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[Activity] Rewards for Suggestions

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  • HI GOODDAY ADMIN. . my name in TWILIGHT ARENA server is clayrehelrey

    my suggestion are:

    1.Deffense and stamina potion in GUILD SHOP.
    2.Guild vault can be storable by golds too.
    3.if Possible put 2v2/3v3 and 5v5 in arena party.. its more good if u have option RIGHT??
    4.and the last is. . put AuCTION HOUSE. . so player's can sell item/gems etc that they dont want or not good to use to thier character. . AUCTION HOUSE for the items UNBOUND and can be trade in. .

    that's all ADMIN thanks. .


    • Well slightly extending chat box word capacity would be nice,also maybe add in few dif types special plants like gem plants or balen plants ,also maybe if like you add
      1 free vip wheel spin daily for everyone like you give 1 free astral capture,so it lets the non vip see what they stand to gain from becoming vip,
      and add something we can gamble on like maybe mount races that would be fun and chance to win extra gold
      can go on but takin up to much your time,so here are a few.
      oh p.s
      please add something to do between the tree to 5 am restart so boring and since this is global many work on dif hrs so something
      extra in there would be sweet.
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      • so when this server open again but many player waiting this game again for open again?


        • Most wanted

          [SSR]Slot System Reward:
          (Gives 1 Socketing Rod)

          :applicable only every 30 days:

          contribute 3M GOLD to slot system reward(0/3,000,000)
          contribute 300K Daru to slot system reward(0/300,000)
          contribute 30k Kyanite to slot system reward(0/30,000)
          Enchant a piece of equipment(0/30)
          Levy Attempts(0/30)
          Whack a mouse (0/30)
          QTE Training (0/30)
          Bounty Hunter (0/30)
          Duel Attempts (0/30)
          Participate in a World BOSS Battle (0/30)
          Participate in an Arena Challenge (0/30)
          Complete any Solo Dungeon (0/30)
          Complete any multi-player dungeon (0/30)
          Plunder another player (0/30)
          Perform Guild Blessing (0/30)
          Capture grey astral (0/30)
          Capture blue astral (0/30)
          Capture purple astral (0/30)
          Capture orange astral (0/3)

          *If not completed within 30 days all contributions and other attempts will reset to zero

          [O-EAE]Orange-Energine Astral Exchange
          (Gives 3 Energine Astrals)

          Synthesize Lvl 2 Luck Stone (0/9)
          Synthesize Lvl 3 Luck Stone (0/8)
          Synthesize Lvl 4 Luck Stone (0/7)
          Synthesize Lvl 5 Luck Stone (0/6)
          Synthesize Lvl 6 Luck Stone (0/5)
          Synthesize Lvl 7 Luck Stone (0/4)
          Synthesize Lvl 8 Luck Stone (0/3)
          Synthesize Lvl 9 Luck Stone (0/2)
          Sell Orange Astral (0/1)

          [DSR]Daru System Reward
          (Gives 1M Daru)

          contribute 100k Gold to Daru System Reward (0/100,000)
          contribute 10k Kyanite to Daru System Reward (0/10,000)
          Kill Monsters of the Same level (0/1,000)
          Sell Battleground Treasure Shard (0/100)
          Sell VIP TokEn (0/10)
          Sell City Protection Token (0/1)

          [MFR]Most Friendly Reward
          (Gives 1M Gold)

          Energize Tree of Ancients (Friend) (0/1,000)


          In arena Party and BG
          every 20 levels has separate arena like 20~39, 40~59, 60~79 and so on.

          1 Star inventory Circle can be unlock by 5,000 vouchers OR
          1 Star inventory Row can be unlock by 20,000 vouchers

          -Angels Restore Skill have fix 40 Heal for every level thus lvl 10 angel can restore
          400HP, lvl 20 can restore 800HP and so on.
          -Angels dont Heal on full HP but may only heal randomly.

