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Wartune Patch 5.6 Maintenance 4/14 @ 4:00 AM EDT

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    Originally posted by goobburr View Post
    Actually, green fish were 15 nickels and blue fish were 30 nickels but they are now reduced 5 & 10 nickels, respectively. That is one third the reward 2 times per week which equals two thirds of the previous reward opportunity. Not quite as bad as you think but still a nerf no matter how you look at it.
    Went from 80 nickels per fish to 10, so big decrease.


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      30, 60, 80.... is there a hack or trick there. Never saw more than 10 nickels after the patch, anyway.


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        Any word on when they'll turn on Artifact Roulette? Or if it was even included...


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          funny, well it is a game about growth and cannot be instant growth. lol everyone is reward crazy and I can see a HUGE piles of complaining if everyone got the rewards everyone is asking for lol.

          So if everyone gets 100 times the rewards what do you plan on playing in a week once everyone is maxed and the same? If there is more attempts of course there will be less reward.

          Now the pm system, that is awesome now, it is so quiet. Since it is completely useless, you cannot tell if someone sent you a reply or even send a pm unless you are in the city or some place the city bar is visible, lol now that is funny.

          Does the developer actually test these things? Gotta be a simple thing to test pming people from anywhere in the game.


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            Some great thinker took us the right to write personal messages during dungeons and stuff. TYVM always putting players first


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              So what Happened to Morning TANKS today? I now only see tanks 1 time a day this is not right Please put morning TANKS back and I don't see this in your Patch note either.


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                Originally posted by ZT_Knight View Post
                Some great thinker took us the right to write personal messages during dungeons and stuff. TYVM always putting players first
                Personally, if they had made it possible to "squelch" that since I am not too much of a fan of having messages while I venture out (in fact, I would love it if one can close chat completely so I can do things without being interrupted), then I would be open to such. However, it sucks for the rest who rely on such that I am hoping they will fix it.
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                  Originally posted by SmuttyRebel View Post
                  I am on the test server and have the patch already. I can tell you that the 'Help' for Guild Battle still states: "The top 8 guilds in the Guild Battle Rating rankings will participate." and "A maximum of 50 participants can be set." (If it weren't glitched so that NO ONE could enter the last two guild battles, I 'might' be able to confirm one way or the other)

                  The restriction for guild battles is that only the top 8 GUILDS on each server get to participate; and that they are limited to 50 PARTICIPANTS per battle. Two completely different things.

                  7. Removed the number restriction for participating guilds in Guild Battle.

                  Your attempt at clarifying still makes no sense and I stand by what I said. They do NOT say 'MEMBERS' or 'PARTICIPANTS'... they clearly say 'PARTICIPATING GUILDS". If they had said "Removed the restriction for number of participants for participating guilds in Guild Battle", I would agree with you... but even then, WHY mention 'PARTICIPATING guilds'!?! Isn't that a bit redundant?? Only participating guilds participate and are affected... right?!? Right!!!! So why make a statement saying it affects THEM and not participants... hmm. Maybe because they meant the participating guilds would be changing and not the members... or they need a proofreader that has some comprehension of what is being said.

                  i don't see any changes either way , got update today , i can't imagine all guild s doin guild battle though ..


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                    Good job with this patch, overall it seems to work.


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                      the mp dungeon cross server doesnt work dumb devs u click the dam link in chat says player in another server and doesnt let u in the dungeon waste of cross server bullhorns all u see is noobs swearing and getting angry as nothing works


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                        9. Added Talent Stones which can be used to upgrade Talent.

                        have someone see those?


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                          7. Removed the number restriction for participating guilds in Guild Battle.


                          guild battle in my guild tab shows 8 guilds and only allowed 50 players to par take in this

                          maybe r2 rushed the patch without proper testing at all. to make money fast on titan skills