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[Announcement] 12/06/2012 Wartune Server Maintenance @ 2:00 AM EST

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  • Part two will include the following items:
    Level 55 PvP sets
    Level 60 equipment
    Level 60-70 campaign and multiple dungeons
    World Boss Buff
    Improved Gem Converting

    so what happened the maintence was suposed to be part2 last night and i'm not seeing any of these ingame did something go wrong?


    • Originally posted by R2CS_Stormaggedon View Post
      However, we will still be continuing with part two next week.
      Helps to read.


      • My character error after maintence yesterday & server 68 Talsworth Castle nick â€*Reaperâ€* help me pliss


        • lol.... how mucht wing ballens


          • Originally posted by R25751195 View Post
            I wonder as well how much the wings will cost or if they'll be in balen shop or what, I think we're entitled to the information as it stands.

            I mean really, we work so hard every day for leveling I think we should have at least 5 attempt for MP Dungeons and 3 attempt for Crypt for higher level players to earn more gross exp daily.
            i think you're asking too much, today's system on catacombs is much better i think... just saying


            • im wondering about where the updates are i dont see any of them implamented in the game yet did something go wrong?
              Name: (S51)Aliceianna
              Server: Cimmerian Woodlands
              Class: Ranger Hybrid
              Plane: Eidolon
              Pet: Burning Angel (Gen 3), Demon King, and way more than i care to go into on here
              Level: 143+
              Honor Rank:Emperor
              Mount: Killin
              Guild: (S34)Rebels (General)


              • BG balance items, start at lvl 35 to 44... 45 to 54.... and nxt is 55 to 64 and so on
                Sleep... Thats life
                Game: wartune Game:crystal saga
                IgN: Carlo Ign: coming
                Job: Mage Job: to follow
                Server: S35 Server: to follow


                • I lost my character
                  name : Kka13
                  level : 38
                  guild : Respect
                  anybody please help..


                    PLEASE HELP ME...

                    Name : KKA13

                    Server: [s32]

                    Current Level: 38

                    Guild Name: Respect

                    Class: Archer


                    • wow nice one... exciting.. can i in???




                        • Whatis going on with Claristun, Server 35? It's been down since yesterday Evening ... over 24 hours of down time. Seriously? What is going on?


                          • just wait and see....


                            • Originally posted by CyberFiend View Post
                              With sheep players he means the group of players that join a guild because that guild is the strongest guild in the server. If your guild would be beaten in br and guild battle it self a couple of times, there would be a large group of people leaving your guild to join the other guild. Those players are meant when he used the term sheep players.
                              Funny thing is we of KingofKing are ranked number 2 in strength and battle ranking yet we come out ahead of everyone else why? cause we work together and accept all comers regardless of lvl, strength, or ability to pay. We run events with out guild mates and help them out in any way we possibly can and encourage them to come and be a family not just a bunch of people being greedy and selfish and holding grudges cause one person puts time and effort into the game and help one another. This is what a guild is ment to do and yes we have some of the top player but even they take the new guys and help them out can everyone say the same?

                              -Guild officer- -KingofKings-
                              Free player lvl 43 Archer


                              • :d[/quote]
                                Originally posted by r2cs_stormaggedon View Post
                                wartune's weekly maintenance will be occurring on thursday, december 6th @ 2:00 am for us east servers, 11:00 pm on 12/06 for us west servers, 7:00 am for europe servers, and 3:00 pm for oceanic servers. Maintenance is expected to take 4-6 hours. Please keep an eye on this thread for any changes or status updates concerning the maintenance.

                                In addition, despite our attempts with the maintenance last week to smooth things over so we could bundle parts two and three of the 1.45 patch together, things did not work out as planned. However, we will still be continuing with part two next week. The only change is that part three will be after the holidays.

                                Part two will include the following items:
                                • level 55 pvp sets
                                • level 60 equipment
                                • level 60-70 campaign and multiple dungeons
                                • wings
                                • world boss buff
                                • improved gem converting

                                update: We have revised our estimated downtime for maintenance to 4-6 hours.

                                update 2: Servers s1-s68 are back up at this time. Servers s69 and up are still down for additional maintenance work. The eta for these servers is expected to be another 30 to 60 minutes.

                                update 3: All servers are now back online.

                                patch notes:
                                • a mini clock in-game has been added.
                                • changed the tool tip hotkey descriptions to make them smaller.
                                • fixed a minor issue with the tree of ancients.
                                • fixed a number of language issues.