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[Activity] Rewards for Suggestions

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  • +1 for the damn chat background plus make the letters more clearly and bold a litle bit,
    + change the enter thing as there hotkeys make a mess when u have to press
    enter and enter to wrote something + change screen to battle in/out or any other screen
    cuts the chat and u need to press enter 2 times some times, also the screen like dungeon is way
    fast when mobs r near and need to press enter again... split chat from the game screen!
    Miaw... ^_~


    • Originally posted by jeffzb2008 View Post
      I would like to suggest the option to turn off/on the visible palyers on World Boss event since players are complaining about the lag. I think this suggestion would be ok since having seeing the players around or not doesn't change the way you attack the World Boss.
      +1 i freezing so damn much with any browser as i got low spec pc
      Miaw... ^_~


      • Originally posted by lance137 View Post
        i use ie 7 and to play in fullscreen just press f11
        btw that happents with all browsers and ie is the worst browser for flash games.. try ff
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        • Originally posted by kennethxd005 View Post
          we need some place where players can hang out when we're not doing anything
          the BEST suggestion ever... a BG with +1 honor or more from an enemy kill...
          will be nice if also allow connection between servers so will gather a lot of ppl...
          but i know this is hard to made xD
          Miaw... ^_~


          • improve chat by introducing emoticon in chat..
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            • being able to have a bigger crafting like a huge forge say as if you get like wood form resource area and copper you could make a sheild stuff like that or find items in the battle feild


              • maybe just add trading system player to players too.. and gold can buy balens too^^ not just balens can buy gold and daru ^^

                or maybe we can costumize our character clothes like change it color, cos as i see all level 35 have same looks, just like other lvl too, same as our weapon and i hope that the image of hat are on our character will shown same like the picture on it. so our char physical appearance will be more PRETTY looks! .. so we can easily seen our char and it be more COOL and awesome.

                and i hope wen wings are put on our character. they can make our char floating lols ^^ same as the forgotten catacombs boss

                and i hope we can get good loot and boost!^^ by that players will be more active .. and dont leave this game easily.
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                • where is my post in here??? where ???? GM deleted it..ckckkckc

                  GM like a child no respect my writing....

                  you said need suggestion...But why my writing you deleted????

                  dont like it....accept THAT ....

                  all my post your delete....

                  not PRO GM.....
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                  • Originally posted by jimmys111 View Post
                    btw that happents with all browsers and ie is the worst browser for flash games.. try ff
                    i have no problem with ie 7 i actually prefer it over any other browser

                    all those other browsers always have some dumb pop up like fb or whatnot on them or trying to sell you something they suck
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                    • Legendary weapons and armor that can only be obtained through gaining various components, and then upgrading / synthesizing them. For example, if you made a level 75 dungeon, and the weapons and armor were for level 75 players, then people around that level can team up and go find their items!

                      If you did this for various sets, maybe another set at level 90 or something, it gives the higher level players a huge goal to achieve


                      • My suggestions :
                        1. Synthesize low level rune to be higher level rune because high level hero need high level rune ( require gold)
                        2. Convert potion such as defend to endurance, intelect to power and vice versa , etc somehow we can get unuse potion
                        3. Daily Solo Arena 20 time should be increase to be 25 or 30 times, 20 times will be finished fast 3.5 hours ,
                        4. Bounty quest also 25 or 30 quest per day
                        5. better reward on wild chest which randomly give catacomb items or good equiptment.......
                        6. Somehow at S43 Temple of Sailora my friend received drop item from enemy which is level 40 cata rings but never happen at my server S15, I mean we need surprise reward for catacomb/ wild chest.
                        7. market for player sell their unuse equiptment with duration 2 days required amount gold/ voucher, it's like gambling their item will be sold or not, or they can active in WC to offer their item with gold/voucher/ balens price ,payment to mods/ devs first than send to the seller. Somehow I found many synthesize item like dismal weapon etc but not use it so I can sell to other player who need them much than I do.

                        That's for now,
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                        • Server Merges with some of the nearest servers in the same timezone, coz nowadays people keep transfering from old server to a new one just to be on top if this continues to happen there will be lower and lower players from a server, and also it will benefit not only the server but also the players coz they wont get bored anymore more new players = more friends and more fun, many people will be happy if this will be implented. more power WARTUNE )


                          • I only have one that I want to add. Please allow us to gain stamina from the Alter off line. As it is now we have to do nothing for 2 hours just to get the 60 stamina, and worst still u have to be online for the 2 hours. If we can gain stamina off line we can save more time to play the game as 2 hours is a lot of time wasted for busy people. Thanks for seeing this suggestion.


                            • ...

                              online player duel that both can fight eath another online like in bg


                              • I am unsure if the suggestion is for a complete new facility or adjustment to previous one. This is a request/suggestion for the Battle Ground to be adjusted. The current structure allows for abuse by players and causing loss of enjoyable game play for active users. The issue is that players joing the battle and once in go AFK and do whatever for 25-30 mins. The character remains inactive for the entire battle. Can I suggest that the server detect inactivity and autoboot users? Alternatively can each team have a team leader (e.g. the highest ranking player) who has authority to boot players not playing? Or a third idea is to only provide the end of battle reward that the team aquires to the players who have won a battle or collected a minimum of 10 carts. This will help turn the battle into enjoyment once again.
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