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Wartune Weekly Maintenance 09/30 03:30 AM EDT

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    Only language issues? You recently sent me this email:

    We have already got a plan about titan temple,and titan temple will get updated in days.
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      Originally posted by Xharry005x View Post
      Zombie threat - Zombies eat BRAINS ( your safe r2 )
      They do have brians just dont use them.


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        You just got to love that 5 minute warning, lol.


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          yep those ******* toasted my spire....


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            Originally posted by ruts.marcel View Post
            yep those ******* toasted my spire....
            They probably ruined the runs of lots of players who dont check forums. Fortunately I do check and noticed that they had changed the maintenance from Thursday to Saturday, I just forgot what time. I was about to check forums, before I did a DDL when the 5 minute notice appeared. I get that they shouldnt need to give an hours notice on normal maintenance days, but seriously, when you are doing it on a different day an hour count down would have been nice.


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              As the famous question goes:

              So what did they do to tick us off today?
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