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  • I think too, TRADE system
    -new battlegroun maps maybe for more players or with more opportunities not just amnestya collecting and fight
    -some awards for top 10 players and guilds
    -in winds mor oppotunities like occupy city for some time, or afk players and your guild teammate need to help u deffend it
    -more staff in fars that can speed up harvesting and bigger fields
    -and special guild places where we can stand next the buildings, where we can see them, and to move there meditation buildings like altar of enn.. Something like guild city
    -more army tipes or possibility to create an army that fits our needs and requirements
    -more types of weapons because VIP players have many advantages that are irreparable
    -and not only crossbows for archers maybe some bows, maces for knights, the mage some balls

    Ares [s57]Narlington field
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    • Im only want "SOKETING ROD" available in this game. not only buy from balen but also another option that can buy them.


      • im injoin this game...


        • Yea, I was thinking maybe you should have a new area for players to just relax and have fun with each other when their daily activities are done. When in the room, you could make little potions for players to use and throw around the game. When in the room, players could challenge each other. Maybe something like this. But the room is a good idea because players can interact more with each other and not get bored.


          • Originally posted by ShionMagus View Post
            Im only want "SOKETING ROD" available in this game. not only buy from balen but also another option that can buy them.
            I'd make it that anything which can be balened, can be vouchered, but with a mark up. That way, people will still buy balens, but if they work REALLY hard can overcome SOME (not all) of the difference.

            Please both groups at once. Reward money spenders with convenience and discounts, not with exclusivity.


            • Trade Gold for Socketing rods?
              Like 1M Gold Per Socketing Rod? ._.
              It would be easier to us.

              Oh Add a "bank" too
              so we can save our money.

              Consider it please


              • Server s49 acc maygwan
                1-Help from a god in battle (the morph cards you currently have in the game, make it so instead of you morphing into them you can summon them in battle to aid you in the fight. Kinda like when elisia helps you in campaigns.
                2-5 dungeons a day as normal and 5 additional dungeons where you cant gain xp or items but you can gain a reward for helping in the dungeon by rewarding via a quest ie Complete 10 dungeons reward 50k xp 10k kyanite ect.
                more to follow but i need to go now lol.


                • if we can convert some points from equipment is good! ex: equipment MATK convert to gem MATK...


                  • well, i was thinkg... its about catacombs, if you can but in team to play, everything the same just in team like arena -> 3 players, something like that, and about arena, when battle start, you put item in the middle, and what team win get that item, all of 3 players get it, and about ground of base, you can put where is farm, but in front of gold refine you put kyanite factory, like gold to upgrade, about 100 lvl 1, 200 lvl 2 and that... make balance then between academy and that kyanite refine, and you can make in bounty hall, something like bounty but for players... players can put price in gold or items, for hunting that player, and for the profile of player where country option is, put all countrys so players can set normaly there placeses of living, why not ... and about trade system, where shop is buying with vouchers, put more items to buy... , and about server if it call forest of doom, why dont you guys create in back of ground where base is, forest of doom like mission... you know like catacombs, in stages, but forest, doom,horror, hidrances and that this is my thinking i have more ideas but this is good for now cyaaa


                    • Originally posted by R2CS_Stormaggedon View Post
                      Duration: Now to 11/14/2012

                      Description: A number of the suggestions we'd previously received from players were already planned for 1.45. Since we have, and will continue to release teasers for 1.45, we're now looking towards the player base to get an idea as to what direction the game should take, based on the information we've released so far. If we get a suggestion that we're able to use, we will gift the player who made the suggestion the reward package below:

                      Rewards: If a player's suggestion is selected, they will be contacted in PMs so we can send the reward package to the character of their choice in game. The rewards are:
                      • 100K Gold
                      • 50k Daru
                      • 2 Major Stamina Potion
                      • 30k Kyanite
                      • 2 100% Exp Scroll
                      Here is a suggestion of something I'd REALLY like to see.

                      Skill Hotbar PRESETS.

                      A lot of players seems to rearrange their skill hotbar for different circumstances. Sometimes because they need certain skills for certain locations (for example, Badlands--the final boss primarily--requires mages have greater access to their heal and purify skills vs. other dungeons). Or sometimes because they want AFK modes to ONLY have certain skills to choose from, because the AFK mode sometimes picks unwisely if you give it too many choices (Catacombs and World Boss seem to be the primary places this is done). Its probably not uncommon for certain players to have as many as 3 or 4 different arrangements of skills, and even in my limited experience (I remove certain skills for doing the World Boss and get MUCH higher totals from AFK mode), its a bit annoying to have to manually drag and drop in the skills multiple times per day.

                      The obvious solution is a "save" button for certain skill hotbar arrangements done from the skills panels, and a corresponding way to do one click recalls of different skill hotbar preset arrangements from any battle screen (I'd imagine with some kind of button you push which calls up a list of the presets in some kind of pulldown or something else which won't require calling up another dialogue box or screen). So maybe a mage, for example, might make presets called "Normal", "Healing", "Catacomb", "WBoss", and the pulldown would simply swap in those arrangements without having to leave the battle screen.

                      Even within the arena this could come in handy. Some archers, for example, use Deep Freeze only when fighting mages in a back row, or only use Scatter shot when fighting a Knight they know puts on a shield buff a lot, but against another archer (or a team heavier on archers if its the MP arena), might prefer to have Poison Arrow, or maybe even Delphic Sniper as a kill shot. But you CAN'T effectively have all of those on the skillbar at once, since usually EVERY archer always has Arrow Strike, Multi-Strike and usually Lunatic Fire filling three of their five skill slots. The solution is this same thing--a quick pulldown going to preset hotbars which can quickly be changed as the player sees who he's actually fighting. Knights and Mages, of course, will also have similar quick skill hotbar rearrangements they might want to do based on opponents.
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                      • How about improving the fighting of the bots? It sucks looking back at my battle history from duels and seeing someone duel me, mage on mage and they are 10 levels below me and have 500 less magic attack, 1000 less pref, 1000 less mdef and 4000 less hp and they beat me. Maybe they potted up but that is frustrating. lol

                        I think the AI could be so much better. Even in catacombs. If you out lvl the opponent by a lot then why cast suntoria? Just attack aggressively. If you are evenly or out matched then perhaps be more tactical or even defensive. Maybe we can set up how our bots fight. eg. If less than half hp and troops = 0 then resto. or set up opening combos then have the AI take over.

                        I would even like to be able to pick which of my specs that my bots use by default or have a separate spec for the bot. I hate logging off and getting plundered and duelled knowing that the ai is using puri cause I forgot it in my lineup after doing an instance.

                        Anyway, just some brainstorming ideas about bots.


                        • If a Guild has less than 10 members the weekly fees should be adjust to amount of members not lvls


                          • there should be another world boss added and then another event twice a week where all four of the world bosses are pit against each other and like regular world boss fights you can join but you choose which world boss your going to help fight. after the revive cooldown is done you can click join next battle and you are randomly put against either another boss or another player


                            • S43] Temple of Saliora

                              1) Guild bank would be an idea for guildies to put gear etc into for others to use
                              2) Auction house for all sales
                              3)Ingame mail to send stuff to other player/guildies trades
                              4)Level 30+ Guild run dungeons for gear and equipment
                              5)No more server creations as killing other servers
                              Thanks for your time


                              • - link in arena battle report log to watch duels reply to see how was a match when u got attacked

                                - posibility to test dmg on something (ex test dmg with some astral on, or crit rate etc on some dummy)
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