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Limited New Server Christmas Events

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  • Limited New Server Christmas Events

    Join us in limited Christmas events for new servers now!
    Server: S626 Warlord's Lair, European server, which is launched @12:00PM, 12/18 (GMT)

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    It Pays to Recharge (X-mas Edition)

    Ends at 23:59 (Server Time), 9 days after the server is released.

    â‘*Accumulatively recharge 2,000 Balens: 500K Gold, 500K Daru, Lvl. 3 Bonus EXP Scroll x2, Lvl. 1-3 Gem Pack x5,Mount Training Whip x50,Soul Crystal x100,Lvl. 3 HP Gem x1
    â‘¡Accumulatively recharge 5,000 Balens: 1M Gold, 1M Daru, Lvl. 40 Legendary Stone x100, Holy Rune Pack x1, Runestone x50, Lvl. 1-3 Gem Pack x10, Lvl. 4 HP Gem x1
    â‘¢Accumulatively recharge 10,000 Balens: 2M Gold, 2M Daru, Lvl. 50 Legendary Stone x50, Mount Training Whip x150, Soul Crystal x300, Lvl. 1-3 Gem Pack x20, Lvl. 5 HP Gem x1, Reindeer Hat x1
    â‘£Accumulatively recharge 30,000 Balens: 4M Gold, 4M Daru, Soul Crystal x500, Mount Training Whip x300, Lvl. 50 Legendary Stone x100, Lvl. 1-5 Gem Pack x20, Lvl. 6 HP Gem x1, Reindeer Robe x1
    ⑤Accumulatively recharge 50,000 Balens: 8M Gold, 8M Daru, Mount Training Whip x500, Runestone x500, Lvl. 7 HP Gem x1, Fashion Core x10, Reindeer Weapon x1, Medallion x5
    â‘¥Accumulatively recharge 100,000 Balens: 12M Gold, 12M Daru, Runestone x800, Mount Training Whip x800, Lvl. 3-5 Gem Pack x50, Lost Reindeer Card x1, Lvl. 8 HP Gem x1
    ⑦Accumulatively recharge 200,000 Balens: 20M Gold, Lvl. 4-10 Gem Pack x50, Fashion Core x50, Good Luck Charm x50, Mount Training Whip x2000, Epic Hades Seal x1, Christmas Sleigh Card x1, Lvl. 9 HP Gem x1


    For a limited time only, players who recharge 500 or more Balens in a single payment will receive a special gift pack.

    Note: Each character may only redeem each reward once.


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      Novice's Gift (X-mas Edition)

      Ends at 23:59 (Server Time), 7 days after the server is released.

      During the event, play in the special Christmas server and upgrade your character to Lvl. 6 to collect rewards.

      Rewards: 300K Gold, 300K Daru, Spirit Covenant Card (7 days) x1


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        Limited X-mas Pack

        Ends at 23:59 (Server Time), 7 days after the server is released.

        The Empire Crusade x1, Lvl. 3 Bonus EXP Scroll x2
        Price: 499 Balens. Limit of 4 every 4 hours. Limit of 100 per server.


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          Sailing Pack

          Ends at 23:59 (Server Time), 7 days after the server is released.

          Sailing Wings x1, Fashion Core x5. Limit of 1.
          Price: 999 Balens