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Wartune 5th Anniversary Event! (I) - Mount Design Competition!

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  • [Forum Event] Wartune 5th Anniversary Event! (I) - Mount Design Competition!

    Design Submission: 8/11 - 8/21 23:59 EDT
    Voting Time: 8/22 - 8/28 23:59 EDT

    Descripton: During 8/11 - 8/21, design your own mount and post it here. Entries can be hand-drawn or done with a computer. 10 entries will be selected. During 8/22 - 8/28, players can vote for 3 entries out of the 10 that have been selected by R2Games. The three entries that get the most votes will be ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd based on the total number of votes they received.

    We’ll then select one of the best 10 mounts and put it in the game! Please note that any designs that are very similar to currently existing mounts might not be considered. The actual winning mount may take a few months to design and implement, so please stay tuned!
    Interested in seeing something you designed make it into the game? Get your creative juices flowing and join the event!

    1. Each player can submit multiple entries and obtain multiple rewards.
    2. Along with 500 Beast Souls, the designer of the mount that goes into the game will also receive the mount he/she designed.
    3. Please include your platform (R2Games/Kabam/Kongregate/Armor), server and character name.
    4. This event is exclusive to R2Games/Kabam/Kongregate/Armor players.

    1st: Beast Soul x600, 1,000 Bound Balens
    2nd: Beast Soul x300, 500 Bound Balens
    3rd: Beast Soul x150, 250 Bound Balens

    Rewards for winning mount:
    Mount + Beast Soul x500
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    Womderhill S26 Harimanna

    sea turtle


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        Harimanna wonderhill s26

        flying egg


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          WARTUNE R2 games / s258 Blood Vaults/ NoNameMage/ mount name NoNameDragon


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            R2 Games / s465 (Astral Port) / IliasT


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              R2Games / WARTUNE / [S271] Shivermire / Aistea
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                R2Games / WARTUNE / [S626] /IceLance
                The Five Spirits mount ; five of wartune beloved spirits of the elements; Fire, Air, water, Electro and twilight. these spirits orbits around the hero
                and make the hero levitate in the air
                i know its unconventional mount and sorry for the bad illustration


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                  Click image for larger version  Name:	mount 3.jpg Views:	1 Size:	50.3 KB ID:	1923792 R2Games/ Wartunes/S455/KissmySass. I drew it and colored it fast so sorry for that.
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                    R2games [S613] Jade Fortress ArCaNjØ
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                      Presenting the' Lag Killer Pogo Stick '.

                      +1110% speed bonus. By using the map in Cloud City you can click any NPC to travel there instantly.

                      Wonderhill s9 DangerMouse
                      Attached Files
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                      DM S9 Kabumu


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                        Wonderhill S26 Harimanna

                        Battle Egg


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                          R2GAMES / WARTUNE / server S42 tarraton lair/ wolvereain

                          the name for this mount is: rockin robin
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                            R2Games- S24 Reaper'sIllusion-
                            Character name :- ?Devil?

                            I am not good in Drawing but i tried my best

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	R2games_S24_Reapers_Illusion_Devil.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	43.4 KB
ID:	1925264
                            Attached Files
                            Image R2games S24 Reapers Illusion Devil hosted in
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                              I'm Kelby from R2 Games server 715
                              One mount I'd really like to own and see cruising around Cloud City or the wilds is a cute dune buggy. They're one of my favorite style of vehicles because they just say "Fun" and "Good times". Hope you consider this pic as a general idea and really hope the designers can find a way to make it happen. If you do, I'd think offering 2 choice of colors would be fantastic....Pink for the Lady characters and Lime Green for the Guys.
                              I tried hand drawing it but just couldn't do it justice so here is a pic that I hope is acceptable
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