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Wartune Weekly Maintenance 02/27 @ 6:00 PM PST

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  • BaByKiDDy
    Pigs pigs pigs

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  • Tyranttim
    Originally posted by R23015103 View Post
    I did make a point, updates to game systems (Clothing updates ect) have to be inserted into an already running system, a system if you actually could run the servers better as you claimed a few posts up, you would know that there a various clones of the game on varying servers, just because it worked on S6 for example, does not mean the coding of the new system will fit with the coding of the system on another server, for a lot of reasons.

    If you knew anything about it at all you would know that these ------> 00110111100000100001 are in an order for a reason, you put one out of place the game doesn't work.
    Adding anything to the game CAN AND WILL screw something up.

    So in summary my point is you're an easy to troll self entitled child that should probably unplug for a while before he breaks his keyboard.
    and that should not take 10 hours to do thats the bottom line

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  • themental
    Current time in New York

    Thursday, 28 February 2013, 05:40:18 EST

    5 mins left :P as u said atl

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  • OhZee
    Originally posted by CyberFiend View Post
    latetst update on downtime: downtime is prolonged cause staff currently playing WoW event
    probably...wouldnt doubt it one bit

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  • Invid
    Way this patch is going, hell will long freeze over first...

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