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      I would love to be able to buy Rage runes; a good idea would be a rune converter, like the gem converter. I get a bunch I just sell because I don't want to use them. Others just take up valuable bag space.

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        a training ground that can allow u 2 test astrals and skill,what troops 2 use.only way u can test those thing is in arena and its not enough.u should look into that.that would be alot of help for alot of ppl.or maybe even get 1honor every hour or something like that.

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          Originally posted by R23912301 View Post
          There should be more notification time before server maintenances. Maybe have something like a 15/10 min reminder then 5 4 3 2 1 as it is currently. Very hard to rush a MP dungeon when you suddenly see 5 min notice when you just started it.
          lolz... they announce it 15 minutes earlier... didn't u see or you just ignored it? Maintenance occur every thursday... read forums more frequently... don't be a lazy lad then complaining about thing that you know already... Peace... sorry for my harsh words...
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            i think it would be nice putting socketing rods in check in rewards...prolly 2 socketing rods for 26 daily check that non-casher player will have a lil bit chance on defeating casher players..
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              Hi ,Im Vonn a free player (for now i think?)this game is really great. but there is only 3 classes. I'm looking forward for new characters. there is a lot of classes that really suited for the game itself. just some suggestion. it's really be been greater if you can choose a lot of classes,or just an alternative jobs. for example, your character reach level 40 or 50. then your character can be switch to a warlock or what, a knight to gladiator, alternatively... so the player will not get bored in leveling. we will be encourage to level up more because we have an achievement to get. And please if you consider this suggestion make the alternative different. just like the other is for destructive type and the other is full support type. btw support skills and mages or tanker can't feel on this game >,< its not balance well. But other than that "this is the best game i played" i hope it helps. no offence^^

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                A auto boot function for AFK players in battleground,they don't help the team or themselfs.It gets very annoying when players are trying to win for the team then to see 6-8 players AFK,maybe like a 2 minute inactive in battleground they get removed thanks.

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                  In solo arena or when players get plundered, implement a feature that allows the player to watch the battle instead of just reading the battle log so that the player knows how he/she lost or won to the opponent.

                  For the Floating Damage astral, a better description for it like 'either minimum or maximum damage' (I can't remember the exact description) to avoid confusion.

                  Kick players in the Battleground if they do not do anything (AFK) for more than three minutes or so, a reasonable time limit.


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                    Enhanced Troop Application (this is considered a strategy RPG, afterall) - Consists of two changes:

                    1.) Either allow some method to heavily upgrade the stat growth and/or base stats for all troop types that precede angels/knights OR give us a sytem that permits each troop type to learn more than one special ability (though we can only select one ability to be active at any given time). For example, let our knights be able to learn the 50% movement speed decrease that paladins have or permit our angels to potentially dish out AoE damage like the priestess; heck, I think it would be quite nice to give knights a damage reflection ability (similar to reverse damage, but make the value cap ~ 300). Being able to customize our troops with special abilities will greatly increase the strategic aspect of the game (as it stands right now, you're pretty much forced to use knights/angels and, well, lets be honest - knight's special is rather lackluster and the repetitive nature of the same specials from any unit gets both boring and predictable).

                    2.) You know that locked box in the troop allocation screen? Well, it's about time we unlocked it. Not only should we be able to utilize 2 types of troops, we should be allowed to COMPLETELY customize the allocation of their quantities and have the option to use them in every single spot on the 3x3 formation (yes, this means someone CAN use 8 units, but hear me out before you misunderstand). Basically, players would have the option to use 8 troops (out of 2 possible troop types) or simply have ONE troop with them. Now, here's the kicker - if you choose to only use 1 troop that takes up one formation square, that one troop receives a far more significant boost to its stats -with respect to the troop count/charisma- than choosing to use the same troop type in all 8 available formation squares, though his stat value multiplier wouldn't be 8x as much. Now, there are boons and banes to whicher option you may choose to utilize as you formulate your strategy in how best to go about troop formations - larger numbers of troops in formation will make them more susceptible to AoE usage (troops would have less HP and more targets = more rage maintenance for AoE users) while choosing very few troops in your formation will cause your hero to be more susceptible to random targeting (not to mention status effects such as stun/slow being significantly more effective upon them).

                    In summary, I feel that we need a more significant tactical aspect in the game and having the capability to customize our troops/formations with such extensive diversity that my suggestions offer would grant significantly greater depth in the gameplay in addition to giving every player the opportunity to adopt their own unique flavors for strategic significance. I hope everyone likes the suggestions!

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                      Totoy Mola
                      Improved Wilds (for hardcore non balens users):
                      1. Mini boss - random time / random coordinate
                      2. Balens monsters which will be lol
                      3. Higher tier gold mines - able to explore via party
                      Improved Arena
                      1. Able to choose 2v2 / 3v3 / 4v4 and not only default 3v3
                      2. Group Arena improved matching system
                      3. More attainable medals
                      MultiPlayer / Dungeon:
                      1. Able to adjust map difficulty for such rewards differ
                      2. Variety of maps to do. eg, lvl 40-45 void only. should make anohter for for 40-45 for players to choose


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                          definitely set up a targeting system trade system also be able to switch server items & switch your file to a different servers if desired.


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                            a mini map in the wilds for better searching and hunting


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                              PLEASE NERV MAGE, MAGE SO IMBALANCE...
                              Improve Cost Rage Area Skill
                              Reduce Cost Rage WirlWind Skill
                              For Balance Game

                              Knight so Week at Arena.


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                                i agree u should be able to trade items and recieve item would improve alot of player battle skills including high level players who can assist u with items u need and trade them to u. luv the game though