Hello everyone

I have mentioned before that the forum is pretty broken right now. Because forum traffic had been so low, they did not feel updating the forum to help fix some of the bugs in this version worth the time involved, since the forum is customized for integration with the main site and cannot easily be updated. We have suffered through many errors over the past year. Due to the sudden increase in forum traffic, these issues are multiplied many times over.

We are experiencing loading delays and posting errors. As advised during the slow times, if you encounter an error, please refresh the page first. Please have patience with me, as it does take forever to load a thread and so my ability to respond is hindered.

Due to the current circumstances, and the amount of misinformation being spread, I am adding certain terms to the spam filter. Posts containing these terms will not appear on the forum. If you post a thread, and it is not visible, that is intentional. Please do not repost the content. Do not edit the content to attempt to bypass the spam filter.

As a moderator, my first duty is to keep you all safe from harmful content being posted on the forum. We are all seeking answers about the current situation, but we need to be patient. I will make sure you all get the answers you need, no matter what the end result is.

In the meantime, any content that could be considered harmful or inaccurate will be removed - this includes emails, posts, announcements, feeds, or comments from or about other platforms, regardless of their affiliation with R2. Any bans issued as a result of repeated posting of this content will be for 1 day. This thread will serve as the only warning.

I apologize for the heavy censorship, most people know I don't normally enforce rules with a heavy hand. I need everyone's cooperation right now. This is a serious issue, and I need everyone to stay calm and give me time to get you accurate and legitimate information.