altogether in attack-waves or troops that could be bought for guild wealth to then protect that city)
      - There would be only room for a certain amount of members' cities in that establishment, according to qualification, contribution to the league, rank, etc.
      - This establishment would prevent solo players bullying players' cities too much and players belonging to a guilds' family would then have a slight of an advantage.
      - The establishment could be attacked by other organized guilds' groups. Say once a week or so. Gaining a piece from current guilds' wealth for being victorious (The total amount should be quite high in numbers, allowing some lucky guilds to catch up or dominate the game for a period of time untill they're being attacked)
      - Players exiting the city, would all gather in front of their own guild establishment.

      Either this or more of a minor version of the idea - Allowing guildmembers to summon their cities near other guildmembers' cities without needing villages' to be near-by. Therefor granting them a higher protection from players' plundering the cities somehow.

      Feel free to chop this info and take any piece of an idea as you please.

      - Let there be more awesome updates !


      I like that idea but: for the daily quest Who will you plunder? Your guild mates; you can't plunder your own league members(will be a traitor); and when will be the time do the battle of other guilds take place (they are asleep), and what about if they are weak (like a new guild) it can't be, not fair; Members get their *** tired for getting gold and Contributing them into guild and suddenly: in no time, all wealth is gone; I disagree with that!
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      • I'd like to see some ability to alter your characters actions in AFK mode. I love the fact that I can just hit afk in crypt and let the comp take care of the low levels, however it has terrible judgment in skill usage and rage consumption. The ability to add scenario's to skill usage would be nice. Only use bloodthirsty strike if not 100% health; Only use AoE on 3+ enemy thinks of that nature. Maybe even the ability to say if below 20% health use a healing rune.

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        • when the opposing guild is yet still weak, they'd lose less when they were being plundered. Wealth being deducted would be a percentage of their total wealth, rather than a constant of the sum. That would balance things up. There would be still players to plunder. And perhaps you could have the guild city as a separate establishment, while your own city remaining as the target for daily plundering. Whatever they may build upon these suggestions, the options are rather wide

          Not quite sane.

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          • hmmm one of the more stale areas is the wilds only supply you with gold mines and a few random encounters.

            it would be nice to have some form of NPC city you could fight for bonus rewards challenging or like kyanite mines or daru mines.
            For balance issues you make people only able to have say 2-4 max mines (you have slots for 2 more mines in town hall you could charge balens to open) then you make wilds a little more tactical and engaging as people can decide what to get more off rather than only viewing the whole world map for 5 plunders and mines a few times a day.


            • If in addition to doing enchants to your gear you could upgrade the quality with materials made from synthesizing. (ex. Lorekeeper staff being synthesized into a ledgendary quality item at the expense of materials and losing your enchant lvl.)


              • Originally posted by Omnimesh View Post
                one thing I want to add is that on the WB knights can never reach top 3 spot ever because it's damage dealt not tanked which is what our class does. I think to remedy that and not nerf the idea behind knights you should make a separate chart for knights to compete against each other so it's fair for us.
                [S4] knights own top spots and they are the top players.


                • I would love to be able to challenge guild mates and friends in friendly fights. Other games have request duel system, so I think we can have it here too. There would be no penalty or reward for this, just for fun. Also players are not allow to use potions (power, magic, defense...) during these duels. And it would be good to have a option for player to allow request duel or lock all request duel. IT WOULD BE REALLY FUN!

                  Also can you do something about the afk in Battle Ground (BG)? How about introduce penalty like people will get nothing from BG if they don't participate (it's only fair). How to indicate who afk during BG: if someone doesn't move for like 10 minutes and if there nothing change in their score till the end of the BG.


                  • trade the unused star points from battle ground to star points in astral panel... would give incentive to collect the pts and aid battleground attendance. and give pts toward that much
                    needed orange astral.... it would also give incentive to actually do bg and not go afk...


                    • hmmm iguess if theres a trading system here in the game and give some exp event thats all mybe many players will play this game ^_^ if you make a trading system


                      • since we complain much about group arena imbalance, let us get dryad blessing, like battle ground (+10% stat for every loss)
                        i can defeat 10 lv higher after defeated for 10 times or so in battle ground

                        let that 3 npc fighter have the blessing too


                        • i hope there would be a guild war


                          • MAY be an ordinary player buy extra socketing rod thru voucher...


                            • Free wings and mounts for all players. Or this will do as well to keep balance in game ( Free Wings/Mounts For all with stats but not that high, and another pair of Wings/Mounts that cost ballens but with higher stats. )
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                              • A seperate tab on your chat window for /tells or /whispers. Having to open messages is so bad. The biggest flaw of WT's UI is the chat and communication system.

                                Also expand the maximum amount of characters per chat. Like.. double it please.