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Wartune Server Launch for 4/15 @ 10:00 AM EDT

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  • Wartune Server Launch for 4/15 @ 10:00 AM EDT

    On April 15th at 10:00 EDT, a new East Coast server S646 Eternal Sea will be released.

    You can check out all the Activities and Promotions for new servers here in this thread. For any updates or changes, please keep an eye on this thread. See you in game!

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    really why do you launch new servers when youve screwed up the existing ones and cant seem to get them straight?


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      I don't think MemoryLane2 launches the servers him/herself. I get everyones frustration at the new launches and certain things aren't right. The lag is unbearable at times but the persistent moaning at these guys isn't helping the cause. Submit a ticket, express your in-game experiences and try explaining thoroughly what the issue is. If after that sweet F A gets done about it, stop playing? Just an idea. Everyones moaning yet everyone still joins the new servers that launch. It's a game, enjoy it. "Games should be free" How much is a PlayStation4, the controller, headset, games etc etc etc. And how many times have PlayStation been hacked in the past? Free players? Credit to you. Personally think the game should do more for free players. And, I'm a hard casher.


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        tickets are worthless cmon are you really so naive?