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Wartune V6.3 Gameplay Survey

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  • Wartune V6.3 Gameplay Survey

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    We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on how we can improve your experience!

    Click here for the survey

  • #2
    you do not need a survey to see that patch 6.3 is a lot of ****!!!!only you get lots of spender event and only give lags and stupid new stuff !!!!
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    • #3
      Firstly only crystal venus can be obtained in one place, furniture is unchanged only give an aesthetic improvement, they could have added furniture in another shop like amethyst shop, sylph enxange, forgotten catacombs shop ... after a certain point some stores have remained useless, It would be convenient to add items to them.

      Improve the drop from mount traing whip because it dropped dramatically, remove or lessen the respawn time of the monsters in the dark dragon's lair and in the blood hell and apply an auto collecting which would help in the problems of disconnect every event with time should be with auto collecting.

      Titan Temple only favors archers, can not overthrow a rival party when you have 2 friggas with wizard, I believe that with warrior is worse because of lack of skill in area, could improve by decreasing the number of rivals, 8 against you is unfair and absurd.

      Astral Elevation was the only thing that pleased this att 6.3 the rest is very bad.


      • #4
        you realy want feedback r2

        do you even listen to your players from these surveys

        your going to rec ieve alot of negative feedback in this survey so open ur ears and listen to ur players for once before its too late

        its a pity u cant add pics cuz i would of sent u 1 of my backside and tell the devs to kiss it cuz patch 6.3 is the worse patch they thought of
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        • #5
          my survey is fix the damn lag and really pay attention to the forum from the players . you guys are a pathetic when it comes to customer service and mods are just the same. nothing is being done and i dont know why i still play this game when i am seeing there is lack of support.


          • #6
            You want to improve my experience? Read on further:

            1. Remove all the swirly based effects that are floating around the Cross Server Bullhorn box, the marriage box, and the bloody icons. It's not that important but it's doing a number across many systems in terms of video memory being used.

            2. On the icons bit, make it when I close them (as in minimize the bar) they stay that way throughout my game play. They should not be popping out in full force each time we do something UNLESS we want them to open (hence, we will keep the bar open if we want). It's bloody annoying.

            3. There should not be any reason why a player has to refresh after 4 or 5 battles just to avoid the horrendous lag that followed. In the past, I can go about hours of battles without needing a refresh. I only refresh (or sign out) 10 minutes before reset AND an hour before maintenance (when scheduled).

            4. These events, do something with them. Before this, everyone was happy because of the benefits it offered them that they are always looking forward to some of them (or whatever tickled their fancy). Forcing people to spend isn't going to do any good (and only fools spend on something that is totally broken). Think for everyone, and not just a select few if you want to see some business as news travel on social media that it can be a very dangerous animal. Skimpy =/= Awesome.

            5. Some of these events (as in Ares War, Athena's War, and Imperial War) are just junk. Not because of the thoughtless pattern of boredom that prevailed, but of the rewards being overpriced for their usefulness.

            6. Many players had voiced their feedback along with suggestions on how to truly "optimize" the game for the best experience. I think it would be time to search those posts and read them fully; and then implement them before it's too late.
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            Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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            • #7
              ummm 6.3?
              try balancing the game for new servers.
              atm my server budget is 5bucks.
              i want to spend more but theres no real point because the game is so unbalanced.
              i want to fight in the battle ground but no point.
              stop catering to whales and look at the little fishes and u might make a bit more money.

              magic square is fun. but for a once a week event the rewards are pretty low.
              DDL drop rate sucks now.
              astral elevation is great.... when i get a level 10 astral.
              new solo arena is good. but you still coulda kept the old system aswell because its fun fighting your server enemies )
              overall imo 6.3 gets a 6.3/10 rating... and thats being really generous


              • #8
                My survey was not positive at all.

                R2 nerfed items, made prices in diffrent shops too high. Removed Elite crystals. Made the game harder for lower ranked players. Introduced several screens wich screams "buy balens". The overall gameplay went down big time because of the lag.
                And not to forget, it is getting hard to even look to the game with these horrible flashy icons i can't even get rid of because they pop up every time.

                Good grief, if you want to know the players opinion, look at the forum and do not make a survey of wich the last question about the Venus shop is wrong. I mean, 3 answers are "Yes" 1 is "no" but had nothing to do with furnitures but about all items in the shop. R2 doesn't care, the survey prooves that, the patches prove that, the nefs prove that. What the hell!

                You know, ever since the voyage was introduced you can get 30 henna for 900 coins. How much did we asked to change that? It is not changed at all wich also is a prove of R2 being involved with it's players.
                If you want to stick your middle finger up to your players, go ahead and do it where we can see it, not behind our backs like you do that now!


                • #9
                  Well i'm an good old Wartune player, Played since Wartune came out, since br's was still small, no Cloud city, no Sylph, still using old map, still have gold mines, anything you name it,
                  i've been there, done that!

                  But after this new Patch and few other things i've watched Wartune created in few years time now to be honest, i give Wartune 6 more month to make me want to stay.

                  Ps : I WAS a hard cord spender, and you never wonder why it's change? so you Wartune have some work to do!!


                  • #10
                    patch sucks , but you did well optimizing lag ,


                    • #11
                      I think they threw mine away. I've written books in that survey to voice my disdain for this patch and any patch after 5.0 where total nerfdom happened and performance issues were degrading.
                      Vicious! Approach with Caution!
                      Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
                      Mobile Strike Player: Base 1102 / Com 550 / 672* Power / VIP 1300
                      Dissidia Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia: Rank 60


                      • #12
                        doesnt matter what u put in these surveys they wont take on board players information they will just ignore it and carry on as normal like the survey in patch 6.2 when every 1 voiced they hated post grab and now nothing has been done about it


                        • #13
                          Worst patch ever,many nerfs and **... Titan temple-without very high br its imposible because of that dumb revive even with 1hp and eudos revives full hp,not gonna even try this anytime soon.
                          Ms-very nice 60-120 whips instead of atleast 2k whips (gl new players upgrading stables now) i guess this will save up 15 minutes for me.
                          And others? Nice to see new stuff in shops,but times for events,rlly? people rest/relax on friday/saturday not sit and play dumb thing like imperial wars for an hour.
                          Soon this game even will become pay to log in,good balance and keep your job like this and i dont think there will be another wartune aniversary.


                          • #14
                            Worst update of all time .. they attacked tok for a **** that is not from xp not bestial not ******* nor a..ares worse garbage I saw in life as athenas war ... guild vs guild ?? neither have what Comment another dodgy .. UPDATE


                            • #15
                              new patch sucks the game got worse the bad patch ever