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Wartune Weekly Maintenance 5/20 3:30 AM EDT

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  • Wartune Weekly Maintenance 5/20 3:30 AM EDT

    Wartune will be having its weekly Maintenance on all servers on Wednesday, the 20th of May at 3:30 AM EDT (0:30 PDT, 8:30 AM GMT, and 3:30 PM GMT +8). Wartune 4.0 Part 2 will be updated to all servers during this maintenance. Maintenance is expected to take approximately 3 to 4 hours, but could be shorter or longer. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.

    NOTE: Please be aware that Astrals Captured, but not claimed or sold will be lost during maintenance. If you have Astrals left unclaimed, please claim them before maintenance starts. Thank you.

    Patch Notes:
    • Added Sylph Expedition which is available once a player reaches Lvl. 60.
    • Added an advanced Lvl. 80 equipment set - Mythic equipment.
    • Added Double Attribute Gems (Lvl. 7 - 11) which can be synthesized in the Blacksmith.
    • Fixed an issue where clothing identification consumed incorrect material amounts.
    • Fixed an issue where players could not collect rewards for synthesizing Lvl. 7 Divinity Soul in the Sylph Divinity Soul event.
    • All Eudaemons now have the same name - Eudaemon. Players may change its name for free the first time.
    • Fixed an issue with the Guild BOSS.
    • Fixed an issue where a Eudaemon’s name would reset once a player changed its name.
    • Fixed various typographical issues.

    Note: Considering various bugs such as ranking/Hot Event resets and Dimensional War reward sending issues that may result due to the maintenance, we’ve prepared the following compensation for all servers involved:
    • 300000 Gold
    • 300000 Daru
    • Extreme Stamina Potion x1
    • Lvl. 2 Bonus EXP Scroll x1
    • Double Honor Scroll x1
    • Sylph Sepulcrum x20

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    Added Double Attribute Gems (Lvl. 7 - 11)

    ummm, are they 7 to 11 or 7 to 12??

    just that on test servers up to 12, on the info posted earlier to 12. here, still shown as 11.

    Make up your minds :P
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      Sylph not used all skills in syiph arena !!!


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        Fixed an issue with the Guild BOSS.
        I'm always afraid when i see a fix for something that had no bug as much as i know ^^;
        RETIRED. Too much bugs, too time consuming, too few listening from Wartune
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          Originally posted by ArnaudBo View Post
          I'm always afraid when i see a fix for something that had no bug as much as i know ^^;
          Final hit actually killing people I'm guessing/hoping... or rewards actually being given out if you survive whole thing... like WB have lost rewards just cause of surviving the whole thing (I'm guessing fix is regarding the missing rewards that happened every now an then anyways)

          /and one can hope they remove a 0 off the mount lol


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            Originally posted by ArnaudBo View Post
            I'm always afraid when i see a fix for something that had no bug as much as i know ^^;
            Im same as ya, cuz always is not a damn fix issue, is a nerfed rewards from that event! gwah
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              Originally posted by ArnaudBo View Post
              I'm always afraid when i see a fix for something that had no bug as much as i know ^^;
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                  Another maintenance. Glad I didn't change my Eudaemon's name. It return to it's original name rather.

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                    Chinese imperialism was philistinism of the most elementary type !
                    Why they were killed by other already proven cheaters?
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                      HAHAHAHAHAHA are you joking r2 that is what you call **** not compensation. That's like a regift that you give to someone that you received as a gift cause A. you don't want it or B. you have no use for it. You goin to make this game even more buggy give us something of worth not a pile of poo in a bag on fire smh


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                        when someone is destroying your dimension and you are not online you dont know who did it......we must learn who is....and plunder all the time in case we can
                        Vere Gio


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                          I dont get their idea of compensation any more, that low ammount might be a good comp for a new player, but for people playing for 3 years it isnt something we even would notice if was gone


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                            What can one see online !!!
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                              I usually don't mind the weekly maintenance, personally.

                              1) there is no mention of fixing the Wild's bug
                              and 2) no mention of fixing the Dimension's bug.

                              In Wilds there are times when one cannot attack a mine (even though it is RIGHT THERE next to your toon) because of the "You Cannot Attack Because You Are Not There Yet" bug.
                              Which is easily fixed by teleporting...that is, until you refresh.

                              With Intermediate Dimensions, I have been trying to pass into lvl 9 for, oh since May 1st, I think. Ticket # 329762.
                              I receive emails assuring me they know what the problem is and they are trying to fix it...but I still cannot pass. And this portal will not disappear because of said issue.
                              (Yes, I have all the towers....)

                              Oh well, maybe next week.