          +Additional Arena shop for sale
          Exchange 3500 Insignias for TROOPS OF DARKNESS CARD
          Exchange 1000 Insignias for Crypt Key
          Exchange 750 Insignias for a random lvl 3~5 gem.
          Exchange 500 Insignias for a random lvl 2~4 gem.
          Exchange 250 Insignias for a random lvl 1~3 gem.

          **MOST WANTED**

          The Troops may also wear ASTRALS.
          -every 10 lvl = 1 slot for astral thus lvl 30 troop has 3 slots for astral.

          **TROOPS OF DARKNESS**
          Activation: Buy TROOPS OF DARKNESS CARD in ARENA SHOP
          then use it in order to show level 35 troops in TROOPS TAB

          REQUIREMENTS: LVL 35

          Umbral Knight
          HP : 1000
          PATK: 250
          PDEF: 150
          MDEF: 100
          SKILL: chance of an addition 1-turn speed reduction of 50%

          Umbral Mage
          HP : 850
          PATK: 275
          PDEF: 100
          MDEF: 150
          SKILL: chance to convert 25% of damage dealt to HP regen.

          [S29] Bloody Coliseum
          GUILD: TITANIA

          Other Character:
          S5-(SECret- WONT TELL)->A mage
          S1-(SeCrEt- Wont TeLL)->A knight


          • Here are my suggestions:
            1. A Greek-style Pantheon with statues representing top players in pvp (most kills/highest honour), pve (most number of enemies killed), Leader of top guild, most gold held at 1 time, highest farm, most final blows, most balens bought, i guess whatever stat you can think of. Players would be proud to see their image represented for all to see. To make it fair so that not only cashers get to benefit from this, also have things like Voted Best Character Name, GMs Choice Character Name, Person who used 100th bullhorn of the day (once a week). Maybe limit to 10 or so statues.

            2. low level e.g 15-30 Legendary Gear as random drop in wilds or campaign.

            3. If there is going to be focus on Guild Wars then i suggest having an Elite Boss spawn in an area accessible only by top 5/6 guilds with 1 wild card guild. Then have elite drops to random players of any guild while killing the Boss and 1 special drop which awards the players guild with bonuses. Pvp not allowed.

            4. More activites in the wilds. More mobs, random Boss spawns i.e 'The Elite Boss Hydra has spawned in Fetid Swamp'. Have it in all maps to give all level players a chance at something epic, and prohibit access to levels too high or low i.e 31-40.Best at random time not appointed time.

            5. Master / Apprentice System where both get rewards for Apprentice levelling.
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            • I posted this as a separate thread, but just in case it needs to be here, I am posting it again.

              I am also adding 2 more suggestions as well.

              Tracking Last Log in.

              As the title suggests, just a simple last log in time stamp. This would make it easier to manage friends. This could be placed either on the info page or the pop up when you click the persons name in your friends list.

              I have had up to 16 pages of farm friends at one point. I started noticing that some people were never moving up in the friendliness level. So I tried to figure out who had not logged in for a while and could not find a way. This could help, is not asking for something elaborate, or even for freebies.

              The other suggestion I love is a way to turn off system spam, not just the 30 messages a day about so and so beating every ten levels of the Kitty Combs, but the spam caused by players wanting you to join X room five times in a row, blasting off conversations in the world chat, or the repeated system messages in battle grounds that so and so has killed more "shoes"* than the grim reaper.

              Speaking of Battle-Grounds, a few more level brackets {suggestion would be grouped around the gear available to level brackets** would be appreciated as well, I see a lot of complaints about people going afk during the BG. I have done quite a bit of that myself, it gets old when your running from base camp to the crystal pile, and your hit by some one say 8 levels higher than you before you get there, five times in a row in one round.

              Another way to put more emphasis on the crystal gathering portion of this event could be, that you are awarded one point each time you turn in a cart of crystals, that allows you to attack another player. I would further suggest you could not stack these points, and only have one point available, so if you want to attack again you have to turn in more crystals. This would allow more players the chance to turn in the crystals at all, as some may go an entire round having never turned any in, not from being afk, but from being hit every time they even get close to the crystal pile.

