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Wartune Weekly Maintenance 12/21 04:00 AM EST

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    me too....passing the joint
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    • #77
      Wow....and they said maintenance is expected to take approx 1 hour....... will be 6 hours in a few minutes and still not done......i dont even know what to say to that.


      • #78
        I find it odd how a minor update like this takes a lot of time to do. Last time when we had that dragonchant update, the maintenance took less time. Also, please upscale the downtime compensation, it is simply too poorly made to be even called a "compensation."


        • #79
          5 hours and counting !!I think I'll go back to playing Evony - At least their maintainance only lasts an hour.


          • #80
            5hr + .>>>>>. *** goin-on ?


            • #81
              Servers up and running
              Live long and prosper.


              • #82
                this is just rediculous routine 1 hour maintenance what a joke , you make enuf money from us hire some competant programmers


                • #83
                  Its back up again!


                  • #84
                    For those that play Oceanic, I hear you.

                    In other games, they always have maint during the night time hours, but on days (typically a Monday or Tuesday) that do not have an event scheduled so everyone could participate. Some others even have them spaced out if different time zone (at the night time of the respected area) servers so people can do their things.

                    This is the first place I have seen where one maint run is scheduled on a multi-zone server setup.

                    When I used to do maint and power downs (for Bank of America, AT&T, Wells Fargo, Athem, etc.) as a contractor, they typically take anywhere between 1 and 2 hours. This is to back up the config files, properly shut down the equipment, test the provider network's connectivity, test inter-connectivity (between branches), and then bring it all back up to service for the week. Other power downs/maints would be scheduled for a few hours (2-6) if electrical panels need to be updated, repaired, or if telecom needs to do the same with their equipment and lines. I only had 5% where the maint will take through opening time for said branch/location due to the fact (an example, where the network engineer forgot to back up the config file for a router) some things were not done before the equipment is powered down (or if there is an electrical outage).

                    Many people think I am just a player. I am much more than that with over 20 years experience in the following fields: telecommunications, network management, facilities management, quality assurance, and so forth that makes me a stickler for such. I even do my own maintenance on my home and provisional network grids every week. This is just one of me. R2 probably has anywhere of about 20-30 techs in a department and they can't even do things right.

                    Come on, folks, if I say a certain things that probably needs to be done for a fix, it's probably because it's from a page of my FAQ on that type of problem I had encountered in my time when I troubleshoot to save the world (in a sense).

                    Or, I could sit here thinking that they went about streamed some Netflix during the maintenance time while everyone was "patiently" waiting.
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                    • #85
                      what is shadow hunt I seen it say in wc that players can enter but don't see anything