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  • HI,...

    1.There should be a weekly sale on select items in the shop ranging from 20% to 35% off.

    2.Higher Lvl Seeds that doesn't require balens to purchase

    3. An increase of Daily task for VIP players that rewards lvl 3 gems, gold, and daru etc. (all 3 would be great, either or)

    4. An exchange system (that wont allow players to take advantage of it) with a min. and max. for said item that you guys think is appropriate

    5. Reward people for there account glitching. My account glitched after I became VIP and took all my stamina. Support told me... "next time, get a screen shot of it.... ( what does that even mean, I cant foresee the next glitch or anything else for that matter)

    6. Find a way to give out more Socketing Rods

    7. Increase the health of all the World Bosses. (not just 1)

    8. New and improved astral's.

    9. Better rewards in the wilds. ( could be a part of the daily task )

    10. Better Rewards for the Guilds altar. ( This should be the 1st to get done;it could be based off of a accountee's/guilds lvl, guild skills or Battle Rating. Either or is fine.

    11. Homstead should be in the foreseeable future.(lol)

    12. More games as a Bounty.

    13. FARM Idea: Open up the last 3 plots. Create a Seed/scroll that allows your seeds to be protected from being stolen. Once protected. A friend can Duel you for it, and upon a Victorious battle they instantly are rewarded more so than having stole from some one without a protected farm. ( A protected farm has a Dryaids bessing, ( or some form of it ) so the character will be + 20 % based on lvl of protection.)

    14. A BANK... That holds Gold and Daru and increase's it based on the lvl of the building. This banks also has a magic vault similar to the way enchantment works. It takes an item with no stats and bestows/ embues it with them. This Magic Vault can also take stat from any equipment and increase its lvl to 10 ( I suspect that wound cost a few pennies)

    Thats all the the moment,

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    • i suggest that there will be more events like this every maintenance so we don't get bored


      • Odin
        S47 Tauren Camp

        Most Of the suggestions you are getting involve what they want but not the problems that may arise.

        Auction houses- Great for players to make gold or daru. But will get Gold sellers in the game. Bad for buisness for you. Trade can do the EXACT same thing. So one suggestion. Trade within a guild only. and not between players. Guild Vualts-Where the GM has the ability to give it to a specific player so that thieves cant join a guild steal everything and get booted to give to another guild.

        Suggestion where people wanna Defend during Duel. Online abilty. Can make it where you attack someone if online and available they can click Defend and now its 1v1 and no computer. This way if #1 loses cause AI maybe he can win with defense. If offline it reverts to AI. Also with this you can use Options to turn on Auto AI so you dont get the pop-up that stop you.

        My MAIN suggestion. Pop-ups stop you everytime you wanna do something IE Astrals, building, attacking, and others. Make it to where we can still do things in the 10 seconds given sometimes we need 2 or 3 to finish what we are doing.

        Give more items to buy for Vouchers. IE Keys or Socketing rods. But with a high cost and only so many times per day/week. You will STILL have lots of cash players but non cash player can still feel like they are not that under powered.

        Lower the Cost of ORange astrals with the points. 7000 star points is ALOT of astral buying to get them. Purple being 2k is good. But orange should be around 4k cause they are only 2x as good should be 2x the price. If not reduce the price make getting blues and purples more frequent.

        Give Insig Seeds in farm shop. Large amount of gold and only 1 perfarm like Kyanite. PVP gear so far is better for PVP AND PVE and some people wiht work schedual or playing server where they cant do the events. They are way underpowered when they CAN dothe event and quit often. you will lose possibly cash players without them feeling a little more equality.

        Also. When weekly events happen if there are items to get from the Event tab. Make it FLASH to remind us to get them. Lost 10 brooms cause of it. kinda sad. Also with events. I saw on the calander that week 2 you get 2 free Catacomb runs along with the 1 free run and 1 equip run. So 3 free runs all together. We didnt get that on server S47. Makes me sad.

        But my biggest concern. PLEASE give us an option to Turn OFF server messages or make them only like once an hour. Every 10 min a FLOOD of messages come through and i miss chat a lot. or i go to the bathroom and have a ton of PMs askign me to answer question in guild chat.

        World Bosses. Limit Balen Balen revive. i know this one wont happen but its worth suggesting.

        OHHHH almost forgot.. Make the Angels ATTACK instead of % to heal if everything is Full health. the % to kick in when someone is hurt. On WBs and Duels and Campaigns its hard cause sometimes the heal 3-4 times in a row and dont do dmg.

        i think thats All for now. Im hoping that its not jsut one suggestion per post you wanted. Ive been playing for 3 weeks now.. And to be honest ive all but quit most my games.. This is very fun right now. And ive spent money already.

        That's all for now.

        The All Father Odin thanks you in advance.


        • My suggestions are
          1 A Preview of world where we can see every thing on world like our city, other players city, treasure boxes different creatures. like this sample picture

          2 to synthesize lvl 40 Item we need 100 crystolid per item, which is to much. we need 500 for full set lvl 40 set & when we gather 500 crystolid we almost reached lvl 50 & then its use less, bcoz now we look for lvl 50 items so decrease amount of crystolids to synthesize per item.

          3 Gold deposit box, where we can keep our gold so we don't lose gold when some 1 plunder us.

          4 Trade market. Every one want trading system so bring trade market where we put our items for open sale where every can see all selling items, we open trade market look for item which we need with batter price.

