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Wartune 5th Anniversary Event! (I) - Mount Design Competition!

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    Hi all...

    I always found having a pair of decorative wings pretty pointless. So, with the opportunity of this competition and the hope you all like and agree with my idea, I present you with the "Wings of Heaven and Hell".

    R2Games / Wartune / S390 - Blood Peak / GrArgEn


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      Server 1 Temple of Ibalize

      Click image for larger version

Name:	img_20170818_141003_by_rosecrystalcandy-dbkimp4.jpg
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Size:	122.0 KB
ID:	1924839Witch hut (inspired by Baba Yaga hut)

      Click image for larger version

Name:	img_20170818_141127_by_rosecrystalcandy-dbkinuy.jpg
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Size:	89.6 KB
ID:	1924840 Spotted koi


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        server S720 steel plains
        lvl 79


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          I'm not a good draftsman but what i went for was a mount that matches the costume that I proposed at the: Clothing design competition. The mount is a silhouette of a horse, with the same luminous colour that is surrounding the costume.
          ( Sometines when a ranking event starts you can only see the silhouette of a archer, knight and mage toon. I thought that could make a nice sinister costume.)

          Kabam server 32 Dravilon


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            A simple homemade mount to match with the costume I have proposed at the Clothing design competition. (an empty barrel, the lid of the barrel as a hat, a wooden homemade crossbow / sword, a long branch as mage staff and 2 simple wooden planks as wings.)

            Kabam server 32 name: Dravilon


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              This little fellow, the assassin bug, brought me a nice idea for mount. The assassin bug sucks every ant he catches empty. Then he makes a little package of the ant and sticks it with a little mucus on his back. After a while he walks around with an impressive collection.
              I think this would make a great new mount. An assassin bug, not with sucked out ants on his back but with sucked out mage-toons, knight-toons and archer-toons neatly folded into a package on his back.
              And above that pile a saddle where your toon can sit. On the top of his sucked out enemies.

              I have proposed a new costume that match this mount (also made out of sucked out mage-toons, knight-toons and archer-toons) at the Clothing design competition.

              Kabam, server 31 europe, name Dravilon
              Last edited by MemoryLane; 08-21-2017, 09:52 AM. Reason: Removed google image sourced image of Assassin bug camouflage


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                R2games Server 1
                Temple of Ibalize

                Click image for larger version

Name:	20987934_10154971845453233_1991971070_n.jpg?oh=f57704d6aa311ea677ccbf8f2269f519&amp;oe=599CDC35.jpg
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Size:	92.1 KB
ID:	1925269Orca mount

                S1 - Temple of Ibalize
                Proud Panda Mage of VictisHNR Guild


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                  As the rules of this contest were to design your own mount by drawing it, and copyright laws are a thing, I have removed all images lifted from google images, deviantart, pinterest, other games, and other artists, in addition to entries without images. I did leave a couple of written concepts, but the images did have to be removed.

                  Please be advised that the removal of entries also removes eligibility for rewards.

                  If I missed the take down of any image, or you wish to question a take down, please contact me via pm and I will review it before the voting period begins.
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