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Treasure Inventory Comp.

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  • Treasure Inventory Comp.

    The Treasure Inventory issue has been fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and would like to compensate all players for bearing with us. Thank you as always for your continued support!

    Lvl. 60 - 69 players will receive: 1M Gold, Lvl. 4-10 HP Gem Chest x10, Lvl. 5 Will Crystal x1, Lvl. 5 Fire Resistance Crystal x1, Lvl. 5 HP Divinity Soul x1, Lvl. 5 HP Diamond x1, 500 Bound Balens

    Lvl. 70 - 79 players will recieve: 2M Gold, Lvl. 4-10 HP Gem Chest x20, Lvl. 6 Will Crystal x1, Lvl. 6 Fire Resistance Crystal x1, Lvl. 6 HP Divinity Soul x1, Lvl. 6 HP Diamond x1, 1K Bound Balens

    Lvl. 80 players will recieve: 3M Gold, Lvl. 4-10 HP Gem Chest x30, Lvl. 7 Will Crystal x1, Lvl. 7 Fire Resistance Crystal x1, Lvl. 7 HP Divinity Soul x1, Lvl. 7 HP Diamond x1, 2K Bound Balens.
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    What about the return of gems and compensation to those who did not have the treasure inventory ?
    But still had gems etc. stolen from them.


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      lol lost all gems was in my gear and inventory and u give 30lvl 4-10 gem chest that is really much why gived us all that


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        great compensation for me thanks


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          Not sure if the players affected by this deal and did nothing wrong got anything back or what but if this is all they got, then there are going to be some really unhappy players.
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            thanks foe compension...


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              For the first time wartune compensation makes me happily smile... Thanks for using brains and giving us new things in compensation.


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                thanks for the sweet stuff ^_^

                Click image for larger version

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                ooo naww, you didn't. you gotta be trollin' me o_O


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                    good compensation but yet people will still complain.
                    1) people who used the bug/exploit but didnt get caught can get the comp
                    2) the ones who were wrongly banned or items taken for no reason probably lost more than this so unless they individually send out what they took(if the person is innocent of course buttttt who's to say some guilty people wont try to say they're innocent still ;P) then they'd still be a bit meh on the subject :P

                    But thanks for the compensation, its a good step


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                      Don't do something, they complain. Do something, they complain.

                      R2 should just let things lie, give the wrongfully deleted stuff back once they have been verified to be wrongfully deleted and just ignore the rest of the whingers.


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                        I sent in ticket showing that I have not activated treasure inventory. Will see what happens.
                        If I don't get my gems back it will show that the treasure inventory bug was just a smoke screen over what was really going on.


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                          Thank You for the Compensation
                          Best Regards,


                          Character Type: Mage
                          Guild: Ragnarok
                          Server: S213 - Felmarsh
                          Platform: R2Games
                          Client: Mini Client

                          P.S Yes, I am a very angry customer as of now, since I have been treated like a dead ant in the woods by the DEVS D.S


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                            Originally posted by AdaJames View Post
                            Don't do something, they complain. Do something, they complain.

                            R2 should just let things lie, give the wrongfully deleted stuff back once they have been verified to be wrongfully deleted and just ignore the rest of the whingers.
                            And I am TOTALLY fine with that. As long as those of us who didn`t do anything wrong get back what was taken also.
                            The compensation is a nice start but EVERYONE got this, even players who lost nothing.
                            But seeing as I lost 3x lvl 11 Euda Diamonds from my main euda And EVERY other diamond I had in my 5 back ups from lvl`s 8 down to 3, and then another 100 lvl 3 and 120+ lvl 2 diamonds from my inventory then the 3 Diamonds they gave out in comp still doesn`t let me get my euda team back on track, which means I will continue to get slaughtered in Euda arena and still won`t be able to clear any more bounty targets to gain anymore Diamonds which was my main source :/
                            At this point I will be happy to get my Euda Diamonds back to the way the were, but in the meantime it is STILL costing me skill chests and Diamonds on a daily basis :/


                            • #15
                              Extremly nice for us that wasn't affected. actually seen players with 3m+ br that doesn't have a single lv7 res gem ^^