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[Activity] Rewards for Suggestions

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  • I've searched far and wide. from kingdom to kingdom, from the castles of planet throwing Mages to the hovels of flimsy Tin men, and nowhere in the lands was i able to find mustard.
    Now tell me., how can you eat a *Bloodfang sandwich without mustard?
    I Petition therefore that we be able to at least plant mustard seeds from which we can have our mustard and tastier sandwiches too.

    perhaps with these mustard seeds, which we all know, take forever to grow, we may be able to the resulting delicious mustard to battle the beast *Bloodfang with a benefit, perhaps not only to the taste buds.
    For it is said that a well fed warrior is more likely to bring home the trinkets of those fallen before his sword.

    I beseech you now. pleaes sign my petition to *r2games for mustard seeds for our *wartunes farms.
    you're sincerely


    • server - Soul of Stade
      character - Pikachu

      we should get astro soul packs, in random loots of chests in campaign or multiplayer dungeon, Astros are expensive, and finding the random astro soul pack from a chest, will give a 100-200 xp to a random astro being used by character, wont make the game too easy, but will give that little extra help


      • I agree to what the others have said, a trading system/auction hall would be nice...
        Of course, a pet idea popped out of my head, it would also be nice if the pet would be able to accompany us into battle...
        Also, a way to be able to find a gold mine in the wilds with a specific level would be good, it could be a list of gold mines with their levels and maybe a list of players too...
        What I would like is to be able to customize our characters, at least change their hair color or something, it gets really dull when you have to look at a crowd that looks exactly like you everyday after all...
        Since the catacombs are already there, I got a weird idea of a dungeon maze... dunno why...
        Also, it would be convenient if we could have a 'leave', 'run away', 'give up', or 'cancel' option when in battle. I tend to accidentally engage myself in battles I do not want and it's always a hassle to wait for my too-stronger-than-me opponent to finish me off.
        Following my pet suggestion and the farming concept, what if we have a hatching farm where we hatch extraordinary eggs where we would have a choice of either selling them or keeping them as pets? Now I got the wild idea of having wild animals in the wilds and we are free to try and tame them...
        Ah, I almost forgot the Mentor and Student idea! I guess it's pretty self-explanatory, with the addition that the mentor and student would be able to receive bonuses like being able to buy in a special mentor/student shop that uses points earned through the accumulated time of being a mentor/student... I'm still a newbie after all, so this maybe helpful...

        Well, those are my ideas/contributions... (more like ramblings if you ask me )
        Last edited by Chrysne; 11-15-2012, 05:00 AM.
        You say Myth, I say Unbelievable Truth...

        Name: Chrysne
        Class: Mage
        Server: [S43] Temple of Saliora
        Accepting Friends: Yes


        • Hi GM!! trading system is a good idea for the game. it will help both side of the parties, the sellers and the buyers.. this will make players go strong and give more time to play because of hunting and harvesting gold. If this system will be approved, then more people will play this game and lesser people will quit because they can compete with those balens user players.. thank you for reading my reply...


          • As we're already getting a Tree of Ancients for Alliances, and Alliance vs. Alliance, how about an Astral system for Alliances? Perhaps Members can make their contributions, and the Leader can spend it rolling for Astrals. Or perhaps each Member can make a contribution and then choose to roll for an Astral, similarly to the Altar, and then choose whether to donate the Astral or roll again- but with the catch that a Member can only donate 1, 3, or 5 Astrals a day.

            Edit: Wouldn't mind a bit of character customization, either. Even a limited choice would be better than none.

            Temple of Ibalize
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            • please don't put a trade system in, it will spoil the game

              Also yes character custimization would be cool


              • i would recommend auction system for some items( such as: weapons, gears and rings) in guild, but only can be bought using insignia. so GM still can sell their items using balens. And this is a win win condition. Don't you agree ?


                • i don't think it's fair that u have to pay money for scokets in the game. alot of players don't have the money for games.


                  • I would suggest insignia exchange for decent items like Crypt keys Because i enter in the Crypt just 1 time on day ... how can i make crypt tokens ? to buy items from crypt shop ? :-??? tnx


                    • 2 500k hp packs as a daily login reward would be good


                      • u can try a trade system only between guild members or only a resources trade will be good! another good thing should be Guild Alliances
                        Cross Server BattteGrounds ? :O
                        Cross Server World Boss ! between servers who was released in the same week...
                        Diplomacy System ? Like ENEMYs - Neutral - Friends
                        and 1 more event per day or week like King of the Hill or Last Man Stand with good rewards ^^
                        Server:S33 Undead Pit


                        • vending hall for buying selling player to player


                          • i've lost balan twice and i email u nothing happen to my acc. when i asked for balan purchasing history you're say nothing....
                            what the hell is that attitude.
                            so make the history of the balan purchase in game
                            yunx [s47]
                            mage at Tauren Camp s47

                            i'm not a BALENOR but i'm not weak also


                            • My suggestions! =)

                              Char = Aurilya - Server = [S34] Soul Stade

                              Hi everyone =)
                              I read a lot of good suggestion and here are my:

                              1. - the city plunder have no effect on the city owner: he/she not lose anything;
                              2. - harvesting other players farms have NO EFFECTS to they're plants: no exp no daru no kyanite nothing else were "stolen" due to farm help: like the word say is "help" and not "farm robbery";
                              3. - As already said, allow trade: possibly a trade center (in-game mall) when a player can made a self-shop, auction, or similar: actually, the bound/unbound system is totally useless; and the "MAGE ONLY" drop is useless too when I'm playing as an archer/knight;
                              4. - ELIMINATE VIP tokens as dungeon reward by themselves, or add them to something else: otherwise, allow NON-VIP members to use roulette, maybe spending a bit more tokens than VIPs;
                              5. - Balanced arena duel automated selection: actually low lvl players are continuosly beaten up by high lvl/VIP players, causing the low level players leave the arena;
                              6. - as already said (again), balancing play between paying and not-paying players: I think it's just obviously favor those who pay, but give the opportunity for others to be competitive with most of the efforts in;
                              7. - customizable characters! Actually we are ALL THE SAME, and this is quite annoying. Add something like hair color, hair style, skin color, and what about outfit colors, outfit style?!
                              8. - curently there are 3 or 4 sets that are the "best" and all are aimed at those. Collect (one by one) insignia (and crypt tokens) to buy that set... and then what? Add more stuff and more items, giving the possibility to customize your character and make it more unique.
                              9. - make it possible for NON-VIP players to buy anything other than spending other resources (gold, vouchers, gold+vouchers, etc).
                              10. - eliminate or at least increase the amount of quests feasible during the day, because it often happens that they are very limited.
                              11. - . move the QTE panel a bit higher on the top of the screen during the fight, because it often happens that is covered by the visual effects;

                              I hope this might help =)
                              Thanks for your attention and excuse me for my poor english!
                              Last edited by Phelon; 11-15-2012, 04:57 AM.