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The Wartune 1.5 Friday Herald: Cross-Server Battlegrounds

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  • It is kill or be killed... I am usually the other one sooooo dryads here we come lol
    Obstacles are challenges for winners and excuses for losers!


    • Wow, what you whiners really need to do is man up and play smart. If you have only been playing for a month and you want to pwn bg, stay lvl 59 that's all.
      This community is never happy...
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      • if you have completed two cross-server bg's and go into next and someone kills you, do you lose honor if the person has a lower honor rating?


        • Well i guess that leveling is a little better than it was , low 40's fighting 50 and 50 +'s , at leased your within 9 levels now ,,,, may even have a chance to win this way nice job it's great to see something done about the leveling ........


          • cross server bg blows, period. I miss the old bg, sure I got honor farmed a lot, but eventually I got up there and started farming myself. NOw i get ppl say, U had ur chance to farm...yeah right. I was farmed for months and now I get my chance and its changed on me. Now i get to go up against ALL the cashers, joy. Anyways, my server got merged too, so that blows anyways. BG just plain sucks, its not fun, so, IN and OUT and devo is done!
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