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Wartune Patch 7.8 Maintenance 4/19 @ 4AM EDT

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    i think that will be good to get more willpower skills books or to get less amount per lvl cuz 2500 for lvl 9 is to much when we get it so low


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      The last patch is a joke. Where is upgrade for relic system and dragonchant? Where is resurs for relic and dragonchant. Do R2 think we are fools. That if they hold back we will cash for it in recharge and spender event. Sorry we are done with that, we stop cashing instead. Next step is that we leave game and find other game. It is time for R2 to start thinking about top players also not only new players who need the stupid rewards you give for moment. Our bag i9s full of ****, we dont need more ****, we need to sell it each day


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        So very happy that I left this game after the patch before this one. There are way to many "updates" and I agree way to many new servers opening up, I do not know who said it but really R2 stop with all the new servers-I understand new servers = more money for you, I challenge you to try for one year to only open new servers every six months for all regions. If you want to challenge the players make it where a player can work on their toons for 6 months. I also challenge you to make it fair for no cashier's to moderate cashiers against others in their servers. I highly doubt I will get a "fair" answer to these challenges but what does it matter, I left two months ago, your just putting way more tasks that for me was killing the total enjoyment of the game.