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Wartune V5.8 Satisfaction Survey

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  • Wartune V5.8 Satisfaction Survey

    Dear players,

    Wartune V5.8 has been released and we'd like to know what you think!

    Help us help you, let us know what you like and dislike about the patch by taking just a minute to complete the following survey before July 27th.

    3-5 working days after the survey is done, we will randomly pick players who completed the survey and reward them with the following:
    1M Gold, Henna x300, Soul Seal x20, Monthly Chest x5

    Thank you for supporting Wartune!

  • #2
    Please if u have event, make sure ur event work 100 %. how the *** you make return player code event that not work for some player. u made me not mood for recharge anymore and the ticket is useless. not solve anything.


    • #3
      realy noobish survey

      6. What's your opinion about the Outland Contest? *

      Choose up to 3 answers.
      a. It helps improve player interaction.
      b. The gameplay is too complicated.
      c. Allows my guild a good opportunity to display its power and grab resources.
      d. This event costs too much Guild Wealth.

      event isnt due out till 15th july

      and 1 question about the new eudaemon come on how do u expect ppl to get it when u cant use the shards to obtain it

      you never listen to ur consumers so why give us a survey lol
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      • #4
        haha they had like 3 questions about outland contest , why put a survey out when events havn't even started.
        ARMOR S4 Metalmouth
        Class Mage


        • #5
          survey pretty useless because you dont care about players
          only care about earning as much money as possible


          • #6
            ive had to fill survey in gave my comments which prob r2 wont take onboard cuz they avnt got a brain cell between them.

            the rewards ur offering for this survey is a complete joke (1 winner lmfao)

            keep ur rewards cuz its not even worth it you get more from playing your game (1M Gold,(u get more from weekly runs) Henna x300,(you get 300 per day from henna labs) Soul Seal x20,(maxed out anyway so useless ) Monthly Chest x5 ( you wont win wings or mount from them as drop rate is below the 000000.0001%)

            the devs and r2 staff dont play this game they dont know how this game works but they do know how to check their bank balance hahahahaha


            • #7
              these monkeys with their survey, most of questions impossible to answer LMAO


              • #8
                Sorry Wartune…you guys took your customers for granted for a bit too long.

                I was giving my feedback and i actually stopped half-way and thought "what's the use…so many previous posts have been neglected…I won't waste anymore energy on this foolishness".

                -Just letting you know what's probably the thought processes of majority of players right now ….just in case you're wondering why so little response.


                • #9
                  It is wonderful that they ask about features unavailable. The new Titans do not exist. The new Eudaemon is not available. Outlands hasn't started yet. Devotion System stinks and is broken (no devotion for GB).
                  LordRhys, Koram S6


                  • #10
                    How about changing the Devotion back to the way it was BEFORE the patch.... Now it is next to impossible to get 300 Devotion a day....


                    • #11
                      dragonbone dynasty. the event. the fruit mashine is broken. dont wanna spin. who broke it?


                      • #12
                        Fixing the bugs that came with the update would help a great deal
                        Sess on S179///Sycune on S183


                        • #13
                          Make the devotion start with 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 for max rewards. The 300 is just absurd.