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Wartune Reimbursement for 02/18

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  • Wartune Reimbursement for 02/18

    Duration: Now - 02/21 23:59 PM (Server Time)

    Description: Due to the unexpected downtime on 2/18, we will be compensation to all Wartune players. There are two packs that can be claimed, the first by players who are level 20 and higher, and the second can be claimed by players level 40 and higher. Both packs contain 100K Gold and 50K Daru. Both packs can be claimed by the Event Prizes window, and will then arrive via the in game mail. Both packs are currently online now and are able to be redeemed until 23:59 PM (Server Time) on February 21st.

    Click image for larger version

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    Awesome! Thanks a bunch for compensating the loss


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      thank you! that was very unexpected! haha xD


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        *irony on* Oh, that's a nice surprise *irony off*
        Guys, seriously: 6 Hours downtime (2 hours no login at all and 4 hours where the simpliest click leads to a freeze and 10 minutes watching mice before being online again), 2 world bosses, 2 battle grounds (rose petal quest included) and arena missed as well as a guild battle which "ended" after 5 minutes infront of the ward tower dead with a freeze... and your compensation are 100k Daru and 200k Gold ? You're kidding ? Or - if you are serious - which other game you advise me to play ? Because i won't last much longer with such a customer support here.....

        P.S. And yeah, wonderful, the lags continue to haunt me - what the hell did you do to the server yesterday ? Pour some coffee in it or what ????


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          sweet... thats a good news.. thank you wartune GMs
          username : kurei
          class : Knight
          server : S56 - Downtown Forest
          guild : Rogues


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            1 wb fight i make 1.3mill to 1.6mill gold/daru. your compensations is soo bad, it stinks.
            Server: S3 Worg Lair
            Class : Archer
            Level : 80
            Guild : HERMES
            Br: 155miln


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              Eventhough I appreciate the thought of the compensation.... I agree with what some already said
              Its barely a compensation considering we all missed wb on my server and seriously we make more gold and daru with wb then this compensation.
              Lucky for our server we could back on around arena time so we didn't miss too much but still.
              We all put time and effort in this game, some of us pay for extras in game too and then while you announced a forum maintenance every single R2 server crashed.

              I even tried logging in to my Crystal Saga account and even there it gave me the same errors.
              So really no idea what you guys did but this compensation is veeery small....

              oh and for some reason your main websites still took ages too load luckily in game not experiencing too much lag at the moment.

              Hope next time you won't make the same mistake of not doing maintenance for 2 weeks
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                Name : Inuyasha

                Class : Archer

                Guild : Rogues

                Server : S59[Easkerton Camp]


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                  Thank you
                  S25 - Buradoth's Grave
                  CAIN Guild
                  1.4M BR


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                    still cant open my account.......webpage unavailable? *** is this?


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                      these packs are far to small imho, they are not even equal to 1% of the possible losses from the downtime.


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                        this is not a compensation. Some people missed WB and arena and if you got dc in GW like me you couldnt log back in. 200k gold and 100k daru is simply ridiculous.


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                          Should be 100% exp scroll inculded in that packs.


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                            Thank you so much for this compensation. The maker only knows how many games out there would not even bother to compensate for something like this. Most in fact would tell you to be glad you were able to get back on at all. So again, thank you. I appreciate the gift that you did not have to give.
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                              Dam serious - Lv20, Lv40 . There are already alot Lv60+ people not mention Lv70!!! SO FOR NEXT TIME PLEASE CONSIDERATE PUTING LV60+ TOO. AND YES SHOULD BE AT LEAST 2 STAMINA POTIONS.
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                              well real good games arent so much there.
                              And wartune is not rpg - its more Political game

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