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  • R23835703
    hi guys any chance of a countdown timer on homepage while maintenance is underway chees ?????

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  • R23258185
    what about a guild farm were the guild leader or asistant guild leader can plant super high level seeds one like daru engraveing crystals or the new mount crystal and can buy with guild wealth or ballen and can only be recived once or twice a week. And maybe give out redemption codes for the top 10 or 15 teams in group arena something other then 3x insignea only atleast 5k gold and a lv 2 gem it would be better then haveing to go to cattacombs to get them thank you for wanting to hear from the little pepole...

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  • Hewki500
    Just as an idea, how about color customiseable equipment for all classes?

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  • kininam1222
    in trading, we need a place to post, sell,or buy,, maybe an auction house helps a lot,, in mailling if you allow to compose a message that we can attach an item so we can sell or buy any unbound item for gold or ballen,what we can do at loot item wich unbound????,
    wish there was a monster or booss to fight only for guild or guild boss fight,,, so, many of the member of one guild can fight 1 monster so they can have extra bonding to each other,,
    in item refinening wish we can have a guild boost for refining an item so have an extra success rate.
    and in item like they sad wepon with element ar good like lightning, ice, that can paralized,slow the movementof enemy for short time.. poison and fire that decrease health,,
    and a place were can duel PVP other player wich is online so they can test there strenght,,
    and also it wo be nice to have a meriage hall,, were you can mary other player,, wich can have a extra exp. when playing together,,
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  • DarionnoiraD
    Create some extra rare spawning monsters (extremely tough) that drops balens or items that can be purchased with balens.

    Rangers should be able to equip throwing daggers with no penalty, then dagger blades, and short swords but with a penalty. Knights should be able to equip a short bow or throwing daggers with a penalty.

    Ability to enhance or purchase elemental damaging weapons. (poison, fire, ice, earth, water, ice, air, etc.)
    Also ability to add elemental resistances to armor.

    Disease would be a good addition to the game and add to the difficulty.

    Add a bard as an additional character you can create, or add bards to your party. Include being able to buy, equip, and play musical instruments. Create songs that weaken foes, or strengthen allies / yourself.

    That's all I have for now.

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  • ogrsh
    I vip but I do not see that there where many advantages is vip Token is so we do not see anything until the vip Token not many are not given gifts plant despite the presence of MOST of gifts every day use circle vip only new plant something else
    astrul Terrible that moves with the second and third circles

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  • TwiztedYuri
    i love your idea... pretty awesome

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  • R24559631
    I think it is good if you can make trade to members of your guild. It is one of the reasons that you join a guild to help each other, or maybe a you can make a market inside a guild where they can buy and sell their items.

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  • TwiztedYuri
    would be nice to reduce the amount of crystaloids it takes to get an item... from 20-50 is a bit of a drastic change. also the world mobs should drop other things not just daru... makes them kind of a waste cause they drop nothing and you earn no exp. a magicfind system would be nice maybe get better drop rate for crystaloids if your going to keep the amounts. cause 12 a day.... if your lucky isnt enough. i personaly just turned lv37 and ive only gotten 100.... whats the point if by then its almost time for a new set

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  • VasQuarble
    In BG, there needs to be a movement timer to get rid of the afk'ers that ruin it for everyone. Sometimes it is 15 vs 15 but 8 of your team joined the BG and went to McDonald's or something. It's very frustrating to be there putting in the time and knowing that you're going to lose but getting the same rewards as the lazy riff-raff that logged in and deserted. Allow teammates to flag someone as suspicious. If they get enough flags, the system verifies their activity and boots them from BG - giving them a DESERTER title for a certain amount of time.

    In MP Arena, the pairing system should not be allowed to do repeats unless there are no other options in the next 30 seconds. It's not fair for the newer players that don't quite know what they're doing to keep getting slaughtered over and over by those of us who have played a little longer.

    Not a bad idea for BG either, tbh. Some higher level players are RUTHLESS going after the same person over and over. System should require at least 1 fight between attacking the same person.

    I echo other statements regarding the intelligence of your afk AI. When you have 90% health and the mob is down to 1 of the 4 and that one is it 50% health, there is no way my toon should be wasting rage by casting a shield instead of attacking it one more time for the win.

    Rewards for helping others on dungeon runs after your 5 dailies are done. After all, isn't this what you're after in the first place? A bunch of people that rely on eachother and that have lots of reasons to stay online and give you money? You could allow the player to choose what type of run it will be..."Will this be a ...qualified personal run? ...qualified assistance run? ...non-qualified fun run?"

    Along with a potential selection tool for your different situational skill builds, allow for the same with equipment, i.e. gear, gems, astrals, etc. So that someone could simply click their "BG" Button and have it auto change all their stuff...including troop position.

