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    stamina would be lessen in a campaign mode
    and it sounds bad
    i hope stamina deduction would be excluded in such simple campaign task...


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      be able to visit other player's city (guildies)
      guild alliance and guild antagonist
      honor for items
      an open pvp map (like BG but open anytime and no rewards?)
      be able to pick your own target during battle


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        i hope, vip can be purchased by ultimate game card. And the battle party system must be fixed according to totally battle rating in one team. thanks


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          There should be more notification time before server maintenances. Maybe have something like a 15/10 min reminder then 5 4 3 2 1 as it is currently. Very hard to rush a MP dungeon when you suddenly see 5 min notice when you just started it.


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            oh, and guild castle to defend, that would be cool, there will be a price for those who had conquered and defended the castle


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              and how about? aside from troops, there would be a pet leveling system for each players, a pet to train and a pet that we can also bring during any kinds of battle.....


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                Originally posted by al1980ro View Post
                In a flash game there isnt much to do have major performance improvements (as fps) but to change the quality to "low" which turn off antialiasing effect and other stuff resulting in a higher fps. So my suggestion is that the right click menu content to have the option (as most flash has it) for Quality because right now has none and the quality is set onpageload event script. That might help all players on worldbosses alot.

                I would like an increased performance even if it means a somewhat lower quality,the settings that are available right now are too few.


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                  Conversion of astrals to any other type of the same class OR Trading of astrals with other players would be nice


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                    I would suggest to have a modified DUEL ARENA which will be maneuvered by both players AT THE SAME TIME, and not the usual PLAYER to ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BATTLE. Like for instance, instead of whining in world chat how ****** a certain player feels about someone, might as well challenge one another and wait for the result. Competence is very vital in Wartune, and I believe that by having this feature most of us will strive harder to prove that we're worth to be on top.

                    P.S And also the reason is to minimize the unpleasant words being posted by other players because they can't express their anger until the time of Battleground comes.


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                      a trading system wont make it better.only worse and alot of bugs.r2 should look more into more pvp events and arena system matchin.that would keep people more online and keep them in the game.more events=more activ ppl.also some ppl are annoyed that other copycat them,and u guys should have a box that can allow/not allow 2 see ppl`s stats and astrals.some work hard and testin alot of things and then comes noobs and just copy the that fair?

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                        I suggest that non VIP players can still use VIP Tokens because they just keep coming up.
                        Also please make the stamina recharge to 140 or 120 in a day. That's all thank you.


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                          yeah, i like this idea... ^_^


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                            A place/ functionality to trade Items - auction house

                            Convert astrals to same level of astral, ex: orange astral critical to orange astral patk

                            in the wilds player vs player

                            in arena.. only online players will be shown in arena.. and when u request for duel the online player will be prompted of a match, can accept or decline.. auto decline for people in dungeons and cata

                            no fee for socketing gem inside slot, so can easily switch from pdef to mdef stones and vice versa

                            clearer effects of astrals.. ex: floating damage of 28%? what does it really mean.. it should be shown on the character stats

                            when equipping that astral, same with will strike astral, and others where applicable

                            in the wilds, can search for mobs/treasure chest/gold mines per level functionality, not by walking and walking.. can see in map the positions or can be available to players as a list..

                            people with lag are outmatched in group arena and battlegrounds... their skill is not activated at the same time, should be changed to suit people with lag, ex: waiting time for those that have selected the skill until the opponent has selected the skill,
                            still the first player to input the skill will attack first but there is no time that a player can attack 2 times or more just because the opponent is lagging

                            a way to not gain exp(if u want to gain enuf insig before advancing in level) or convert exp to items? gold? daru? insig? crypt keys? whatever..

                            catacombs should not be limited to only 1 entry per day, it should be infinite.. rewards players who dedicate time..
                            crypt key that can be bought using balens should be removed, free player is disadvantaged greatly for this.

                            plants that are purchased using balens should not be "farmed" by other people.. there should be protection because that was bought using balens.

                            astrals.. can auto sell green/blue/violet astrals also.. not only misfortune astrals..

                            a bank to store gold to avoid being plundered while offline. or plunder available only for online players. and once plunder is initiated to online player, player will DEFEND the attack, there will be a prompt to player. If in dungeon or cata can auto protection from plunder.


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                              Mage: Existence (G.M)
                              BR: 113k-ish 70 set's done!!


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                                1. Put more item in Voucher Shop, such as socket rod , but maybe a high value like 3000 voucher to buy 1 socket rod.
                                2. Seperate arena into group (need give name for each group). Member can upgrade to higher group based on the point gain in arena (need to figure out what point to measure) Group are like lvl 1- 19, 20 - 29 , 30 - 39 , 40 - 49, 50 - 59 and so on (depends). Maybe every 3 days each group can get reward for top 10. But at rank 1st get better reward (like voucher), maybe for rank 2 -10 can get gold+daru based on rank. This will balance the casher and normal player. Normal arena, only give advantage for player join server at beginning and no chance for late player to gain level.

                                This is a suggestion only.

                                * EDit: Why not make PVP gear have at least 2 socket on all pieces. Can we spar with guildies to test out power
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