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    its not fair to get KH with not even 10% of the money that others, in normal conditions pay for it. give to the people that pay more than 50k balens for knighted some real comp. this is just not fair to see how easy can someone abuse the game because of r2 errors
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      Originally posted by KayaBlanche View Post
      OK here is our r2 team hard at work. Sadly still not getting anywhere...
      HEY! Those look a little like my monkeys. Oh, I better not find out they were moonlighting or I will cancel their free supply line (I had better stuff going).

      Now I find out why my modules went offline.
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        Originally posted by Gundthari View Post
        I know that China is just starting a capitalist economy and that modern western economies are based on an evolution of more than 5.000 years, meanwhile China abandoned it's own traditions and adopted the western model just 28 years ago and incompletly due to ideologically limitations. But that is no valid excuse for not being able to learn to manage a company, it's services and products and messing with the customers daily. During this emergency maintenance, I got bored and browsed the Web for news about your company. What I found, is catastrophic. Nearly any article written by economic press is talking about ineptitude and incompetence in any matter related to customer service, management and dominion. Nearly any mention on blogs and Web pages from the gamer scene, is about reporting fraud and scam suspicion, or even concrete accusation. I like a lot this game I play on your servers, wartune, as it's graphics remind me the good old PC game Diablo, and as I enjoy having anonymous but continuous chats, as a distraction during 7/16 work shifts in my own company's build up and management. My company is specialized on recovery of rotten companies and badly guided national economies. Therefore we now have set up new headquarters in a country where the next years will bring the need of a reconstruction in dimensions only comparable with the european needs after World War II, in Venezuela. Our team is made up of highly qualified specialists in nearly all areas of science, engineering and administration. I offer you a deal: If you really aren't able to manage a company like yours, in terms of professionalism, pass some vacations with all your head staff in Caracas and I'll give you a compact and efficient seminar about how to improve your company's direction and general handling, 100% for free. That should be of your interest, especially as I see the danger, that soon you'll loose it all: As there are many US citizens among your customers, that allready have reported claims you did not respond to the authorities of their country, it is only a question of time now, untill the US will consider to ban your company's activities from their market, under a point of view of customer protection. Once the US will have done that, most of Europe will follow their example and western oriented asian markets won't be able to resist pressure to follow too. So, please think about your own future and start resolving the problems inside your business and related to it. And don't fear accepting my offer. Your welcome, as long as your game does not get to a point where I get too disappointed and retire, as more than 60% of my online friendships on your server 1167 allready did. You have my email (it's the user account of this friendly avatar / toon. Cya
        The Chinese have been businessmen long before there was a Venezuela. That is why they dominate economically in just about every nation they are in. And that is why the locals generally hate them (e.g., Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.).

        So, kindly get off your arrogant high horse, and **** off.


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          r2 dod you still rmemebr what means multiplayer??? It means that MANY players are playing and that means they are communicting each other. Communication (and making love just for fun) are making the main difference between human and other living creatures on the planeth Earth. Now I am standing in arena room and cannot say to my team in whuch room number i am.... And this because some of you that is having his pay check in Friday with my money on it decided to make improvements....Other one with same Friday issue has improved the archeology. So now we do not know where to search the items for the rewards... Return back your paychecks, freaks, and go back to work, idiots


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            these maints are on reason why we hate the support. We keep ticketing and poppin bugs on game daily and nothin gets done. anything to do on cash for you. and it gets fixed in few hours.

            Could we get an actuall fix to even one of the bugs on the allready huge list of bugs we have in bugs section in here on forums. Some of them in it are 3 years allready.
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              Give us back our damn rage!!