    Different levels of officer chat in guild would be nice.

    DPS meter would kick butt

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  • KahliaSelicia
    Make a kicking system in the battlegrounds for people that don't help their team by standing still or not collecting carts or attacking the other team at all. I would say if there are up to 5 people on each side, 2 people from the team need to agree to kick a certain player before that player is kicked. If there are 10 people on a team, 4 people need to click to kick the same player. And if there are 15 people on a team, there should be 5-6 players agreeing to kick a certain player, but the kick option should only work on people with less than a certain amount of total gained star points {do not include people that have used star points to revive etc**. 150-200 star points should be enough to keep someone from being kicked unless more than 5-6 players in a 15 party team click to kick that person. Also, only people of the same team can kick each other, not someone from the opposing team trying to kick someone. This would be very helpful to add {with alterations if needed for the coding to work properly** since a lot of teams in battlegrounds lose because there are so many people "afk'ing" i.e. not helping in any way. In a few of my teams there were 7-8 people in a 15 person group not working on my side, and on the other side they had 2-3 people afk'ing.

    Another way to fix this issue could also be to just have a timer on each person... you must collect a certain amount of carts or do a certain amount of fights to be able to stay in for 1-2 minutes otherwise you are kicked out and someone else can get in.

    Another way to fix this issue is to not reward the people that don't help their team win, your rewards should depend on how many star points you have collectively gained and/or honor etc., or how many carts you have collected plus fights included. Possibly how many carts you get help with your end-battle insignias, and your total number of fights {win or lose** count towards your end-battle honor.

    Any of these systems would work great to help even it out so the people that aren't doing anything to help their team win won't get rewarded for the ones that are doing the work.

    Name: Kahlia
    Server: 6, Duskin Arena

    PS. A trading system or auction house would not help the game advance, it would make things way too easy and would ruin the game. Sets are the only thing worth having really, and that is not fair to be able to technically give something to someone that another person worked their butt off for. That's setting the game up for many multi-accounters as well. Let the strong account do the work and give the weak account a great and quick boost. Not a good idea.

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  • R23786453
    1) Gear Conversion / Transmutation System / House

    I am against trading or auction house,
    >> Trading to avoid - multi-accounts, or
    >> Auction house - give remote chance of grinder getting virtual items to sell as per real-time cash.

    But the solution for gear conversion / conversion-shop is good.
    >> Turn in useless orange astral into the type you wanted (We can turn in 2 for 1, etc)
    >> Transmute a bow (archer) into staff (mage) or sword (Again can be 2 for 1, etc)
    Or generally allow sell / transmute of higher level gear into something something ful, perhaps voucher (not 3000 gold or 6000 gold??).

    2) Equipment variation on pve set (lv30, lv40, lv50)

    Forging items are good but simply quite useless currently (hardly any players go for lv40, lv50 set, versus pvp set).
    >> Can the bonus on this lv40, lv50 set be tweaked more for pve perhaps (reduce debuff chance, add effects, like slow etc) for pve bosses.

    This is for equipment variation, and not every member gathering insignia and running the same lv35x, 45x lv55x

    3) Arena matchup.
    Definitely needs improvement. Match team that wins more - together and same match team that lose more together.
    >> BR is only one aspect of the match..
    >> It terrible for GA people to be match to same team (against a strong one) and keep losing, or vice versa boring to be in winning team and repetitively beating the same losing team.
    Regardless of 3vs3 or arena, I experienced the above often. Either always in a losing one due to fighting a strong team, or form a strong team.

    4) Separate a slot for activation, or a sequence for skil-bar etc

    Skill-bar for ai is simply stupid. Mage can purify himself to death, or Knight can keep refreshing thorn-shield, etc
    a) Add in a sequence for skill-bar: Skill-1 --> Skill-2 --> Skill 3.

    b) useful skills slot
    Heal-skill (when hp drops below 30%)
    Buff-slot (activate once every 4 rounds, etc).

    No more fighting super dumb ai, especially in duel-arena where payout rewards matter alot.

    Server S42
    Heromage, mage

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  • R21095201
    Originally posted by dziadek330 View Post
    hardcore server with no balens
    -nice idea
    love it

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  • R21095201
    Hy i m playin your game alot and i love it-HOWEVER -THERE S ALWAYS PALCE 4 IMPROVEMENTS-1 tHING i waS ALWAYS OBSERVIN-there s never-ENOUGH DARU.So i sugest that u give more DARU REWARDS-AND WITH GREATER AMOUNTS
    :So the people who like more than 1 charcter companion(troop)-TO BE ABLE TO LV THEM UP !

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  • Lord_ZerC
    please setup a place that all players will be gathering and free PK for all ..

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