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New Age of Willpower!!!

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  • [Forum Event] New Age of Willpower!!!

    Event Time: 2017/9/30-2017/10/9
    Rules: Players who give the best replies will receive awesome rewards!
    1. Each player can only receive one prize.
    2. Please include your platform (R2Games/Kabam/Kongregate/Armor), server and character name.
    3. This event is exclusive to R2Games/Kabam/Kongregate/Armor players.

    Event Details:
    To fight against the spread of corruption from the Endless Abyss, four brave Eudaemons chose the life of eternal guardian. More Eudaemons followed their steps to join in the army of Willpower. They fight courageously alongside their masters, but will they grow too fast to be controlled? Welcome to the age of Willpower!
    Share your Willpower stories by posting screenshots of your Willpowers’ awesome performances or times when you were stunned by your rivals’ Willpower. You can also share your thoughts on the Willpower system. Those lucky players who give great replies will receive rewards!

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    R2Games S230 ÐEATH

    willpowers are just stronger meat shields in PvP and just like eudaemons they still suck. yeah they can take damage but they hit for next to nothing.

    improve the system by buffing them so they nearly on par with your mage/knight/archer for damage dealt and damage received, let us set them as subs as a willpower is a glorified eudaemon. let us use them in eudeamon patrol.

    hype was they were great but truth is they are the most unless thing in the current system. they need to be buffed (whine about sea witch will be coming from others after ready this)

    btw in the picture it shows you already got 1/2 of the system in place for us to set them as subs. you just need to unlock it for us all
    Last edited by R23224943; 09-30-2017, 04:50 AM.
    Server: R2Games S230 Cross Chasm (Oceanic)
    Guild: Sicario


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      Too much about willpower and not enough for players without KH - latest lucky exchange has nothing for non kh players and is a waste of time. give 2 lucky exchanges 1 for kh and 2 for non- kh.


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        R2 [S440] Dragonwind == name EziØ
        character EziØ
        Willpower Void Emisarry 15kkbr
        I think is the most over rated Willpower
        -stroong in pvp
        -weak skils in AOE
        - good defence for pvm-pve
        - And a very cool outfits when is lvl12!

        Attached Files


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          The courageous Sea Witch, Nathalie took up the challange to help put an end to all evil and save all of mankind.
          She has just joined this fight not long ago, but has seen many battles which was all bravey fought.
          Her training is now being put to the test as she fights on, waiting for the day the forgotten prince to return and claim his land.
          Will she and all the others in this epic battle for mankind over come this evil to see the prince take the throne, no one knows.
          As long as Yannick tends to the young prince we will fight on. We will not give up hope, for one day the land will again see peace.
          Fight my brothers and sisters to this better world that awaits us upon our victory!

          Click image for larger version

Name:	99.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	198.0 KB
ID:	1931454

          R2 s507
          IGN: whitewolf
          Server: s507 Forgotten Abyss
          Guild: OUTCASTS
          Class: Archer


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            Congratulations to the winners: sharokhan57 and darkwolf3307 You both should receive your rewards soon.
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