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The April Fools' Day Events!

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    Increasingly upset with this game. If to put such events of April 1 was better not have done anything. It is an event that requires the player to spend if you want to win something cool. Well not so cool, since the trunk prizes are ridiculous. Administrators would be better to hear a little more of its players, we want to give events a chance to win something all good. If they want us to buy the chests, put it best prizes than 80k gold, or 3 Silph sepulcrum. Horrible Awards.


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      Things seem pretty expensive


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        This thread should have been named, these are the prizes you can buy this week/month whatever. R2 has been bending their players over more and more and more every month. As long as the whales keep spending they will keep it up though.
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          Get used to it guys some of spenders on my server already quit coz almost 50% of non cahshiers are not playing anymore. This months events are for fools only, cashiers or non-cashiers alike