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Wartune Weekly Maintenance 02/20 @ 6:00 PM PST Not 11:00 PM PST

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  • Wartune Weekly Maintenance 02/20 @ 6:00 PM PST Not 11:00 PM PST

    Wartune will be having its weekly Maintenance only for servers S1 and S6. All other servers will remain online this week. Maintenance for Servers S1 and S6 will be on February 20th at 11:00 PM PST. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.

    So players are aware, we will be updating Server S1 and S6 to 1.5 Part One this week. In exchange for getting the new content early, they will get the "fun" job of stress testing it. Should any issues arise, we'll be taking the server down in order to fix those issues so we can be sure to have the kinks worked out when the rest of the servers get the new content next week.

    We'd also like to invite and encourage all players to join in an IRC chat channel during the server maintenance. The channel will offer a great environment for players of all backgrounds to chat, discuss and debate anything and everything Wartune. The channel is #wartune and can be found on the Quakenet IRC server. For those of you without an IRC client, you may login through webchat at Simply choose a nickname, and enter #wartune as a channel. Thanks and hope to see there!

    UPDATE: We'll also be updating Server S6 to 1.5 as well during the maintenance.

    UPDATE 2: We will only be taking servers S1 and S6 down for maintenance this week. All other servers will remain online.

    UPDATE 3: Our apologizes, the information we had for when the Devs would be taking the servers down was incorrect. On the plus side, an earlier start does mean an earlier finish, and the sooner you all can see the 1.5 goodies.

    UPDATE 4: So yeah, of course Servers 10, 12, and 17 would be going offline too since they're merged with S6. So naturally, yours truly, Mister Thickey Thick-Face from Thicksville, Thickanian, would neglect to include them in the announcement. This of course means that these servers will also be getting the 1.5 update along with Server 6.

    UPDATE 5: So it would seem that the Devs, knowing they were going to take the servers down at 6pm PST, had already planned a compensation pack for everyone on Servers 1, 6, 10, 12, and 17. Once the servers are back online, you can claim the pack via the Event Prize button. Once claimed, the pack will arrive via in-game mail. The pack will contain 200k Gold, 200k Daru, 400 Insignias, and 30 Soul Crystals. This pack will be available until 23:59 PM (Server time) on Feb 22nd.

    UPDATE 6: Maintenance is taking longer than expected, but we're still looking at another 2 to 3 hours before servers will be back online.

    UPDATE 7: Aaaaand servers are back up. Have fun exploring the new content, and to help out, we've got the Guide to 1.5 Part One up and live!

    UPDATE 8: So players are aware, a typo in the Wing system for 1.5 is incorrect displaying wing stats as %1. This not the case, and wings are still giving the 2% bonus. We'll be getting the typo corrected so the information on the wings is displayed correct at a later date.

    UPDATE 9: The Talent reset window is displaying a cost of 200 Balens or Coupons to reset your Talents. THIS IS INCORRECT. The correct amount is 895 Balens or Coupons.
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    why special treatment to S1? just update all servers u said update will be "late february" & if something went wrong it will be "late late february" and as we see nothing went wrong then do the update already to all servers?
    EDIT :
    make fashion core at least for voucher to give light baleners and free players a chance
    with current clothes system its a "pay more be better"
    cuz a player with max lvl clothes can simply start with special / ultimate skill in pvp , bg , gb or even wb how would a free player or even light balener defeat him?
    at least take ppl opinion for once and look at this thread
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      because it's the first server i guess
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        Its easy to fix 1 server and implement to the rest than fixing all server at one time. If you cant wait for it, just simply create an ID in server 1 and you will get all in advance! Think before you spilled out stupid words


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          I understand the need to test but can't you set up a test server or sandbox for this? When this occurred with S1 for the talents, the screws were applied for a week. Please consider this.


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            Please launch new server ocean !!! Why always eropan,east coast, and west coast


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              yeah!! S1 rocks and we have a lot of ranked players even in every servers ranking,,

              -totobato of S1-


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                s1 also gets the pleasure of not being able to connect if they take the server down to fix it. sure you wanna be a part of that?
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                  yes i wanna be a part of that, and give me new ocean server


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                    why always server 1 ? What the F !
                    permanent ban those hackers!
                    to File ticket/ report suspicious player click link -> :
                    how-to-file-ticket-guilde- ->


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                      why lester permanent ban those hacker??? i think he is not a hackers


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                        i think bad words not a hacker


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                          so if it works server one get the boosts to fight us in arenas before anyone else does hmmm kinda unfair surely youve been testing this on a beta server


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                            Originally posted by kilodog View Post
                            so if it works server one get the boosts to fight us in arenas before anyone else does hmmm kinda unfair surely youve been testing this on a beta server
                            That happened during the last patch as well. it is unfair but this is how this company does it. So we must deal with it for a week.


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                              The rest of the servers having a compensation for the lack of support we get from server 1 getting a major boost in things especially when the patch with talents happened, would be nice. Maybe some extra gold, and experience.... and I don't mean just 1 experience book of 5000 exp, and 100k gold...... I mean more like 1mil or more gold at the very least, and 1mil or more experience at the very least, to at least give us a little boost to help with the disadvantage we have of server one getting everything way before anyone else does.