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Updated! Wartune Patch 6.3 Maintenance 12/08 3:30 AM EST

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  • #61
    new wars , crappy rewards , no adv mahara in any shops nice job …..


    • #62
      I am from server s684 my name is IIMAII
      The lvl 50 leg event not work
      I make 10 pieces of lvl 50 leg after the event begin but cannot collect it why
      pls help me


      • #63

        Holaa quien quiere ser mi amigo soy nueva en esto


        • #64
          a new patch is the worst ever!!!!!!!!!!! only good stuff is removed tower of kings all the rest is ******
          GET BACK GUILD BATTLE AND SOLO ARENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          • #65
            What does it take???? I was away approximately 1 year because the "old" Wartunes had a lot of frustrating bugs and it seemed the only way to move forward was thru the purchase of balens. I came back and saw the wonderful new changes and open up my pockets because I thought the game designers deserved it. After the lasts patch and updates, once more your ugly greed is showing. For the first time last night my guild tried Imperial Wars (formerly Guild Battle) and it sucked royally. We didn't know what to do and to be able to move, you had to purchase increments of time using balens. Another money grubbing tactic of yours. I appreciate your designers deserved to get compensated for their time and effort, but there are those of us on the other side of a computer screen that were not born into wealthy families or have high salaried jobs. We are common, every day folks trying to make a living with mediocre paychecks that instead of going to out to expensive restaurants, movies, able to afford cable TV or indulging in recreational drugs and alcohol, only have places in the Internet like Wartunes to entertain ourselves and temporarily immerse ourselves in an alternate reality as a kind of vacation from harsh reality. I am very disappointed with the latest Wartunes changes and I'm seriously considering withdrawing participation and hope others will too!