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Wartune Patch 5.6 Pre-Launch Maintenance 4/7 @ 1:00 AM PDT (Select Servers Only)

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    Originally posted by Serafina31 View Post
    when patch 5.6 will come for the rest of the servers?
    Pretty sure the release date hasn't been finalized, but it will show up here on the forum when the planned release is to happen.

    Generally speaking, in the recent past, it's been 1 week later, but again it could be longer. So keep you eye out on this forum for the post for it.
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      always 1 week after test servers so be 14th april


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        All I need to know is: Are we going to be stuck with Kabam, Kongregate, and Wartune server in cross server stuff permanently? If it's yes, just say yes so I can say goodbye. After the Titan War debacle, I expect even if that **** does get fixed, we'll lose class wars finals too. And just FYI, 200 truncheons is exceptionally low compensation when my team qualified for Warlord's Hall. Forget that we didn't even get a chance to win a wager, last place rewards in Warlord's get me more than twice that bullcrap compensation.

        Seriously, **** you.