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[Announcement] Wartune Veterans now seeking Applicants: Final Round - Part Infinity

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  • [Announcement] Wartune Veterans now seeking Applicants: Final Round - Part Infinity

    Attention All Wartune Warriors: As experienced players retire from the game, more positions will open for other experienced players willing to help Wartune grow. Now and then, we'll be looking to fill those spots that open up with players eager to help others. Will you be one of the select few to join our new team of Veteran Players. Our Vets will be players that stand out in both their knowledge and willingness to help others grow. If you love the game and would like to share your knowledge to help increase the continued growth of Wartune then please apply below stating your character name, and server that we can best reach you at. Please also feel free to list any information that you feel makes you a great pick for this program!

    Applicants must:
    • be 18 years of age or older.
    • have one character that is level 40 or higher.
    • a good understanding of the game and be willing to help other players.
    • and regularly active within their server.

    We have Vet Interviews coming!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	vetinterviews.JPG
Views:	2
Size:	90.2 KB
ID:	1733923

    [UPDATE EDIT: 28th March 2013 ]

    Hello Everyone,We would like to thank everyone that has applied in the past or future to be an Wartune Vet.

    As there are many applicants it takes us some time to work through everyones app and make our selections so please be assured that everyones application is considered and if chosen GM Zeus will contact you in game to interview you.

    As GM Zeus is the Team Leader for the Vet programes it may take him a while to be able to get through everyones applications so your patience and understanding while he works through them all is greatly apprecieated.

    We are still currently recruiting vets so if your still interested or know someone that wants to apply you can either post in forums or submit a ticket and GM Zeus will get to your application as quickly as possible.Thank you all and Happy Gaming.
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    Char name : DesertLion
    server : s44
    lvl:47 knight
    most of day in the game
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      char name/ DesertLion
      love this game and most of day online

      some information about game:-

      Forgotten Catacombs Crypt Basic
      The forgotten catacomb in a nutshell is a dungeon with 100 levels. You will be able to use the Wartune AFK mode inside here for your character to go through the dungeons. By running through the Crypt dungeon, you will earn various rewards such as Wartune Gem, Lucky Stone, and Crypt Tokens. The Forgotten Catacomb in Wartune is also a great source of experience points because you can level in Wartune by doing the AFK option.
      How to Enter the Wartune Forgotten Catacomb
      You have two chances of entering the Wartune Crypt per day. One is for free entrance, the other option is the "equipment" entrance which requires one Crypt Key. The Wartune crypt can be obtained at low chances from various methods such as drops.
      For every 20 levels that you advance inside the Crypt, you can choose to start the daily entrance at every 20 levels. However, you should always start at level 1 for additional items and EXP gain. Just leave your computer on for AFK to run through the dungeon automatically. However, your troops will still die during the AFK session, so check back every so often to ensure you still have enough troops at your disposal.
      Crypt Shop Notes
      The main items that are sold include the materials to synthesize set equipment, Rings, scrolls to boost Health, Troop, or Defense.
      How to Beat More Forgotten Catacombs Levels
      You will have to really use your smarts to be able to advance through the levels. The crypt are one of the hardest features in Wartune. Beating Crypt levels can be deemed as one of the major ranking factors on how strong you are in the game.
      For every 5 levels in the crypt, you will face a boss that will truly test your strength.
      Recommended Minimum Stats
      Below is a sample of the minimum stats that you should at least have why trying to go after certain stages. It also depends on the type of astrals, your skills, and your other stats. So this chart is simply a rough reference as to the ballpark stats. You can have stats alot higher than these and still fail. Otherwise is true, you can have stats lower than these and still beat the Crypt bosses.
      Level 50: ATK 4200, PDEF 1300, MDEF 2500, Life 10000, Troop 620, Knight Level 30
      Level 55: ATK 4600, PDEF 1600, MDEF 2900, Life 12000, Troop 680, Knight Level 33
      Level 60: ATK 5100, PDEF 1900, MDEF 3300, Life 13000, Troop 740, Knight Level 36
      Level 65: ATK 5700, PDEF 2200, MDEF 3700, Life 14400, Troop 820, Knight Level 38
      Level 70: ATK 6400, PDEF 2500, MDEF 4200, Life 15500, Troop 880, Knight Level 40
      Level 75: ATK 7100, PDEF 2800, MDEF 4700, Life 16800, Troop 960, Knight Level 42
      Level 80: ATK 7800, PDEF 3100, MDEF 5200, Life 18000, Troop 1040, Knight Level 44
      Level 85: ATK 8500, PDEF 3400, MDEF 5800, Life 19200, Troop 1140, Knight Level 46
      Level 90: ATK 9200, PDEF 3800, MDEF 6400, Life 20400, Troop 1240, Knight Level 48
      Level 95: ATK 9900, PDEF 4300, MDEF 7000, Life 21800, Troop 1360, Knight Level 50
      Level 100: ATK 10500, PDEF 4800, MDEF 7600, Life 24200, Troop 1500, Knight Leve
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        Char Name: Amaraa
        Server: [S14] Serenity Lake
        Class: Knight
        Level: 56
        Time spent: 14-16hrs daily


