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Event - 4th Anniversary Carnival

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    I had the same problem until I noticed that the reset for awards is 3 hours later than everything else. Could be that you were a little too early.


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      i cant claim the wings... i clicked on them i got the other rewards lol typical for R2.....


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        Have 4,5 and 6 but like Kw0the can not do an inner wheel spin without recharging

        A day later I could do an inner wheel spin so looks like everything has to be reset before you get your chance.
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          The wings got sent to my inventory automatically, they didn't appear on my claimable, so check your inventory
          Precision----S3 Worgs Lair

          s371 Harmony


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            character name :kenzie
            server :S662
            EVENT-4th Anniversary


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              Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
              It's available on Kabam, and it's been tested by many people, and it's working fine for them.
              Hello, can a mod confirm the availability of the event not on Kabam or Wartune server?

              We've noticed that R2 has started making some events exclusive to miniclients, or Wartune/R2/Kabam hosts, but not others.


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                Click image for larger version

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                  R2 must be in dictionary mode so Twenty Eight comes before Twenty Six, The first character that is different are the S in six and the E in eight, E comes before S and therefore since today is the twenty sixth and twenty eight comes before it the event must have already finished.