          5 We buy items from arena shop after collecting insignia which is very difficult to get, we can sell these items in arena shop on half amount of insignias instead of gold
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          • Okey Hey all this will be long one.
            1. I think the health pack prizes are way to much kinda if u all wanna reduce the prizes for a bit spending 400-500 k gold daily on health pack is not something that ppl wanna do.

            2.I think wartune should have recruit system something like i invite ppl , they accept my invitation they spend time get to lvl 50+ and we get some rewards for that or if they buy balens exmaple they buy 1k balens we get 10 balens from them or close to that % .

            3.Walkin the maps is really hard , lookin for plundering some times takes like 10 minutes for 1 plunder what aboout short key to jump in the maps alt + left click or something like that little jumps but faster then walkin

            4. Mentor thing . exmaple i have 30k br newbie come to the game and example on lvl 10 he get new stuff like shop + mentor he can have mentor so i became his mentor . He gets br from me , i dont lose any br just he get BR from the deffrence bettwen us should be in some % calculated example every 1k deffrence in br give the student 200 br. So with that extra br he gains from he can lvl up faster and do more dmg to the monster. And we the teachers-mentors we git little exp from every exp he gets or lvl.

            5.Guild Wars - idk how that will look but my suggestion is STONE in the middle with HP , and we kick the stone the guild who scores most points get the stone and the doors from the castle .The guilds who wanna take the castle first need to take the doors down !

            Tnx For Listening Marta


            • Originally posted by R23964719 View Post
              Game events to happen twice within the 24-hours.
              An example would be like if there is group arena at 1pm est, there will be another group arena at 1am est.
              This is because some of us players here are not living in most server regions and also if a server were to be made just for us, I don't think people would want to
              a new account all over again...

              erk! don't we have 3 different timezone right now...? for residents in US why you create char at oceanics server with G-M-T +8 timezone? Event time should be not a big problem's... instead of that what we need is better improvement while doing WB...
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              • let me also suggest the group arena must have level priority, i can a group of lvl 20-30 beat a team of 40-50 levels? meow


                • My suggestion is that the chat window be tweaked so as to allow players to chat without the window being swamped with either announcements about who has done what on your farm, or spam from the developers of the game.
                  Could you consider putting all your announcements of what you would like us to buy up front, instead of wack-a-mouse, while the game is loading, and leave us in peace after that?
                  Failing that, and I know you devs are bursting to sell us all as much as possible and are not going to stop swamping us with announcements of things we already know just because I, or even a lot of us, ask you to, could you give us the option of using balens to clear the chat window of whatever we do not wish to be told.
                  If you do this, and make the charges accessible to those without a lot of money to spend, you might be surprised at how much extra you make. I would spend 100 balens a week to be able to chat properly, if that is what it took. I would,'t like it, but I don't like the chat window how it is right now either.
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                  • put surprise monsters in the dungeons that are rare and give a ton of exp and gold or a rare item


                    • Originally posted by OldSchoolNewb View Post
                      As I said to some GMs, I would suggest insignia exchange for decent items like Crypt keys and Socketing rods, cause we all NEED them. Some of us cant afford to buy that much items from cash shops. : )
                      i agree its unfair for those of us that cannot afford to put money into the game even if we would like to and buy the things that we need like the crypt keys and suchit would make the game alot more far for us non pay players


                      • Increase the experience reward for completing a solo dungeon campaign. The experience gained from clearing a campaign map after finishing all relevant quests is not competitive with Bounty Quests and Multiplayer dungeons. The level 42 campaign gives me maybe 20,000 experience which when compared to the Void (easily 100,000 experience or more) or Bounty Quests (At level 42, about 60,000 experience) makes the campaign maps undesirable to run. Bear in mind, several million experience is necessary to gain a level after 40. Without breaking the balance too much, I think that perhaps buffing the experience gained from solo maps equivalent to an orange level bounty quest would persuade more people to run these dungeons until their stamina runs out.
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                        • Also:
                          a.) Reduce quantities of crystaloid required to make PvE gear (silly that you're typically ~ lv. 50 by the time you have 400x lv. 3 crystaloids for the lv. 40 set and it's INSANE that you're about lv. 60 before you're even able to make ONE piece of lv. 50) not to mention you're practically forced to purchase the compoonent from crypt shop due to how rare the components come via card draw.

                          b.) Item synthesis should include potion/rune upgrading - possibly even conversions as well.

                          c.) Better loot-scaling for your level: sick of running mid-50 campaigns/dungeons and seeing common loot gear that still has a sell value of 600 gold (pretty sure that's the same value as lv. 20's common gear), lv. 2 luck stones (seriously?), and HP pack drops are incredibly rare (seriously, a lv. 50+ player burns through 200k hp in a day with EASE yet we still only get 4 x 10k HP packs from daily and HP packs that DO drop later in catacombs -if you're so lucky- are rarely better than greens). Lastly - card draws, daru from tombs, gold from chests are pretty poor in terms of scaling to level/difficulty.


                          • Neneng Bakat
                            and also put pvp system for all the server open 24/7. . . so we can enjoy player vs player from different servers. . . no exp no reward, just pure fun


                            • Originally posted by R24764199 View Post
                              let me also suggest the group arena must have level priority, i can a group of lvl 20-30 beat a team of 40-50 levels? meow
                              Mostly agreed... yeah! how a level 25-30 wanna beat those level 45-50? and moreover with 3 Mages in a team? Whoaaa!!! If you are not in highest stat whta shall we do? retreat?
                              "If people are trying to bring you DOWN it only means that you are ABOVE them"
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                              • yes!! please can u make a trade so we can exchange here items to anyone who needs!!! can u give my request!!?