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Don't Let Your VIP Benefits Run Out. Re-Subscribe Now.

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    As it states in the first post, if you subscribed to VIP before April 10th, your VIP will not auto renew when you run out of VIP days. Once you run out of VIP days, you will need to re-subscribe. If you subscribed to VIP after April 10th, you need to do nothing- your VIP will continue to automatically renew every month.

    Also stated in the first post, gift packs will be sent out in July for those who are subscribed to the auto renewing VIP during the month of June.

    For those of you receiving an error with subscribing to VIP, make sure your current subscription is actually cancelled by checking your VIP State at If it is already cancelled, please send in a ticket and include your screenshot of the error, and the payment method you're attempting to use, so billing support can look into the issue.

    StarglowOne, please send me a forum pm with your ticket number.
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      what happened to the VIP automate payments


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        Originally posted by anything4 View Post
        what happened to the VIP automate payments
        Read post 1.
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          so if u subscribe again you have to pay again?


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            i cant resubscribe ti vip, i puts me on page payment methods, and nothing further cant do, no button, subcribe, renew or nothing ????????????


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              i have same problem , did ou solve it


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                Does not list PayPal which I use for internet payments.
                WHY not listed.
                The others I have not heard of and would suspect of being fraudulent.


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                  My monthly subscription VIP Benefits Already Ran Out! What Do I Do?
                  If your monthly subscription VIP benefits have already ran out, re-subscribe now by going to R2's store and clicking on the VIP tab. You can also re-subscribe by clicking on the VIP button in game

                  The Good News
                  we are rewarding ALL monthly subscription June VIP users -this includes users who registered for monthly subscription VIP privileges after April 10th as well as users who re-subscribed for monthly subscription VIP privileges in June
                  * so there's a condition attached to it - only those who subscribed after April 10th and will resubscribe VIP again this June
                  *i.e. You get your worthless compensation pack, while we dig deeper into your wallets ^^

                  Wartune Gift Pack Details
                  50 - Discount Coupon x 1
                  200 - Discount Coupon x 1
                  VIP Token x 100
                  Spirit Covenant Card (7 days) x 1
                  Sylph Sepulcrum x 50
                  Mahra x 50

                  No blessing / call of god materials, star sand, fashion cores, gd luck charms?
                  Let alone, a free mount / clothing? I'm sure they'll consider recharging again
                  Maintenance compensation rewards for god forsaken VIPs. After their 3 Year Old Anniversary Joke,
                  they came up with something better for paying players. Hehe, RIP wartune :3
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                  Why so grim? I think you need some pimple cream,
                  Why so serious? :-o "

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                    I have 98 days remaining on my VIP. The VIP State tab in my account is blank. There is nothing on the VIP tab that I can see that allows me to subscribe. The Join button on the VIP box in game is disabled. So, guess there is no way to resubscribe until my 98 days runs out? Which will be after june, so no June event reward for me... but, that's not too bad, it's not like its something really useful.
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                      thanks for making my mind up for me i have been humming and haaing about whether i wanted to keep vip going well being i have been using the same payment system since i started and being nothing wrong with the system and now u r changing it..... um why... oh well not my problem anymore when my vip runs out thats it over being stuffed round and having to resubscribing for something that was working perfectly for me just aint worth the extra whips etc


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                        Ur Cupcakes at R2 by changing the paymentsystem a lot of people cant buy VIP anymore not everybody wants to use a credit card or can use a credit card. bring back payment throught bank account
                        have been a vip all the time and now you are rejecting me,
                        You should be ashamed of urself
                        Last edited by EsmeWeatherwax; 06-08-2015, 03:28 AM.


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                          im having same problem.....cant renew my vip now i get a timed out from debit way......


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                            just get vip cards from fishing, dont bother about paying for it


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                              having the same error message , has anyone gotten their vip fixed yet Click image for larger version

Name:	vip order.JPG
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Size:	119.2 KB
ID:	1713649


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                                Well I tried to resubscribe one of my accounts which the VIP had expired on, but while it will let me recharge with Paypal, it insists on doing a conversion to NZ$ before charging Paypal, and it's the most rip-off exchange rate I think I've ever seen. Why not just charge through the $7.99 as per usual and let Paypal do the conversion, or is it just another rip-off racket for R2? With three accounts to do, I'm cupcaked if I'll bother.
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