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Wartune Server Merges for 12/07 @ 04:00 AM EST

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  • Wartune Server Merges for 12/07 @ 04:00 AM EST

    A server merge is scheduled for Wednesday, the 7th of December beginning at 4:00 AM EST(1:00 AM PST, 9:00 AM GMT, and 17:00 PM GMT +8). These servers will be down for approximately 2 to 4 hours to allow for adequate testing, but could be longer. Please watch this thread for any updates or changes.

    The following servers to be merged are:

    West Coast Servers
    • S636,S640,S644,S647,S651,S655,S659,S662,S666,S670,S674 and S677 will be merged together.

    Europe Servers
    • S634,S637,S641,S656 and S645,S649,S653,S660 will be merged together.
    • S664,S668,S671 and S675 will be merged together.

    Oceanic Servers
    • S633,S638,S642,S648,S652,S657,S663,S667,S672 and S678 will be merged together.

    In order to avoid the loss of any character information, please refrain from making any new characters on these servers until after the merge has been completed.

    To help with potential name conflicts, we will be removing unused characters that fit the following strict guidelines:
    A character must not have logged in within the last 45 days.
    Be under level 12 and their castle must be on the Twilight Coast.
    Have no Balens.
    Have no record of ever recharging.
    Not be in a guild.

    Only a character who meets all five of the conditions above will be deleted.

    All character data will be preserved (including items, skills, pets, stats, mounts, Gold, Honor, Honor ranking, Daru, Kyanite, Balens, Vouchers, level, Battle Ranking, Academy information, Friend lists, Astrals and VIP statuses). Guild membership, friends and black listed players will be preserved. Current quest progress will also be preserved. The only thing that will change is that all player's Castles will move to Twilight Coast. The Server Rankings list will be cleared, but will repopulate the next time it updates after the merge is complete.

    Character Names:
    A character's name will only be changed if characters on different servers have the same name. In that case, the character on the newer server will have -S## added to the end of their name. For Example: RoryWilliams on Boneyard (S17) would be RoryWilliams-S17 after the merge, but only if there was a RoryWilliams on S12.
    Upon logging into your character after the merge, if your name was changed to include -S17, a popup window will open up allowing you the chance to change your name. To continue the example, RoryWilliams-S17 would log in and get a window asking to change his name. He could change it to RoryPond and the -S17 would be removed from his name.

    Guild Names:
    A Guild's name will only be changed if guilds on different servers have the same name. In that case, the guild leader of the guild on the newer server will get a popup window upon logging in to change the name of their guild.
    Should the guild leader choose not to change the name of their guild, they will not be able to access their guild interface. Attempts to access the guild interface will only open the name change popup until the Guild's name is changed.
    Guild members will also be unable to access their guild interface until the name is changed.
    After the Server Merge, the Official Website, server names, and login entrance will remain the same. Players will login to their character though their original server. If a player has a character on both servers, you will continue to access the same character associated with a particular server as before the merge.

    Check out the newest events and promotions for the merged servers here in this thread!
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    is there a end to the server merges weve been merged every few weeks now 655 is now a total of 12 servers in 1, when will this stop


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      Originally posted by malinjustin2 View Post
      is there a end to the server merges weve been merged every few weeks now 655 is now a total of 12 servers in 1, when will this stop
      Most of the time Server Mergers occur when players that are in the server either stop playing there, and guild's stop being competitive with other guild's on the server, it makes it rather difficult for guilds to stay competitive, when members from other guild's join the "top" guild and start to win guild battles in 5 minutes or even less, most guild's that go up against them doesn't have a prayer because of the way the top guild just dominates. I just wish R2 would do something to stop players from doing this, it isn't fun anymore when guilds do their very best to stay competitive, but still loose to these guilds that just over power other guild's. Like I said I wish R2 would come up with something that would keep guilds competitive. I am hopeful that this newest patch will somehow make the "new guild battle" more challenging.


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        Nope, there is no end. As long as R2 sees merging as a way to keep generating money (and players keep spending on new servers), it will be cluttered.
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          Originally posted by Meikura001 View Post
          Nope, there is no end. As long as R2 sees merging as a way to keep generating money (and players keep spending on new servers), it will be cluttered.
          Some people take more joy out of "winning" on new servers, or restarting from time to time, than from playing a single character in the long term. Look at the success of seasons in Diablo 3.

          When those people get bored, they get a new server, or a new game. So older servers start to wither. Then to keep a community, servers need to merge.

          All I see is some snowflakes that are crying because they might not be top 10 anymore (every friggin' time there's a merge announced). Boo hoo.
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            Merge is ok but atleast change the merge events and rewards.

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              R2Games Et All is a business, businesses create job's, creates incredible imagination,creates new technology, creates innovation,creates competition,creates enthusiasm,creates positive self worth,creates a hell of a lot more then I can come up with, get so tired of "those" who constantly bring up how R2Games Et All, use their platform to increase what they and all game creator's s desire most, and just in case no one knows what the hell I am typing about, its called MONEY, businesses are opened and created to make their businesses make a profit and income, there is nothing wrong with anyone or a group of people wanting to make money off of their creation. The world was made this way, today's businesses must design a way to make a product to make them money, to be profitable. If you do not want this company or its other competitors to make money from you, then its easy to just not to play their online games, but to constantly add that R2Games, et all, just wants to make "more" money off of their players, is now and back then getting so darn old and completely useless, and to be totally honest to those who ALWAYS have to say things like this, It is MY MONEY,THAT I HAVE EARNED MYSELF, so stop with this old warn out excuse just to inflate your already bloated ego, don't like the way R2 makes their money? Then get the hell out of their game and stay out of their forums, cause really your excuse of R2Games, Et All, just want to make more money off their players is abundantly obvious that you the type of people I abhor cause of your jealousy. BTW don't bother to preach to me about other things that R2 has done, just get over it already.