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Wartune Weekly Maintenance 02/20 @ 6:00 PM PST Not 11:00 PM PST

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    its not good to wait for 1 wk for other servers to implement after s1. 1wk is too much advantage for them.


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      ngentot ngapa nie gga bisa masuk server


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        better to test it only in one server..than to release it on all servers..You can it with atleast,somehow ok..or play it so many bugs??..just w8 and relax brother..



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          Originally posted by KnowingEyes7 View Post
          I understand the need to test but can't you set up a test server or sandbox for this? When this occurred with S1 for the talents, the screws were applied for a week. Please consider this.
          the thing is even with a test server wich i believe they have you cant test it to full extent like on a live server so testing content on s1 is in fact the best way of testing and whats one week anyway jeez patience is a good thing to have in live


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            Server 62 has all agreed and they would like to be a test server as well Also January 30th? need to edit date.


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              Can you give us an exact list of what part 1 of 1.5 update will offer? Thanks.


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                Originally posted by bladewarior View Post
                the thing is even with a test server wich i believe they have you cant test it to full extent like on a live server so testing content on s1 is in fact the best way of testing and whats one week anyway jeez patience is a good thing to have in live
                I just can't accept that as a serious response.

                I understand R2 may be small and all - but when there's favoritism to one server like this, it feels a little raw. Why not rotate the "test" server? How about using S2 or some sort of lottery draw of one of the oldest servers? Sure this is still biased against newer servers but S1 reaping the benefits (and let's face it, most go over fine as if there is a tweak or two needed, it gets done within a couple maintenances) for a week *again*... well, fill in the alluded emotion of your choice.

                If there truly is a test server as you purport, why not invite willing players from various servers to perform said testing or stress?


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                  lol they need to fix their post since its not january lol
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                    server one is the test server with very experienced players that have done test work before, so its easier to work with them than have to deal with a whole new team for every patch...and that could mean a 2-3 week delay between testing on server one and going live across all the servers
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                      Since the first part is coming in a few days for s 1. Do we get to know whats on the first patch before test?


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                        i was just looking over this and damn people .. so we change what our clothes look like and get some dungeons, a spire and a divine guild altar whoopie there is a game changer.

                        new troops yeah ok but you don't use them in cross server arena .. red astrals ok but you seen the drop rate of those things. 10x easier to get yellows.

                        new battle gound cross server.. i would like to know how this will work as we on S1 will be the only server with this new system.

                        S1 is the test server and those short 2 hour maintenance you get is a stremlined version of our 4 to 6 hour maintenance which normally happens at cross server arena start and end after last world boss.

                        so would you all like some cheese with all your whine.
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                          Originally posted by KahliaSelicia View Post
                          The rest of the servers having a compensation for the lack of support we get from server 1 getting a major boost in things especially when the patch with talents happened, would be nice. Maybe some extra gold, and experience.... and I don't mean just 1 experience book of 5000 exp, and 100k gold...... I mean more like 1mil or more gold at the very least, and 1mil or more experience at the very least, to at least give us a little boost to help with the disadvantage we have of server one getting everything way before anyone else does.
                          Why should you get compensation when

                          1) You don't even know exactly WHAT is coming out in the first patch and
                          2) You don't even know HOW the new whatever in the first patch will affect us/others?

                          For all we know, the first patch might be just the title system, and the ability to customize our clothes. Exactly how are those 'disadvantages' severe enough to warrant you needing compensation at all?

                          All you do is complain when we are the guinea pigs testing out new stuff so you, on other servers, get the tested, (mostly) bug-free content. Seriously?
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                            lol frostie, I wonder how would you talk if you were in another server not S1. Everyone is happy to participate int esting aswell and finding bugs is much easier with 1000 players then with just 100.

                            I agree S1 is oldest and very experienced, but on other servers aswell are lots of xp and hardcore players, who can participate in so called patch testing.

                            1 week patch difference will not give significant boost or anything I agree, but main thing is that people are waitting for this patch so eagerly and when hear that one receives it already and another noone knows when, thats what makes people upset.


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                              LOL S1 means test server.. its ok for them to implement testing on one server only to see some bugs and issues that we may be encountering on the said update but pls be hurry coz we are excited to experience those updates.. more power wartune.. hoping to see 1.5 patch soon
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                                Can i get bacon to go with my testing?
                                OH PLUMS