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Wartune Servers S1, S6, S10, S12, & S17 Emergency Maintenance Complete

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    Originally posted by misszee08 View Post
    hey storm! can you please fix World Boss at newly merged s95, s92, s98? WB lasted only like seconds. i wasted vouchers only but some wasted balens. i mean PLENTY! 51M World Boss HP isn't enough for 3 servers you know.
    give it a day or 2 the WB hp will fix itself, it will auto adjust itself to the right amount


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      your emergency fix just now makes it so I can't log in

      I went offline -came back + cannot log in
      server s17 boneyard
      server 110

      Yeah this is a serious issue
      time wasted time lost
      cannot log in still
      was fixed for a minute or so
      but cannot log in again
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        Ppl who are lagging during playing then do these steps at least to minimize lag little bits:
        - Click on Game settings
        - Turnoff at Background Effects, Sound Effects, and Environmental Effects at least.
        - This is best for low network connection speed, coz every little and big things take loading time and make ur game bit laggy

        Try it... Have a Nice Time Ahead