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  • Originally posted by wartune2015 View Post
    am not talking big .. am just explain to Skill that's there always a mountain higher than a previous mountain ..

    the old saying go, nothing is what it seem
    i also agree on that totaly,theres always some one or something that will surpass

    what i do not belive tho is in that 300k dude

    for most big players that use massive amounts of cash that i know,generaly none advertizes what they spend or how much they have,since its in the end pretty much a matter of choice in what you spend,when and how much(plus this guys tend to have a bit more maturity).

    but heck heres an addition for how much my house costs

    my fiancee that is a USA citizen(im EU) as soon she came here and started looking at our equivalent to summer houses or country houses on her country choked...
    since with the price of 1 summer house here,she can buy 2 summer houses back home,furniture them completely at her own taste.

    theres only 1 country in all EU where houses cost that much...try guess which one is

    also on the 300k dude

    2 million ballens?
    lols 1 learn how to type 2 mill and not 20000
    also i advice u to come with a lower number next time and make it more belivable

    also and this is for ur sweet later post about my house,which was what u belived to be a smart remark about how much i win a year...well m8 that type or remark isnt event mildly smart and just showed the deepness of your own ignorance about the subject,since and after reading it,all you were able to make was make me belive your one of those that belives that one needs spend alot in useless things to show that he is somebody,so heres a treat just for you...

    i actualy spent around x-mas time,not with me,not with any of my family or friends,but with a group of completely strangers this amount:

    7450(ill avoid the currency to let u guess which one is)

    didnt ever saw none of them to which that money went,but i can tell you

    the name is Ace Of Clubs day center for homeless and in need people,they have a web page,if u wish to check it out.

    i didnt spend on wartune,i didnt spend on a new TV set,i did not bought a car,i did not buy anything for myself with that money,not even a chewing gum
    call me a noob,call me a idiot,call me a tard,call me all the names of the book that u have where it says and you belive that money was badly spent.

    as for EGO subjects,u may be very big in game,but that doesnt even come close to even slightly compare with the feeling that i felt when i "wasted" that money...

    so better,before you judge some one,look at the mirror first,and ask yourself,who actualy is the noob(in fact i know what ur answer will be,sometimes as i said many times,ego tends to decide and rule the actions of the ones always under its spell).

    as far as game concerns,i spent 100,and damn,i can(not all but that doesnt worries me)kick the butt of many that did spent much more then me in game...

    have fun with your game
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    • wht time will it end in server 131 goldfell??


      • Originally posted by chinabig View Post
        fun fun fun ^^
        you know its true XD lol and if you cant afford to buy balens then your either working twice as hard or for fun lol i prefer both lol


        • i needed only two rose petals for a bunch of 99-roses, so im going to miss out on battleground today... :'(


          • in the Philippines wat tym up server...

            plz reply my tread thx..


            • get fix soon


              • rich guys spent money wisely here, as infact they earn the money and will spent wisely thats why they are rich.
                those who spent alot here and showing off, is infact not their money or gaining easy money and spent like a loose tap.
                i dont know what is there to show off here, u gain nothing. it is not wise to do that.
                so its rather to have fun on the game then to show off here lol.


                • wow, did not see the post that sparked this monologue, but dude, are you really proud of yourself or what? Talking about how much you spent to help homeless peeps( awesome btw) but to go on about it in a game forum...really? call me silly


                  • the maintenance


                    • would this update include deletion of cheat guild avengers on s77? .. that would be great lol .. thanks


                      • i really wish that gm from this game will removed the free gain balens from the video, pls remove it, as to be fair to all those BIG SPENDER.


                        • almost forgot

                          to the one that posted that thing about breaking limits in how much you spend,im sry to say your wrong...
                          its not that at all that makes you look good
                          its being able to use what you got and still beat the ones that spent more then you(not all,thats quite impossible,but some),and that beats way more that "monster"theory of yours,because defeat some one that spend more then you makes you feel way way good (1 v 1 both in control of their chars,not that ** of system control cuz it sucks).


                          • Originally posted by R27560071 View Post
                            i really wish that gm from this game will removed the free gain balens from the video, pls remove it, as to be fair to all those BIG SPENDER.
                            ohhh boowhoo cry me a river


                            • Originally posted by R27560071 View Post
                              i really wish that gm from this game will removed the free gain balens from the video, pls remove it, as to be fair to all those BIG SPENDER.
                              And to make it unfair for non-cashers and completely remove their chance of saving up their balens to get wings / mounts / clothing? This is a stupid idea.


                              • u cant gain free balens up to buy a wing unless u marco the balens from the video. ur not doing it are u? it will not affect non casher by the way. i'm a non casher myself, i see things happening, if this video not been removed, alot balens will be generated and the game server indeed does not benifits from this.