              *Note, the shoes is a joke as the word is spelled "soles" which is the base of a shoe, not "Souls" which would be a life force in the system message.
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              • Char name Kres My sugg is MDEF And PDEF gems yntaliyzing i mean how come u can exchange magic attack to phi attack why not for defens too it don't make sence ty.


                • How about using balens so we can transfer servers.


                  • Originally posted by R2CS_Stormaggedon View Post
                    Duration: Now to 11/14/2012

                    Description: A number of the suggestions we'd previously received from players were already planned for 1.45. Since we have, and will continue to release teasers for 1.45, we're now looking towards the player base to get an idea as to what direction the game should take, based on the information we've released so far. If we get a suggestion that we're able to use, we will gift the player who made the suggestion the reward package below:

                    Rewards: If a player's suggestion is selected, they will be contacted in PMs so we can send the reward package to the character of their choice in game. The rewards are:
                    • 100K Gold
                    • 50k Daru
                    • 2 Major Stamina Potion
                    • 30k Kyanite
                    • 2 100% Exp Scroll
                    Provide the option to one-click sell grey AND green astrals. Everybody does this anyway, and it's annoying to have to click all the green ones one by one.


                    • Decrease player rank points if they attack a lower ranked player (e.g., Champion attacks Private, Private attacks someone with no rank); no penalty if they are the ones being attacked and not the challenger.
                      Give more of a rank point gain if a lower ranked player wins against a higher-ranked player.

                      This ought to fix some issues with Battlegrounds and high-level players monopolizing gameplay.


                      And as someone else suggested previously in the Suggestions Forum, sort the farm friend list by actions that need to be taken. If no action can be taken on the farm, sort them last. Prioritize farm actions: Revive has top priority, then Energizing Tree, then everything else.


                      • stop opening new servers

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                        • G.M can u make auction house to wartune server?


                          • Name : Chaimera Server: s18
                            I dont think that trading will be good idea ( just for now )
                            I can suggest:
                            1: 4 players in arena party
                            2: Campaing AFK
                            3: Crypy keys for insignia ( from arena shop )
                            4: More items that we can buy it by using vouchers from shop
                            5: Level 55 set in arena shop
                            6: Marrage between same class male and female
                            7: Merge between runes ( Expamle : thunder rune lvl 1 = 300 damage it's not usefull for players lvl 40+)
                            8: Make guild mate EXP in Hall of heros like friends
                            9: In battle ground make us first join in same place and then let the game put every one in side in condition it must be balance between the two side ( this will make alot of ppl not quit and then join after 5 mins to find win side and stay in it ) i do this some time becouce there were no balance between the sides
                            10: If i got DC before battlegrounds end and then i log again and find it ends i dont get the insignia and some times i be in winning side ( like i DC and then relog i find my self in the BG why dont u make me get the insignia by mail like GA if i got DC while it
                            11: Friends Chat. / whisper chat like ( /x for world /p for party ) why dont u make /player name to pm him this is good way for chat while in GA or Hall of heros or anywhere .
                            finally thank you for reading this
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                            • I dont know about other servers, but in server 32 the battleground times are just following (all in 1 Hour), making it impossible for some players to ever join battleground (for europeen players it is 4 am in the morning). Wouldnt it be better to split the 2 battleground rounds over the time, meaning perhaps 1 at 20 h server time, the other at 8 server time? This makes the server equally playable for people all over the world. For me it seems quite logical, wherefor you would else have 2 battleground times, you could else make only one but longer time ...


                              • I have a short and smart sugestion:

                                Ingame there should be the posibility to cancel the skill you cast. So when you press a skill before do qte you should have the oportunity to cancel the skill casting and use another one. Same with runes if you press them by mistake.

                                Name: JohnyB Server: 28 HeroicStadium