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[Activity] Rewards for Suggestions

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  • - More hotkey slots for our skills ( I keep changing my skills when running badlands and it's very troublesome)

    - Players vs GM as World boss ( I'm sure many players would want to interact more with the GM, not just in forums or help ticket. I'm ready to pawn R2CS_Stormaggedon‎ + the fat cat GM.
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    • i forgot to say i got a worderfull suggestion. for some people the pay method like paypal its a lttle bit complicated so i would suggest make a pay method to put VIP that only works by paypal or credit card with PAY SAFE CARD has well.its more simple


      • Originally posted by R25076825 View Post
        Still that lower hp targeting is bit hard until other class would always fail targeting a tank...
        if u're gonna give them that amount of damage then knight skills should be equal to it, wat use is a shield that comes on after the attacks have landed or for that matter reverse damage, knights have more hp yes but aoe of mages and archers is ridiculous, knights defense skills should kick in first not after, is a bloody joke


        • i have 1 suggestion: make a wheel for non-vip players to get rid of the vip cards we have,i dont care what the prizes are in the wheel as long we can get rid of them, or another suggestion,wipe all vip cards from non-vip players because they are usseless.ty


          • a way to gain small amounts of experience to keep players consistently playing while main quests and instances are on cooldown.


            • hmmmm ideas

              1. expand the story line arc of wartune
              2. Divide the L1-L10, L11-L20, and so forth maps into territories which can be conquered by guilds which allows the automatic set taxation of any non-guild member in that territory (im referring to the people that abandoned their accounts in whichever server) and using the same followup (200 for changing of regions, and 50 for change of territory (instead of changing into another location))
              3. Shared guild warehouse
              4. (hopefully) requirements for ancient equips are drops and NOT bought via cash.


              • i want insignia
                Name : Inuyasha

                Class : Archer

                Guild : Rogues

                Server : S59[Easkerton Camp]


                • ability to AI my character in group arena's and battlegrounds as I am asleep at those times in my server. My solo arena character does it.... also, the choice to add what skills you want to use solely for arena. I find I am in Badlands and come back to find my character pummeled by everybody since I am a healer mage :/ I'm pretty sure those other mages didn't want a purify added to their Arena skills in ai (I see them go off and I'm like, free win!) Also, character AI for certain spells when one is in afk mode. If there is nothing to purify, why is my character doing it? same thing with a restore on full health???? So silly..... anyways, those are my ideas that I would appreciate thank you for your consideration!
                  Death comes when you hear the Banshee.....


                  • try Adding more variety of 35 sets so players could choose their own desired sets that could also be bought Via Arena Shop.

                    for example:

                    Enraged Set - Enraged Helm , Enraged Accessory , Enraged Armor , Enraged Sword(Knight) and Enraged Bow(Archer)
                    class: Knight / Archer

                    (2 parts) + 200 crit
                    (3 parts) 5% chance to dodge any type of damage
                    (4 parts) + 25 strenght

                    another example:

                    Set of the Durable - Helm of the Durable , Accessory of the Durable , Armor of the Durable , Weapon of the Durable (Sword for Knights , Bows for Archers and Stave for Mages)
                    Class: any

                    (2) +20 def
                    (3) +2000 HP
                    (4) 10% Chance to recover 250 hp when hit

                    you get the idea.
                    [I <3 Anime]


                    • What I think need to happen:
                      * I think we should have a trade between guilds
                      * I think they should give more exp points for completing hall of heroes
                      * I think you should use one key a day for the forgotten catacombs
                      * Every seven says we should get a stocking rod "must be on everyday to get"
                      * I think their should be more boss battles every four hours
                      * Battlegrounds should be open all day because u don't get exp points for it
                      * The arena should have extra hour for early birds
                      * 300 for stamina instead of 200
                      * Astros should be able to be bought no matter how much money you got
                      Thats all
                      youngsoul1 of mirage desert


                      • oh yeah, i forgot, the ability to assign our own key bindings to skills !!!! I don't like the numbers and would prefer assigning something to home row u can maybe make the arrow keys off limits though due to the QTE but I would prefer to assign my skills to the asdwqe keys. Also, I never know what skills I need and need to change all the time, is there any reason I can only select 5? Sometimes I want purify, sometimes i don't and when I assign it, the stupid AI in Solo Arena uses it (needlessly, I might add) anyways, that is all, thank you again!
                        Death comes when you hear the Banshee.....


                        • on groups battle can u make some combine skill for the same or different class into special skill attack combo, likes in suikoden or final fantasy games (playstation 2), so the lower level can too give more contribution on the groups battle.


                          • Some people are whining about their farms being stolen but what they don't know about the harvest percentage. If you have a higher land level then stealing is very necessary. Why? Because it is a win win situation. How? So you're not paying attention to details. Only players willing to let their farms be stolen are really paying attention. Like me. Here's why: Only active players steal farms so their being active is very important. You actually have more farms to steal from active farmers aside from harvesting your own farm. Therefore, you gained more than what you lose not only that you also steal other kinds of plants different from what you have planted. So it's not really "stealing" it's more like cooperation and that's how it should be. No need to change the format but hopefully the three remaining lots will be accessed soon. Happy farming
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                            • I would like to see different times for BG if not the addition to more BG's in the game, for someone like myself who lives in the UK, getting honour is very difficult. Having a AM and a PM BG would be better for all time zones.

                              Also as an idea, could we have inter guild battles, at present we cannot battle individual guild mates.


                              • i think one point that really needs to be addressed is the hp packs. The price in shop is 195 balens, in market is 95 balens, something that is an absolute necessity to have should not have such ridiculous prices, at most it should be 5 balens for the 500k and u should have a 1mil hp pack at 10balens also that can be bought with vouchers for those who don't have balens at the moment is totally ridiculous. start to wonder whether u care about the players that invest time and money here or just fattening your own pockets.