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Wartune Server Launch for 11/21 @ 05:00 AM PDT

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  • [New Server!] Wartune Server Launch for 11/21 @ 05:00 AM PDT

    On November 21st at 05:00 AM PDT (8:00 PM GMT+8 ), a new West Coast server S864 Brosraine Wilds will be released.

    You can check out all the Activities and Promotions for new servers here in this thread. For any updates or changes, please keep an eye on this thread. See you in-game!
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  • #2
    when can i aspect we will get a new European Server ?


    • #3
      Either 865 is European if I have my calculations spot-on, or 865 is Oceanic, 866 and 867 are US, and 868 is European. By the way, whether 865 or 868, it will be merged with a server that is over a month and half older very quickly, so not sure if it makes sense not to go on waiting given the major disadvantage you will have starting on the next EU server.


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        Or we may die of old age before they actually launch a new one - however they are under NO obligation to launch a new European server this year, next year or ever.


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          What we risk is this: they can make a server merge on second week, killing the 2 weeks of new server events (after merger ALL MERGED servers have to have the SAME events, so starter events cannot continue), and as you see, merged events largely seem to not appear after merger. So you have to plan with that in mind. If you start on the next European server, you will likely not get all starter events due to a rushed merger, with issues such as they come now you are likely not to have merger events, and you will have to contest with a server that has between 90 days advantage (if you are extremely lucky and get merged to 859) and over 180 days advantage (if you have normal luck and are merged together with 859 and the European servers that got their merge right before that) over you. So actually going to that server is betting against all odds that somehow R2 will show common sense and not harm you by doing what they have been doing with 100% frequency over the last 7-8 years in terms of mergers and events "dropping out".


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            And let us face it, Proficient have not done a single European server in 8 years, there is not Wartune reborn server for Europe from R2 for 3 years now, so we cannot be even sure they intend to do a new one. As people say, you can pick an old one if you want to play under European time, or benefit from new server events if and only if you pick a US one, since those will definitely continue even if things go wrong with Flash in 2020, which is not the case for Europe (Flash breaks GDPR rules for cookies so starting from 01.01.2020 a Flash based Wartune should be illegal in Europe anyway).