        • #5
          Character name: deepblue01
          Server: [S40] The Badlands
          Class: Mage
          Level: 54
          Age 24
          Time spend:10-15hours daily


          • #6
            Char name : celestial
            server : (S57) Narlington Field
            Class : Knight
            Level : 41
            Age : 31

            info for gold and daru
            just go trough on daily quest and dont forget about WorldBoss for gold and daru
            make lot of friend for farm and make your farm lvl higher fast for more corp
            (you can energize your friend tree for your farm experience + relationship + some gold. more high relationship more exp will get by your farm.
            you can harvest your friend corp for bonuses)


            • #7
              [S49] Rift of Aklorn
              Character Name: JTPM
              Archer level 55
              Age: 23

              I have been playing Wartune for a month and i help out anyone on the server that has any questions concerning the game. For a month i managed to cover more then 90% of the game and i think i am ready to help people out. I already wrote two guides: Archer Guide and Leveling Guide , so you can check out a part of my knowledge of the game.
              I am active on the forum , trying to help people and share my knowledge with them.

              I know 4 languages in case if needed since there are a lot of players that are facing problems with the English language. (Bulgarian , Russian , Arabic and English) But to be honest on S49 there are only few Bulgarians , a dozen of Russians and only 1 Arab that i have met so far.

              Additional info: As a top player on S49 i get a lot of PM's a day from different players with many questions about class choice , stat priority , catacombs guidance , astral build , skill build and many more similar questions that i always gladly answer.
              I am gathering most of the info from reading the forum and FAQ as much as possible and then i share my knowledge with the guild and the people that need answers.

              I play 8-12 (sometimes even more) hours a day. Starting from around 13:00 pm and till 2:00-3:00 am (GMT +2)

              Thank you!
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              • #8
                IGN : AngelHeaven
                Level : 60
                Class : Knight
                Server : S3 WORG LAIR
                Age : 22 years old
                Time Spent : 20-24H daily

                Just now i got mail from R2Apollo with title vet App, I'm already add him.
                So, could i can be vet player ?

                [Guild Master Of Nusa]
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                CHAR NAME : AngelHeaven
                SERVER : S3 WORG LAIR
                CLASS : KNIGHT
                GUILD : NUSA


                • #9
                  [s31] Demonic Crypt
                  lvl 55 Mage
                  age - 36
                  12h +/- per day ingame
                  s31 Mage 55lvl+


                  • #10
                    [S26] Baylon Plains
                    Level 46 Archer
                    Age -25
                    10-14 hours + or - a day.

                    I would feel that would make an excellent veteran player for your program. As an associate general studies college graduate, I have taken close to a dozen English literature and writing courses. I am a well articulated, highly informed player in my server's community. In addition to my written skills, I also share a sense of compassion for my fellow players. I am able to keep an open-mind and respect the fact that many players can have multiple opinions on the same issues.
                    [S26] Level 48 Archer DevilAnse
                    GUILD: GhosTs
                    US East Coast

                    "Not even Death can save you from ME!" ~Diablo


                    • #11
                      Server 19: Niasaj
                      Position: Guild leader of Alliance
                      Level 57 (almost 58) Mage
                      Age - 34
                      Online time: LOTS.

                      I spend a lot of time helping lower levels understand astrals and how to use them, as well as gems and how to complete dungeons and campaigns. I enjoy helping people and would love to take a more indepth part into the gaming experience.
                      Name: Niasaj
                      Server: S19 - Desert of Curses
                      Classification: ArchMage
                      Guild Leader: Alliance
                      BR: 17.3million+

                      and yes, I am planning to kidnap you and ransom you back to others.. that or sell you on ebay.
                      Look I has Belgian Chocolate!


                      • #12
                        Char: Mizuti
                        [S7]Serpen't Den
                        lv57 Archer

                        Usually have my desktop on even when I'm not at home or afk, so I can respond to PMs when I get back easily. Speak German and English perfectly, I don't think anything else is really important, because it fall under bragging more than anything.


                        • #13
                          IGN : Yksier
                          Lvl : 56
                          Class : Knight
                          Server : [S3] Worg Lair
                          Spent : 12-16 hours daily
                          age : 22 years old


                          • #14
                            character name: meyzen
                            age: 34
                            server: [S48] Imperial Encampment
                            class: L40 Archer

                            daily log in
                            loves to play this game and loves to help other players to understand this game...


                            • #15
                              Server: [S53]
                              Char: Thor
                              Time play: over 12h/day
                              Lot of experience in MMO, a nice game, i got most of the things, and i pretty much help my guildies understand the game.
                              Best of regards. Hope if i am selected i can help lots of players!