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[Wartune 5.8] Voyage

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    Sounds good but who know ? We wait


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      Originally posted by R2_MinionsMaster View Post
      Your Soul Engraving, Fate Guardian and Dragon Soul level are maxed. Plus your Inventory and Warehouse are full, so what do you do with the superfluous materials?

      Now, you can never have too many materials because a new feature, Voyage, has become available!

      Pick a day, schedule a trip with your friends, and set sail. Meet at the Harbor in the next update!


      For more info about the new Voyage feature, please check the upcoming 5.8 Guide threads.

      =_= any idea when we hav ths patch out by any chance & any more information what else is change + where is this upcoming 5.8 Guide threads tht u speak of?
      need to know when so i dont hav to active my bag page's 4 & 5. come on. tell me, tell me when is it and how it does work b4 my bag full and go to mail.ugh
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        Originally posted by Xharry005x View Post
        huge disadvantage lol make me laugh kabam gets didly squat

        does kabam ave perks - no / does r2 ave perks - yes

        does kabam ave client - no / does r2 ave client - yes

        does kabam ave special rewards for logins and holidays - no / does r2 ave special rewards for logins and holidays - yes

        u think r2 is worse off than kabam so u explain it

        HAHAHAHA my first toon was on kabam s5 i couldnt wait to get away from kabam keep seeing how other people say how great kabam is and all i can think of is how bad it was. not touched a kabam game in over 4yrs and nothing people can say about it will get me to go back now.
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