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Wartune Weekly Maintenance 3/3 @ 4:00 AM EST

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    i think you not getit but you will see tomorow )) is need 210 NEW boxes not event one and the limit for exchange is 10 heheheh
    Even the future has an end


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      What a joke a with the new clothing event. The 210 boxes you need to get the clothing set is balens only. You are sure doing a good job of driving players away from this game.


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        HEY R2 team take your stupid compansation, time to say good bye...Click image for larger version

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          what's going on that game is becoming inactive every day and without warning'm losing arena others losing their collections in Narrandera, friend was doing purgatorio with 30 minutes buff and tb lost last night chance lost the guild war came back with results negative 23:00 pm, all without notice, without compensation and without justification only S631 so stranger
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            this event is the most messed up event ever 210 green beer chest that you cant even get unless you spend like 9k balens just to get the right green beer and then you keep having big spender events like everyone playing this game is just going to keep spending their money if you cant even have event that we care about


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              i m playing this game 3 years+- mounts dont important,in all my playing in this game i dint se the player that have tortured any player like you WARTUNE do to players with events and game rewords
              ,all you do is to humiliating players i dont now how many event you have deleted or minimize its importance becouse you are afraid to lose a money, gem even-cristal even we are getting only 1 peace per lvl yep you have killd evnt when we creat 1 peace to get 1 Free way becouse you dont whant that players getting Box from that event ,now you have killd gold from Holy forge Eve becouse we have ADV.HEna and you dont whant to small players get that thing only the players that can buy BOX or Buy ADV hena, in Sort i dont think that no one will read this or Coment this becouse yor only purpose of craeting this event is to bulling the player becouse is that is the only purpose in the Wartune creators life ,becouse there life dont have purpose