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  • 1.titles for how many battles u win in arena
    2. Exp for winning group arena
    3.exp for winning in battlegrounds
    4.better msg system like inbox to hold msg while u are offline. so u can send a msg to an offline player
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    • Make Stamina Potion's ( For Campaign's ) available in Guild shop after a certain lvl is attained.... jeez

      Hopefully this be accomplished asap...


      • Please make the VIP payable to Ultimate game card pls....


        • Purhasing Crypt keys would be nice


          • ok i see many things to improve because i played a lot of games, starcraft 2, rift, diablo 3 and bunch of mmo-s and browser based games...

            first im vip but dont give huge advantage to vip players over free players because we need them, its better to be on 30 place among 1000 players then to be 1 among 30 players

            1. ad more cash things to game that are cosmetics change and only 4 balens users, like special mounts (dragon), or wings, pets... but they should give the same % of boost like free ones
            and dont give huge advantage to balen users or charge them a lot 4 a ingame boost of stats

            we all know you spam new servers to earn more money and im ok with it BUT do it in a way so you dont kill old servers, the key is in connecting servers so player have reason to stay that high lvl

            cros servers arena a big + 4 you,

   please remove random match making sistem and match players by BR(battle rating), how if 3 playes have each 20k BR total is 60k BR match them by 59-62k BR team ( that is not huge differance and finaly we will need some brainstorming ingame (it wont be so passive) i like the way that starcraft do it, always match you with slightly better player so you evolve all the time

            you need more mp content to connect players to keep old servers alive (now new server in month from now is old already), now you have mp dungeons, arena , and battleground

            mp dungeons lvl45+ only first time its wow this wow that, finaly something new and then starts the frustration on the day 2,3,4.... omg we need mage, mage with puri and no mages around

            3. do same thing as with arena make mp dungeons playable with players across servers, it will remove frustration of not finding a team and connect players

            4. battleground - to me its the best thing in game, but can evolve, conect it across servers, make it BR based, like this:
            ( why that range of rooms 35-44, because next pvp set is huge advantage, so this will keep players with same gear)

            i am lvl 50 so i see only 45-54 room and enter, among the players of the same range of BR as I (-1+2)

            how, if bg is open and the first player that enters has 25k+ BR that room will auto pick up al players lvl 45-54 with range od 25-28k BR until its full, the second player enters room with 28k+ BR it auto creates new room for 45-54 lvl players of range 28-31k BR and so on, so most likely if some one is like lvl 50 will be mached with same lvl range, add auto kick if afk more then 3min, and all is fair to all

            conecting servers will enshure that there is enought players 4 that kind of filtering.

            5. how about creating a new icon over wilds and campaign called "WarZone" you see it when reaching lvl 30 and its open for lvl 30+ players, no lvl cap, because you have BR lvl-s
            where players can enter at any time of day, its open 24h a day but have a time limit per payer lets say 2h a day and its like entering the altar on enlighment, you can exit at any time and come back to spend what you have left (balen users can unlock 1 hour extra)
            it can look like wilds, you can enter there and farm mobs that will give a little more daru, or pots, runes, even vouchers, but you can be attacked or atack like in a bg to farm some more insignias, or honnor, it should show no names, guild names, vip status, only hero look with lvl above that is based on BR like lvl1 15-18k BR lvl2 18-21k BR , lvl3 21-24k BR.., all can atack all but if lvl3 player atacks lvl2 player he has penalty and loses x amount of time and after doing it 3-4 times is auto kicked and "WarZone" is locked for him for that day to protect players from being spamed by stronger ones, how ever if lvl2 player atacks lvl3 player and wins he gets little more honnor or insignias then he would get for defiting player of same lvl, if he loses battle from stronger player that player gets honnor or insignia but less then what would he would get for defiting the same lvl. this shoul also be across servers, and by having no names its fun, you could atack your family, frends, or guild mates and make fun with it and i think players would like it, a new multiplay with drops is alwas the good thing

            all of the above is on connecting peoples around and adding more multiplay.

            im not done yet

            6. astrals are weary nice thing but as i can see most of players lvl40+ have all oranges astrals or 75-85% of them like i have and im lvl 50, why not adding legendary astrals that can only be obtained by luck and cant be bought by exchange points, the drop 4 them can be like every 10.000 or 50.000 click on that server drops one of legendary by random to a player who did last click.
            it would bring up that element of chasing something and by beeing rare players could chase it thill lvl 80 so you alwasy have something to do

            as for the stats it can be like
            patk orange lvl1 216 patk legendary lvl1 432 if you put orange lvl 6 1296patk and some more xp you get legendary lvl4 1728patk is not huge boost but all will try to get it

            7. ad trading sistem for unbound items, market or something else

            thats all and sry 4 bad eng :/


            • Did someone already mentioned talents or no one is noticing it? When you click skills there's another icon talents but cannot be accessed. Hopefully it will be implemented in this upcoming patch.


              • 1. AFK mode for campaign
                2. Wedding system
                3. Trading or auction system between server by using balens
                4. One Vs One Tag Team Battle
                5. Emoticon for chatting
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                • A hangout place restricted to guild members only, with the ability to maybe design the interior and stuff.
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                  • The trading thing is definitely a good idea. Though it might be easier to just use the regular mailing system to send and receive items between friends. Somewhere amongst 200 ppl I'm sure it's possible to find what you are looking for or need


                    • two other things. i know its for a reason but it is extremely difficult to get the crystaloid for synth in the quantities necessary to make the gear sets. any chance of reducing that a bit? Also, how about a "public access" guild vault? A place where guild members can drop off gear that doesn't match their character or other unwanted items so lower level members or different classes can pick it up if the want. Any items not claimed in three days are automatically deleted.


                      • MayBe You Can Choice Battle at 30 level-35 Level and 40 Level-45 level.....

                        Battle From Guild you can Choice All the Same Level For Battle...

                        Battle From Guild open Level at 25.....

                        Every winner you can Gift Tittle Name For Guild and Hero


                        • About the farms.

                          What if people could buy farm protection stuff ( using Balens/Vouchers) so that after the crop is ready to be harvested, no other thieves can get it from you. I want this because low levels have itchy hands on my farm and I tend to get less than what is expected to be received and its annoying.
                          Terms of the protection items must either be by plant/ by hours.

                          Hope this gets accepted
                          He, who works in the dark to serve the light.


                          • make trading available..put socket rod as reward in guild altar spin (rare spin)too coz this will help non-balen even im balen user but i suggest that..that will make ppl contribute more often to get the rod and can help guild grower too..and one more thing is can u make vip now is 1 month vip.. how about 3 month and six month pack for vip with some privilege lv of vip..thats my suggestion.


                            • i suggest that the dueling system in the arena would be more appropriate
                              it would be really nice if we click the DUEL tab,only names,character type and level will be seen.
                              no more picture of them but those only who are online...
                              Now,..once selected a opponent for duel,when we click the name twice,an invitation will pop out to screen
                              of the selected opponent(like inviting a party),..once the online player accept the duel invitation
                              the two players will fought player to player(no afk,cause its not worthwinning)
                              the players will fight using their own strategy, in that way,
                              we will know who's the BEST!

                              the duel ranking system will be base through points
                              the player with most winnings will gain more points
                              the higher points,the more chances of having your
                              character as rank 1
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                              • by the way .....

                                s30 nightmare dungeon
                                character name:zeake
                                character type:knight
                                guild NUSANTARA
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