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Wartune Patch 7.5 Maintenance 08/24 03:30 AM EDT

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    icons all over the map click on something and something else opens completely, freezes every damn 5 seconds and ps world chat seems to be broken too. Can't play like this@!!!!
    Player: Vix
    Server: S230 Cross Chasm (Oceanic)
    Guild: Resurgence
    Lvl 80
    Class: Archer
    BR: () crappy


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      just close you bar where you see all events and other staff and it stop freezing


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        this is big ****** how to play Battelground if i can attack any1 you ruin one good thing in the game of others bugs i dont want to talk gz R2 to make this game unplayable


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          ABPLONER You say I am semi-knowledgeable in game, but yet, these complaints that I have seen thus far, I am always spot on. Sometimes it's a curse when I make predictions vs realities (most of the time would be predictions as a way of humor until recently I decided to dive into a server that was designated as a test server to test as much as I can to put forth the data) that it is always right.

          I knew they (the devs) are going to mess up (they always do) when they release something that looks stable enough and then all of a sudden forgot something that they haphazardly go in and remove that one bit without even testing the whole code to ensure it will be alright. Trust me, I've done that before and it's costly (time mostly) to debug and troubleshoot the part that I deleted if I don't have a back up (which is also something Proficient City/7Road is truly great at) to fall back to.

          I haven't dive into game yet as this is the first place I check before doing so. I always clear my cache (folks you may want to do that since it might be just that) each week just hours before maint because while R2 has theirs, I have my own set of maintenance to perform as well as I provide network services to guests that dock onto my APs and I always have to make sure it's running at peak efficiency.

          That's just me, though. I don't know what everyone else does.
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            how is 18 henna on labs every 9 hours more than 50 henna every 10 hours how is that more output? now getting less henna a day


            • #36
              R2games ur is funny, give more slot for titans but never fix that stupid titan temple where u is not archer balenor u dnt pass, this want say for all ur players this: R2GAMES LIKE UR MONEY and DONT U


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                Originally posted by R2666735 View Post
                how is 18 henna on labs every 9 hours more than 50 henna every 10 hours how is that more output? now getting less henna a day
                Henna labs will produce more henna and eventually give adv henna as you level it up. And you can collect every 2 or 3 hours instead 10 hours. But the issue is being able to be in the game to collect that often.


                • #38
                  how do you even get the titan slot shards


                  • #39
                    Originally posted by thor31 View Post
                    how do you even get the titan slot shards
                    Those will likely follow the same trend as all brand new items in the game do. First you'll get them as high dollar recharge/spender rewards, then they'll work their way down to a more affordable level, before being added as a reward for a general hot event, and then hopefully as a drop in the game somewhere. Of course, we will not receive any indication on when specifically or how specifically these will be obtained until they show up in an event post or a maintenance patch note.
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                      For a 5th year patch, its pretty basically just adding more noise on top of other things you "have to" do, and basically challenging those to spend more

                      1. Added 3 new Willpowers - Sea Witch, Death Specter and Eagle Warrior.
                      2. Added Willpower Awaken Skills - The time has come to activate the potential of Willpower. Summon your own Willpower and master your skills.
                      3. Added Eudaemon War weekly dungeons - Explore the deepest depths of the dungeons armed with your Willpower and Slyph. Check it out now!
                      4. Added a new Dreamland feature - Priceless treasures can be found in every corner of this mysterious land, but only the strong and the brave will be able to claim them for their own.
                      5. Added new Titan skill slots - Increased the number of Titan skill slots from 5 to 10.
                      6. Updated Circuit rewards - Added Basic Talent Stones into Supreme Royal’s Chest and Supreme Noble’s Chest.
                      7. Sylph Arena Optimization - Added Fusion Spirit Shards as rewards. Players can select rivals to challenge. You can choose your opponent based on the number of points they have.
                      8. Optimized Henna Lab - Raised Henna yields rate.
                      9. Closed Blood Inferno dungeon - With the help of Willpower, our lords finally wiped out the monsters in the dungeon and sealed the Blood Inferno for all eternity. Even as our lords celebrate their victory, new enemies await in the darkness. Stay tuned for new challenges.
                      10. EXP - The quest related to the Blood Inferno dungeon has been removed due to the closure of the dungeon. Corresponding quest rewards have been updated with the compensation from maintenance.
                      11. Added new Vault pages to Guild Vault.
                      12. Raised Wedding Ring skill level cap.
                      13. Unlocked new levels for Sky Trail.
                      14. Optimized NPC functions - The new NPC Lycus in Cloud City has the Game Box option.
                      15. Fixed the bug where players were able to fight against multiple monsters at the same time in Magic Square.
                      16. Fixed the language issue regarding the auto refresh mechanism of Mount Shop.
                      17. Optimized game loading.
                      18. Some language has been optimized.
                      Willpowers- were all about who can spend the most to get the materials etc. Now that many of the cashers have obtained the first 2, they needed to add more.
                      (Theres a trend w/ the focus of spending design logic Priority 1 is clothing+mounts (this is a mainstay) Phase 1- Sylphs> Phase 2- Merged Sylphs> Phase 3- Eudaemon> Phase 4 Merged Eudaemon)
                      Sylph Arena Optimization- Originally you could select those to fight against before it was removed, this was when sylph arena first came out.

                      Some of the things from 10-18 are nice, and should've always been part of the game design/check, but the patch still ignores many ongoing ingame issues that are unresolved.
                      Theres more noise from those silly side-quests, but in the end the game for the most part is the same. Would've been nice to see them add a new main quest.

                      Like Meikura001 said its okay, but nothing to get excited about, just be wary of more bugs and lag issues to arise.
                      Last edited by Takashi007x; 08-24-2017, 11:37 PM.


                      • #41
                        i like the changes. However, i can't run it yet since Euda, material etc is not enough.. Hopefully i run that kind of willpower soon. r2games / S30 nm / manek