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Wartune V6.3 Gameplay Survey

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    you guys just want players quit this is realy too bad you guys sucks not even titan war we can play


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      it seems to me since is xmas time wartune needs $$ to get there bonuses period, other then astrals all is **** , whips been been turned in to casher event , outlander titan ***? 4 friggas really?

      if wartune wants money ,let us pay class change n announce for new players ..wartune = archer game period , remove all other classes cause wartune has no qualified ppl to balance classes;
      we work all week , NON have time sit on wartune to do the ONE guild battle per week on a SATURDAY instead of going out or attending RL

      this is the worse patch ever , seems to me non could come up with events that actually make sense time wise , game play and real life, reward drops

      gamplay has become a dreading feeling to log in , cause all the time it now consumes with worthless events we must do .....maybe is time to let go n move on


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        Before they (developers) introduced that fiasco that was 5.1, I was this close of getting VIPs for all my units. Might be the most expensive bit as I tend to 5 accounts. However, when 5.1 came and gone, the players went unheard by the development team as they kept the junk going and it got worse with each patch released. When my wife came into the picture and wanted my team to be married with her girls, I helped her create the 5 so we can play together. Each patch I waited to see if they (developers yet again) would improve the game and return the balance that was once lost with this "one size fits all" method, and nothing yet.

        Yes, I was this close to spending for VIP, S/Covenant (I would have only wanted auto-farming and auto-path for each one but they put it into the SC) which could see a nice amount from this couple. But, I guess it's no hard feelings as this game's going to Hell in a handbasket with the way it is done. Yeah, this game would have been "awesome", but it's a dreck due to not being able to listen to the players when it happens.

        I can understand the need for screenshots/video at times, but it wouldn't kill the developers to dive right in and check it out for themselves and come with a fix for it the next week or two. I used to work at THQ before I went into the big deal (Network Telecom) as a game tester, and I know how the world of QA goes. It was no different than hardware QA and testing that I had done time before. A group tests a game, trying to find bugs or anomalies, then reports back to the programmers which they will fix the code and release a new copy. Sometimes, a client (if the game is already out in the public domain) would report something that is post game release, and the programmers will ask the QA testers to test it out and replicate it. If done, then it is a problem and the programmers will correct the problem and then have it retested before putting out the update for everyone to download and install.

        Wartune wasn't my first game, but I know it won't be my last, either. With the amount of experience I had in all fields related to the technology field, I would be perturbed if someone is going to tell me something that: 1. has been already done AND 2. has no further update/support for AND 3. no other game/program has that problem I am having with this. Certain things I can do locally within my network, but when it comes to something that is out of my network, then it's on the other side to find out what is going on.

        I know they (developers) will not hear/read on this because they will continue to provide a failure in hoping people would be foolishly enough to spend; but one day, everyone will be smart in not spending another dime that they will just boycott the spending; and on that day, it will be the final nail on WT's coffin. Yeah, this would have been an awesome game to be played for years (even into a retirement home), but it will have to start with an awesome staff... and that I have not seen to this day.
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          Just don't make more merges because everyone leaves...
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